Monday, September 22, 2014

Family Dollar Store!

Hey Gang!

I saw these Fair Tale High dolls at Family! I think they are about the size
of Winx dolls!  They were only $10.00

 There were a good variety of dolls available.
 They were articulated for $10.00 too.  Their arms, hands and legs.
 They have cute outfits for that price!
 Stocking also.
 I can see the clothes on many of my dolls!
 These would be easily used for my teen dolls.
 I think they will sell well over the Holidays!
I would hope that there would be some left for the after Xmas sales. But
I won't count on it unless I see them fill the shelves soon.
What surprised me about these dolls dolls was the articulation for 10.00!
Even articulated Winx dolls are more than 10.00.  I can't see how well
they are made but they look pretty good.

 The shoes are very nice too. 
Glass slippers!
 They look a lot like Star Doll shoes.
 I think they will work well for my dolls with larger feet.
 They have good colors too!
 I like the sneakers.

There were fashion paks there too!  Not as good as the Sparkle doll paks but

These might be about for sale time!
 Many of  my dolls like animal prints.  There might be a fight over some of these.

OK! Thanks For Looking!


The grandmommy said...

Not bad! It looks like at least one of the animal prints is gown length. I know my dolls would love that!

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Some of the fashions are really cute, and I like the articulation of the dolls! How much did the fashion packs cost? Thanks for showing these.

Muff said...

Not bad, indeed! Thanks for this heads up, Ms. Leo.

Anonymous said...

Hi, great clothes, I like the striped dress & the stockings very much. The shoes are fabulous! It's a very good price for the dolls too!

BlackKitty said...

The toy Box Philosopher had a review of Fairy Tale High. Their articulation isn't great, only several degrees. You should read it before you decide to buy one of them.

Male Doll World said...

I like the clothes. I might have to make a visit to the dollar store.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments The grandmommy, RoxanneRoxanne, Night Owl, BlackKitty and Male Doll World!

The grandmommy, RoxanneRoxanne, Muff, Night Owl and Male Doll World, I do think the clothes are worth having! I love the shoes. I don't collect that size doll with large heads but I might be good for re-boding. I think the fashion paks were 5.00 but I'm not sure. There wasn't a price on the shelf or box.

Muff, No problem! There are a lot of doll related items that come out this time of year!

BlackKitty, I did check out the TBP and that was an informative post. For all of you who didn't see it like me, here is the link:

limbe dolls said...

Thanks for the alert. I got most of the Fairy Tale High dolls when Toys R Us had them on clearance for $10. They have the exact same body as Winx dolls. Their shoes fit Monster High dolls as well as Winx.

I didn't like their big heads so I sold them all on eBay and kept the clothes for my Winx Aisha (the black one). Disney Fairy heads fit pretty well on these bodies but their necks and neck knobs are very thin so most Barbie heads don't work well.

Brini said...

I seen this dolls in TRU a while back but not at this prices. I don't remember seeing their fashions. I love the uniqueness of each of them.

D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing, Ms. Leo!

I like the glass slippers ... almost tempting to get the doll just for them, lol.

I saw those Fashion Stylist fashions and screwed my eyes against them, lol.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments limbe dolls, Brini and D7ana!

limbe dolls, I hope to do the same! My dolls could use these clothes.

Brini, I think I saw these dolls there too but didn't pay them any mind because of the price. Now they are worth considering!

D7ana, yeah! You gotta love those glass slippers! I want those slippers.