Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moxie Jammaz House!

Bargain Moxie Jammaz House!

I saw this Moxie house for sale for $10.00. I wasn't sure about
the proportions but I have bought Bratz things and they worked
out or at least I made them work out. Besides,I have paid that much
for a chair on EBay so I bought the house. The box looked great
and it has some really great pieces that I hoped to use on future posts.

I saw this table and chair set, the coat hook

and this cute sofa and I knew it was for me!

But if I had read the fine print on the box before I
paid for it, I would have known that they were not
included. Bummer! I would have purchased it
but I would have known that they were on
the box for show.

For the money, it wasn't a bad deal. This is what I got.
An outside facade that reminds me of the Barbie Grand Hotel.
I have always liked the Grand Hotel. It is hard to find the complete
hotel for sale and not pay an arm and a leg (and a few toes).
The facade has some really great details too.

It has great detail work and windows and it has
great doors. The are a little short. So I will have to do

some modifications to them.

Outside faux lighting details.

You flip the outside and it becomes the inside.

Great details on the inside too!

Wall sconces.

There are two separate wall units that are in bright white

and not the off white of the facade. The

living room and the bathroom share opposite sides of one unit.

Fireplace , faux table with candles, TV with candles ( do people do that?)

and mirror. They really like mirrors with this set. I counted three mirrors.

The bathroom I think is really cool. Plenty of great details.
I am not sure if I am going to keep it the pink and white.

On the box it is blue. The pink makes it look sooo Barbie.

I can see now that many will buy this house and repaint it.

It really lends itself to that.

Toilet shower and sink. Notice the shelf and toilet paper;

along with faux brass fixtures

There are plenty of little doodads to

put on shelves and other places in the house.

It also comes with a really cool tub with ball and

claw feet

I love this. It is a little small but as with

everything else, I will make it work.

The Kitchen!

The kitchen is shallow as compared to Barbie kitchens.

The frig and the oven doors open not the cabinet doors.

The units are shallow along with the sink. I guess

we are talking pretend here ...so what do you want.

Now this is the part to me that is a little strange.

The Bedroom!
I am not a designer but I have never seen a room done

in bright white and cream white. The wall unit for the bedroom

is in bright white but it is to be in a cream white room???

This is the bed that is to be in that room. It is too small

for Barbie, Moxies, Bratz and for all adult dolls.

What were they thinking? It might be able to be

used as a princess bed for Kelly size dolls.

After I bought the Moxie Jammaz house, I saw in for sale atToys R US for

$39.99 ! Boy, did I score a deal!


Alrunia said...

What a lucky find, congrats :D I can see what you mean about repainting, it could look soo stylish with the right colours and details.

EbonyNicole said...

Yes you did because now I want one and I know that I will not get it for $10.00 dollars!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Alrunia. I'm not sure if I will paint it any time soon. I have not done any repainting of furniture. It is something I would like to try.

Thanks EbonyNicole. I bought it at Kmart. I don't know if the price was a mistake but I ran to the register. I should have bought two for that price!