Wednesday, November 9, 2016

More Frugal Finds!

Hey Gang,

So here are some other things that I have found while out and about!  Some work well
for dioramas and others are just a little off.  It really helps if you can bring one of your
dolly friends with you for scale!

So here are my finds from Target!  

This cute little bear for the near by woods of my dolly town! You can ditch the
More woodland creatures!  I think I have one of these already.  I will have to look
in my woodland creature box!
I did purchase some deer last year but I think I might need a few more.
Cute spots too!
I think they might work well as art pieces! 
On a shelf or desk!
The other side!
Wall hangings for the lodge.

More art.  This will work well for the lodge too!
and # 2
There are two together it this set.
Now who can't use a map!

I am picturing these painted white or gray!
Very classic!
Items for the woods!
Paint over the Merry Christmas and it can be used for dolls!
I found these two!  The small one could be a toy and the 
big one could be decoration for a kids room!

Now for the Dollar Store.

OK, if you have a park or a woods like I do or you just need some greens!  These at the
dollar store work well!
 They are a little shinier than I like and not as full as I would like but for $1.00
you can't beat them! As an outside tree or a dolly Christmas tree!
 Just remove the glitter and add them to your band!
Meanwhile back at Walmart!
They have added a few more things! Need a rocking horse or a child's chair?
 Remove the extra doodads and there you go!
 Cute little bird house!

Now some of these items I've shown you will still be there after Christmas and some won't!
You will need to go to your local store and see how much they have.  I say "buy now only
what you think won't be there after the holidays!"   Get as many sales as you can!

OK, Thanks for Looking!


The grandmommy said...

Great shopping. Some of those woodland creatures look kind of furry! I like the trees too. Thanks!

Muff said...

I have never seen those furry animals before! They are so adorable.

Presto said...

Oh my gosh I love the furry animals! I wish there was a Target close by! Great finds!

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Those deer are adorable. With those christmas trees, you could bild an entire forest!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments The grandmommy, Muff, Presto and Anderson!

The grandmommy and Muff, The fuzzy animals are really cute! So much personality!

Presto, unfortunately you can't get them on line!

Anderson, that is the plan!