Thursday, October 17, 2013

Here is What Is Going On!

Hey Gang!

Here is my latest purchases from Target and eBay!  The first five dolls are 
the Target ones! 
SO IN STYLE Pet Fun Doll Pair

Trichelle and Janessa
Official Mattel photo!
I thought Trichelle was really pretty after seeing her on Just Jay's Flickr page!
 I love the fact that she is looking straight ahead and not off to the side! 
 She has a real charm and confident look in her eyes!
 I just love the face paint and hair color!
 She doesn't have the dark lip of previous Trichelle dolls
 but I did like the dark lip too!
 Side view!
She wasn't cheap.  She was $18.99 at Target but she did come with Janessa.  
They may run more at some stores.
 Little Ms. Janessa! She is a keeper!

I also purchased....
SO IN STYLE Hair Fun Doll Pair

 Grace and Courtney 
Official Mattel photo!

I was never a fan of Grace.  She is always used as a body donor around here but
I do like the outfit.  I think Trichelle may get her outfit! You might see her head on the dollpage!

 Her shoes are cute too!

I really purchase this pair for Courtney.  I love me some Courtney!
I think this makes my third!

 Such a sweetie! Isn't funny how some dolls just get to you!

There was one lonely Renee Halloween doll.  The box was in poor shape and so was her hair.

If you read this post anywhere other than
It is a Fake!!! Run!!
I also purchased a few things from eBay since I am taking a break from 
the thrift stores!  Mary Poppins doll Michael.  He came nude so I had to find him 
something to wear. 
 School Desks!  I had a school but no desks!  What was I thinking!
 Oh, and I got a few new babies!  They were on sale.  I might sell one.

OK!  Thanks For Looking!


The grandmommy said...

Renee is adorable. I hope you got her on sale. I think it is Courtney's teeth smile that gets ya. I really like Trichelle's full lips.You really got some great finds! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Carrickters said...

Trichelle is lovely. So in Style dolls aren't sold here so I always enjoy seeing them on your blogs. And Courtney is a real cutie, no wonder you have three.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I saw the SIS sets at Target yesterday. I have that voucher Mattel sent me for the damaged ATM Ken, but I didn't purchase the sets or anything else.

Courtney is adorable. The school desks are too cute! Little boy dolls are always nice and I am sure Renee was glad you brought her home Love the babies!

Congratulations on all your new goodies.


D7ana said...

Yay, Ms. Leo. Applause for the great deals you got. Love your review of this Trichelle and Janessa. Trichelle looks a little darker in this version. Do you find that so? I miss her curly hair and the darker lipstick.

Congrats on your Halloween Renee! Great find, that one ;-)

And go you with the copyright notice up top.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations on your purchases. I really like Trichelle and Janessa .. In my country these dolls are not for sale. I also I have your babies. Very cute. Keep in touch

Vanessa said...

Congrats on your new dolls. Courtney is working it. That Trichelle doesn't look like Trichelle to me. She is cute, but she reminds me of Grace. Awww, that Halloween outfit on Renee is the cutest.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments The grandmommy, Carricktere, dbg of BDE, D7ana, Marta and Vanessa.

The grandmommy, Mattel does the cutest kids! I think your right about the smile. There is something about this new Trichelle's face that I like.

D7ana, I am glad I have my copyright up. I hope it will help. I will keep checking that site to see. I slowly try to get all my post removed. Such a pain!
On Trichelle, she is a little lighter actually. Her eyes are lighter too. The dark lip color gave the old Trichelle a real home girl feel which this one doesn't have. I did compare her to one of the old dolls hair color it was a pretty close match. The makeup really makes the difference in the look of the doll.

Marta, I think a lot of people purchased the babies off ebay! They were a really good price.

Carrickters and Marta, Sorry those dolls haven't made it there. That must really suck! There are people of color all over the world it is sad that they aren't marketed that way.

dbg of BDE, is you knew what happened to Renee, you might not be so sure she was glad I pick her up! LOL! I really need those desks. I hope to use then soon. It hard to have enough boys around here. They just don't make many. I have had to make my own.

Vanessa, there is something about that Courtney! Yeah, I didn't think she looked like Trichelle either...not grace either but someone new. Maybe it is the lip color and the straight hair. I put her head on another body and sold it. I use that body to make a new boy doll but I love the outfit and am keeping that!