Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tube Dresses!

Making Of The Tube Dress

This year I’m making more things for my dolls…
getting my creativity on as they say! So one of the first
things I’m making are tube dress. There are many types of
tube dress and tube wear but I am going to make one type
here today. This the first dress and it is the simplest dress
you can make. My inspiration for this dress came when I
bought the Liv windows. The mannequins have on a simple
tube dress.

As anyone who watches fashion knows, it is the
accessories that make the outfit. So I plan to spend a little
time picking them out than sewing.
This outfit is so simple.
So let's make a simple no sew tube dress. Where would
you get such a thing? Let’s start at my favorite places…
The Dollar Store.

Here is a picture of some that I purchased the other day.
They are brown, black and white striped and blue. (Sorry for
the dark background.) I have picked up a few fabric hair-
bands that are in a tube shape and doesn’t have a seam in
the back in a great color solid or print. If you can't find ones
without a seam, then you will have to make the seam the
back or side of the dress. Because these items are tubes,
they won’t require a lot of sewing. I know some of you will
want to sew to alter this dress for a more perfect fit or
more permanence and that is OK too. The bands I
purchased came with hair ties too and I will use
them if I can on the dress.

Here are the tubes!
I have chosen the strip tube so that you can see it well.
I am going to cut the seam that holds the two ends
of the tube together.

Just that quickly I have a dress! This one is going to be a
long dress. Reecie has volunteered to be our model on this
project. Thank you Reecie!

I could leave it just as it is, which might be good if I was
making the dress with a small child. It makes it easy for
them. I'm going to tuck the ends under at the top and the
bottom. It does give it a more finished look. Those of you
who are sewers, may want to sew the top and bottom under,
so feel free, but those of you who don't can simply tuck.

Now, the dress looks a little loose in the waist. You can sew it
for a better fit, or belt it! I am going to belt it...and not just
any belt but I will use those hair ties that came with the
hairband. I used three black hair ties as a belt.

So here you see the three hair ties on the dress as a belt. She
looks stylish already. I will and a few other accessories and

High fashion!

We can cut it and make two matching dresses or we can
a short dress, or a top and a skirt.
Brown Hairband
I cut the seam jointing the two end off and made a dress for another
Meet America Juarez
She is a local child actor who recently got a national
commercial and a small but very good part in a major
movie. She doesn't have the money of a big Hollywood
actress but she does have style!
I will post the top and skirt later!


Vanessa said...

Awesome. They turned out great! I made a tube dress a couple weeks ago, but I didn't accessorize it yet. I'm going to have to try the band thing. Thanks!

Vanessa said...

This comment is in response to the one you left about me getting the post. It always says waiting for approval. I always put in the password. As for keeping up with your comments, there is a much easier way. Go to your Dashboard, you will see New Post, Edit Posts, Comments, etc. Just click on the Comments button here. It always shows the latest comments, no matter how old the post is. This is also a good place to check your Stats to see how many visits your blog gets. You can also delete any comments easily from the Comments page.

Niel Camhalla said...

Way to go, Ms Leo! Before you know it, you'll me making more complicated dresses. :)

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Very creative. I have one of my daughter's dolls lined up to make a sock dress for, but I have not had the time to shop for the perfect sock. I so remember using socks as a child to make clothing for my dolls.


Afroindia619 said...

I'll take one in each color! They're so cute! I like the couture shot of Reese with the hat, very cute.

Paulette said...

Dear Ms. Leo,

I really enjoy your blog because you are so playful and imaginative. I made a lot of sock outfits for my dolls when I was a kid but I never thought of accessorizing them the way you did. What fun!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Afroindia619 and Vanessa. It is an easy dress to make. My sewing machine is still in the basement behind several large things so until I get it out I'm making a few things that don't have to be sewn.

Thanks BDE. I have a sock dress to make too, and also a dress that I am knitting. They should show up later. Stay tuned!

Thanks Niel. I am not on your level yet. I have looked at a few patterns of things I want to make and have bought the fabric but they have sat in a bag for quite sometime. I am working up to the bag! I have been a little disappointed with the selection of dolls clothes out there. I really miss Fashion Avenue style fashion. Not all of my dolls are in their twenties!

Ms. Leo said...

Thank you for your comment Vanessa. I will point out that this would be an additional step! Comments that need moderation are the first thing you see when you logon to the dashboard. If you would like to discuss this further, please email me. This post is for tube dresses and others viewing would not understand. I will leave this post and you post of for a little while to insure that you could view them, and then I will delete them. Thanks again.