Monday, September 12, 2011

The Green Girls

Introducing The Green Girls!

The three sister move to town with their parents.
They are wearing three of the tops that I received in a swap
from Dollz4Moi. Big thanks Anika!
If you follow my blog, two of these girls you have met!


Is wear a pretty pink and white flowered top with a
bow on one shoulder. You met her on
Valentines' Day


You met on her first day at work.
She is the baby sister. She wears cute
pink top with a picture of a girl smiling.
It is a great top for her because she love to smile!


She wears a light and dark blue with white graphic top.
It has cute neckline and shoulders. She is the oldest
of the sisters..

Mom and daughters!

Here they are with their mom Adallah Green. They look
like their dad's side of the family but the they have their
mother's exotic baring.


Dollz4Moi said...

The Green sisters look fabulous. Nice to see their mom too.

The shirts look great on them too :O)

Georgia Girl said...

The Green sisters are a nice looking family. Lol, they look like their father's side of the family...cute! The shirt with the smiling girl is adorable.

Ms. Leo said...

Dollz4Moi, I can thank you enough for the clothing! The girls do look nice. I am still making my way through the bag.

Thanks Georgia Girl! Yeah, they are Greens and they look like their aunt Camille. Camille is their father's sister. I think that happens in families.