Saturday, September 21, 2013

I"m Not Sure If I Should Be Upset Or What! I Don't What I Can Do About It?

Hey Gang,

I was have a nice morning surfing the net and looking at picture.  I did a search
on AA Ken dolls.  I always like to see what others are doing.  I saw one of my
pictures from my blog on the Google search.  I smiled to see it come up.  I
move my mouse over the picture and another blog name came up?  I thought
I remember taking that picture but there are a million dolls out there so someone
else could have taken a similar photo.  I clicked to connect to the page.  What
did I see...All my photo's I did for a past post.  In looking at all the photos, I
knew they were mine because of an imperfection in the doll that I made.  I looked
closer and the text was mine too!  Looking even closer, many of the post listed on
the side were mine too!  I said WTF! Can that happen?  Can someone clone my
blog just like that.  Does Blog Spot allow that?  I look for a way to
contact the blogger but I did see anyway to.  You guys might want to check
for you own post out there too!  Here is the link to the post.  If you have
any ideas, let me know!

Here is my post!

Thanks For Looking And Any Help You Might Give!


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I have never seen my photos used exclusively in one person's blog post, but I have had single or a couple of pictures used by others as their own to advertise an upcoming doll show which insinuated that my dolls would be there! I contacted the webmaster, but nothing was done. The photographs remained up. I could and should have pursued it further, but I did not.

To act as a deterrent, I began inserting my copyright on my images. This is an extra step but I do it to prevent photo piracy. The copyright will not prevent others from using my photos but its presence on the pictures will make a person think twice before using them as their own without my permission.

I read somewhere that if you do not want your images used by others, don't upload them. I don't like that thinking because people should not take what is not there's without asking permission and without giving a photo credit to the source.

Based on the amount of ads on this person's blog, it appears the blog is set up for financial gain. Each time someone clicks one of the ad links, they get compensated. Writing bogus blogs and stealing pictures from others increases traffic to the site and increases their revenue potential.

I would report them to Blogger and I believe the following link is where you can do this:

I hope this helps!


The grandmommy said...

I went there then thought ut oh hope there are not virus' there! It seems like it is your whole blog. I went to past posts and it looked it was still you! I would Google about it and see if anyone else had that problem. Freaky!

Verona said...

That's terrible, and I recomoned that you should report them immideiatly. It's so disheartning when somebody steals you photos and posts that you worked so hard on. I'm just begining to put watermarks on my photos, and maybe it'll prevent anyone from stealing anything more from you too.

Alrunia said...

There's actually a lot of cloned blogs out there- it's weird and yes, very infuriating. But I THINK it's not done by real people, just bots that automatically grab and paste content. Sometimes "aggregate" blogs are created with entries from different blogs. I guess the purpose in the end is advertising, as you can see the clone blog is swamped with ads. You'll probably have no trouble getting it removed if you contact blogspot, as it is easy to prove that the content is yours (dates, for one thing).
It truly is disgusting that there are people out there who try to make money off of someone else's work. Your blog is probably one of their several hundred clone blogs, and most original owners aren't aware their blogs are being exploited like that. :x

limbe dolls said...

Hi Ms. Leo,

Sorry to see your work being ripped off like this. The sad part is I don't think that any of us who have ads on our blogs are making any significant amount of money out of it so this bogus blog probably won't make much from pirating your content either. It's a shame that someone would steal from you for so little.

Carrickters said...

I'm coming late to the discussion so it's good to see you've already taken action. I've read about this happening to other bloggers and Alrunia is right - most of the blogs that do this are set up to make money from ads and they just take stuff from other blogs without caring that they are plagiarising someone else's work.

Ken Payseur said...

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that thinks that posted materials(photos & text)to the web are free to use as they see fit without asking permission first. Back in the early days of the internet when I was trying online dating, this guy in Maryland started using my personal ad, photo and text...word-4-word to meet other people. I didn't know if I should be mad or not.

D7ana said...

My photo of Amanda the Architect was used by someone, but she referred back to my blog so I didn't mind that re-use.

Can't say that I have found any blogs swiping multiple photos of my photos or text. I haven't checked though.

As DBG and other collectors do - adding your copyright to your photos - that may help. But sad to write, people often consider the Internet "free" and that any content "borrowed" gratis.

In your case, reporting it to blogger as DBG and others suggest, is your best bet to have your photos at least removed from that site.

Good luck!

Chris said...

I just went on the bogus blog link you posted and it went to a porn site. You may want to report it to blogger.

Sergio said...

I am agree with Black Doll Enthusiast. You know, I saw that blog before, there was a post about articulated Skipper, with your pictures, but I thought it was a second blog of yours!

Barbiecafe said...

I'm's upsetting...maybe you could contact that person and ask them to remove it or at least give you the credits...or from now on you can put a watermark on all your pictures.
You may be able to contact Google too as someone mentioned before.
Sorry again, hope you resolve this matter :-(

Vita Plastica said...

What a horrible feeling! I had a doll friend use my picture without permission and that bothered me. She didn't link to me or anything. This is much worse. Aside from contacting Google, I'd contact the "blog author" too, and post this on as many doll forums as possible. Sadly with the internet, I see more and more of this theft. Good luck!

Vanessa said...

I'm very late reading this post. So I was wondering if you were able to get in contact with Blogger yet? That is just crazy. It's never a good feeling when someone takes your work as their own. That happened to me a couple of times with my videos. You definitely want to contact the author as well, and tell them to stop. If they know you are on to them, they may fear repercussions. I am also not fond of some of the FACEBOOK doll groups that post daily pictures of other people's photos, without giving the person credit or linking to their site. I saw many of my pictures there, and I contacted the person, who said they would stop using my pictures.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments and concerns dbg of BDE, The grandmommy, Verona, Alrunia, limbe dolls, Carrickters, Ken Payseur, D7ana, Chris, Sergio, Barbiecafe, Vita Plastica and Vanessa! I think we all know the amount of hours and effort that go into each post we make and how unfair it is for someone to steal that from you! If you notice, there isn't a way to contact the blogger my commenting of going to their profile! I contacted blogger to report them and they are "looking into it". I posted a comment on the blogger blog and found out that it has happened to others. It seems it takes blogger a long time to deal with it if they do handle it at all. I guess all I can do it to ad the copyright to my pictures and hope that helps. I have added the note to my blog.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Suggestion: Move the copyright notice to the top of your blog. It is not visible at the bottom unless someone scrolls beyond your list of labels.