Sunday, February 4, 2018

More Horses!

Hey Gang!

This is one of the diorama I was working on a while back. I took pictures to see how
it photographed.  I see some changes I can make and some things I want to do better. 
I decided to post the photos along with a story anyway.  I will  work on the paddock
in the mean while.  Here is the post.

Ahiga and his wife have just moved to the Iroquois and Native American settlement.
Ahiga has always worked with livestock that is what he has come here to do. 

So it's a warm day in Johnston and the horse were taken out to the paddock.

 Ahiga brought out food to feed the horse with.

Ahiga: This is going to be a great day!  I'm glad to have a break from the snow.

This will be a good day for the foal to come out and meet the other horses.

 Water was add to the trough for them to drink.

Hello Buttercup!

You need a little exercise even though you've given birth.

Being a mommy has been good for you!  You are not as jumpy.

She really wanted to get to the hay.

Hello little one!

Taffy came over for a pat.

Taffy doesn't come to many people but she comes to Ahiga .

Both horses went over to get a drink.

Midnight was also out for the day of sun.

Hey big fellow!
Midnight was really happy to be out.

Bison: Greetings

Ahiga: Greetings! So you made you way here!
How long have you been here?

Does the Chief know that you are here?

Bison: I just got here. I came directly to the paddock. Smiling, Bison
said and  no! I would appreciate if you don't tell him I was here.

Ahiga: He is the Chief, so I can't promise that. He said with a slight twitch to his lips.

Bison: I have a favor to ask of you!

All the horse gathered around the water.
Bison: This is Thundercloud!  He needs to be boarded while I travel.

Ahiga: He is a nice looking horse! A Roan!

Bison: I just picked him up.  I purchased him a few months back but I have to
take a trip to the west coast.

Bison: I'll pay his board and I need him cared for until I come back!
I have his papers and records with me for you.

Ahiga: I guess you have shows..... And when you come back?

Bison: I will deal with things when I come back!

Ahiga: You put me on in a spot!  Ok, the horse can stay!

Bison: Hear that fellow, you got a home with friends.

You know there will always be a place for you here!
Bison: Yeah, I know!

Ahiga: We are not the only new members here.  You should meet them.
Bison: Yeah OK.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Muff said...

That's a lot of horses! Do you know how many you have?

Love the dio. Looked like they were really out in nature.

Emmy said...

Your posts are always a joy to read, thank you.

Anonymous said...

A great story and lovely horses! The little one is adorable :-).

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Muff, Emmy and Millicent!

Muff, Thanks! I want to say around seven.

Emmy, Thanks but I had to go back and fix somethings I didn't notice at first were wrong!

Millicent, Thanks, I don't know where I found him! I think at a thrift store but I have had him a while!

Georgia Girl said...

Nice post! I love your horses!! The black one is my favorite!