Saturday, May 31, 2014

Who Gets To Be Millie?

Hey Gang!

So the doll is going to play Millie....?
Here is the answer!

The doll in the white dress! There were move votes for her!  I'm
not sure if I will keep or sell the other doll.

She and Rahim(Naveen) will be a couple!

This Naveen is the Mattel version of the doll.  You might remember me
saying that I like this one the best.
I got him as part of a set.  I gave the Tiana away to my little cousin but as you
might know you can have too many ethnic men. This doll doesn't have the
bend/click knees of many Mattel dolls so I put his head new body.  I hope to
find him an articulated one.
But after watching so many My Froggy Stuff videos, the Disney version of the
doll started to grow on me! So when Disney had a half price sale on their doll
I purchase him along with some other dolls.

He looks younger and more like a teen that my other Naveen.  
So he will get to keep his name!
 His body is a little thicker and he has articulation at the elbows too!
His feet are a little wider than Mattel Ken size dolls but I can easily find
shoes to fit him.
He will be from India!  I always hear the Froggy Stuff voice when I look at
 Here he is next the Mattel doll. They look quite different.
So much so that there isn't a need to make them related.
If you read this post anywhere
It is a fake!!! Run!!
 The Mattel doll has highlighted paint color in his molded hair.
Their profile is different also. They both have a larger head but the Disney
head is larger.


Oh, while we are on Disney, this is the doll we are to restyle for our next doll Club
meeting. She is Snow White. 

I will show you pictures from the meet!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


The grandmommy said...

Thanks for sharing! I seem to like the Disney one better for a regular doll. I think the other one looks more princy. lol Are you going to do a repaint also for Snow White?

Vanessa said...

They are quite different. I like the Mattel version a tad better. He just looks a little more realistic. Looking forward to seeing your new Snow White doll.

Brini said...

I agree the Mattel version does look better. I put him on the fence and then let him fall off!, lol. We just couldn't bond so I found my little Princess Tiana Zeke from the HSM line, who is due to show up soon!

D7ana said...

They're both cute. I like how the Mattel guy has the smaller head, but I like the face of the Disney guy better. (His head is just too big - ha ha.)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments The grandmommy, Vanessa, Brini and Dana.

The grandmommy, I like both of them in different ways. No, I don't repaint much.

Vanessa, I won't be keeping the Snow White. She is just for the meeting. I will put her up for sale.

Brini, I have a Zeke too!

Dana, just like in real life, we would all want to design our own man.