Friday, August 12, 2011

Fashionista Ken

I went to WalMart last night to get one of the
Fashionista Ken dolls to do some head swapping.
FYI, Fashionista Kens are cheaper at Walmart
than Target!

Vanessa of Van's Doll Treasures said that she didn't
think the body worked for the Barbie Basic Ken doll.
So if I was going to get one, it better be one that I
liked. I wanted the brunette Ken from last year.
I like him better than the blond. If it worked, then
I could buy a new blond just for the swap. If not,
at least I had a doll I liked.

WalMart had the new Fashionista Ken dolls in and
just the blond from the last years' Fashionista Kens.
I wasn't really happy with the clothes of last years'
Fashionista Ken doll. I was just OK with the brunette
doll's clothing of last year. I didn't like the blond dolls
outfit. Hey Mattel, lay off the pink for guys thing will ya!
I really hate this years' outfits. They really look cheesy!
Like bad 70's throwbacks! I really wanted the last years
brunette Ken. Now, I can buy a doll just for the body or
the clothes. I prefer to get both that I like but lately that
is rare. The lines were soo long in Walmart that I walked
out with nothing remembering why I don't go there too
much. OK, mumble, mumble, mumble and
gripe, gripe, gripe.

Anyway, I took a few pictures while there to share
with you.

This is bad 70's. Do you remember those tuxedo shirts?
Oosp! Dating myself!

It doesn't look better close up. Pink top stitching
and plaid vest.

This outfit isn't much better. You can't see the
silver sneakers that comes with this jacket/top.
I thought this was interesting though. The same
doll with a slight different face. The eyes are different
on the second one. The lips are a little darker too.


second-sad eyes!
FYI- The Fashionista heads are on sale for $3.50 at Walmart.
I may get a few for background dolls.


Dollz4Moi said...

The new guys are disappointing. I didn't pick up a one but for $3.50 I can get 1 or 2 for swapping :O)

I hate long lines. 40 people on the floor and 2 registers open..ARGH

I hope you can find your doll.

Frannie said...

Me too! If I plan on going to Wal-Mart it is early in the morning. My Wal-Mart is so behind in getting any of the new dolls. So I find myself going to TRU's and Target.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the link. I didn't say that it wouldn't work. The heads will fit. I just said that the way the bodies are made, at least on the ones from last year, the dolls don't sit up completely, and the legs don't pull out side to side. It is a very poorly made body if you are really using them for stories. They are fine otherwise. I am curious to know if they did any changes to the new ones. Probably not.

Dollz4Moi - She said the Fashionista heads are $3.50, not the dolls. I didn't want you making a trip to Walmart to be disappointed.

Ms. Leo said...

Frannie, my husband has stopped going to Walmart too. He is sold on Target. He hates to wait in line.

Dollz4Moi, it only the heads for the Swappin Heads Fashionistas that are on sale. The new guy look much younger than Barbie. More like her younger brother than her boy friend.

Vanessa, sorry I misunderstood. I'm glad to know it will work. I haven't heard much chatter about the new Fashionista male, so they may be the same as the first.

Georgia Girl said...

That is interesting how the two dolls are the same but one looks totally different...sad eyes and younger even. I don't have any of the Fashionista Kens. I wish Mattel would do an AA Fashionista Ken.

Ms. Leo said...

Georgia Girl, me too! He was on the drawing board but he never made it into production! It seem that they went with SIS Darren instead.

Vanessa said...

We all need to start contacting Mattel and asking about an AA Fashionista Ken. It's not like they are producing Darren anymore. Even if they were, it is not the same neck as the Fashionistas and you can't put his body on Model #17. There's no excuse at this point not to have an AA one.

Briar1229 said...

Does anyone know if the Fashionista Ken outfits will fit a Ken doll from the 80s/90s?


Ms. Leo said...

Hi Heather!
Sorry I didn't respond sooner! I think that the fashionista body & clothing are cut a little smaller than the 80's & 90's Ken. You might get a better fit of Fashionista Ken clothing on a 60's Allan or Ken body. They are smaller than the 80's & 90's