Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sisters And Mother's Day!

I purchased a set dolls on ebay last week!  I have seem her on a few other
bloggers sites and wanted one of my own.  I don't remember seeing her
in the store but I haven't always been into Kelly sized dolls.

There were three of them but I think I will only need two.This is their sales
photo.  I added panties to the photo as not to shock anyone. LOL! 

I wanted to put one on a Kelly size body because I wanted one tall and one
smaller to make them sisters or maybe they will be twins.  This meant I only
needed two! The third is on its' way to Cat at A Doll Affinity.  I hope you like
her Cat.  She has very nice hair.

After purchasing her and looking at some of my other small dolls,
this post came to mind.

Dominique and Renee's mother died when they were in their teens.  Most of
their family pictures were distroyed in a flood but their church parish had
pictures of each child that attended bible school which started at age three!

Dominique at three years old

Dominque now!

Reneen at three years old.

Renee' now!

So, here is Dominque and Renee looking at the only pictures of them
when they were little and remembering their mother who made sure they
went to church as they were growing up.  They will go to church on
Mother's Day and remember her.

Thank You

For All You Do

Mothers Everywhere!



Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks for this Happy Mother's Day story.

The little ones are cute!


Vanessa said...

What a sweet post! Are both the two dolls pictured separately from the first picture? They all look the same in the first picture, but not in the individual pictures. This is the doll I use for my Ciana (with a haircut I gave years ago.)

limbe dolls said...

I love the baby pictures of your characters and the story!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Happy Mother's Day! Your post is very nice. I love watching Domique and Rene when they were little girls. I have the same Shelly. She's beautiful.In my country on Mother's Day is always the first Sunday of May. We celebratedlast Sunday. Keep in touch.

Muff said...

I agree, this was super sweet! Even dollies like to remember those passed.

Sergio said...

ROLF!! " I added panties to the photo as not to shock anyone" You make my day!! Great post Ms. Leo, I love the feelings and the emotions that it inspires

D7ana said...

Cute kiddies and charming story. Nice how you have created child versions of your main characters.

Georgia Girl said...

Awww, very sweet. I love Ms. D's blue dress.