Sunday, February 20, 2011

Khadijah’s first Valentines Day!

Peter's Bistro
Brandon had been tutoring Khadijah in chemistry for three
months. They met twice a week at the local coffee shop.
During their session, he had come to appreciate her intellect,
her grace and charm and her beauty. He looked forward to
the time spent with her and he would like more! Being new
the US, Khadijah is still learning the traditions.

Brandon asked Khadijah to lunch on Valentines Day week.
He asked out to one of his favorite places, Peter’s Bistro.
They took a seat and chatted while waiting to be served

He had brought her a present. He hoped to take their
relationship up a notch.... more than just friends.

Brandon: They have excellent cappuccino here. It is one
my favorite things to have here.
Khadijah: That’s good. The coffee at the shop near school
isn’t the best.

Brandon: Is that why you order the tea? He knew she
liked coffee.

Khadijah: Yes, but it isn’t too good either. They use bags.
I guess I am use to coffee and tea in the Middle East and the
Mediterranean. I can’t get use to instant!

He found himself drowning in her eyes!

He clutched the bag.
Brandon: If you don’t mind, I would like to order for you.

Khadijah: Oh no, go right ahead! She thought most American
men were so passive. It was nice to be with one who could
take charge.
Edwige came over to take their order. She noticed the bag on
the floor and smiled to herself. Amour! ...
Bonjour ! Bonjour Brandon. Edwige spoke in a Haitian Creole
that Brandon was able to follow. It was different than the French that
Khadijah spoke in North Africa but she could follow too.

He spoke in french and asked for two cappuccinos very
strong and two burgers. He notice that Khadihah had
acquired the taste for American burgers too.

Khadijah: I didn’t know you spoke French?
Brandon: It is not classic French. I am working on that. It
is the Creole we speak in Mississippi. Her French is a Creole
that they speak in Haiti. Together we manage! He smiled.
Khadijah could tell that Edwige thought highly of him.

Khadijah: This is really good coffee!

Edwige told them she would be back with the burgers
tut sweet.

Khadijah: How long have you lived here and what made
you move?

Brandon: I’ve been here six months and I came when my
dad was stationed here.

He is in the military. Brandon was pleased.
They were getting to know each other personally. They
were getting pass formulas to real chemistry.
Another costumer came in and Edwige seated her and took
her order as the couple chatted.

Khadijah: These are really great burgers!
Brandon: I noticed that you really like burgers!
Khadijah: What else do you notice? She said jokingly.
Brandon: I notice everything about you!
He stared at her intensely.

Khadijah looked down. She could feel herself blush. She ate her
burger until she felt controlled enough to look up. When she
looked up, she smiled. It was Brandon’s turn to blush. Brandon
thought that it was the time to give her the present.

I brought this for you. Happy Valentines day.

Khadijah : Oh how nice of you. I am sorry but I don’t have
a present for you. I didn’t know we should exchanges gifts.
Is that what the tutored do?

Brandon: No it is not. I think you are the smartest and
sweets person I have ever met. I want to be more than
that to you.

Khadijah: Brandon, You are the kindest and smartest man
and I like you too but...

for us to be more than friends, you will
have to speak to my father. We are still a little traditional

Brandon being a southern gentleman, he said:
No problem. I will speak to your father. It is the right
thing to do.
They sat and talked while waiting for the check.

It was a great first date.
It was Khadijah’s first Valentines Day.


Vanessa said...

"It's getting hot in here," Great story. My computer screen started getting a little foggy. And he speaks French, too! Mon deux!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa. Yeah, you got to love a man who tries to impress on the first date. Khadijah is quite taken with him!

Dollz4Moi said...

He's a keeper for sure. I hope he gets the thumbs up from her father :O)

PR said...

Hi Ms. Leo,

What a charming story! Please give us more.

I also really like the brick wall of the coffee shop. How did you make it?

Stardoll40 said...

LOVE IT! You've gotta do more dioramas! They make such a cute couple too. Which one of your girls got the Alvin Ailey Barbie dancer body? Can't wait to see more. :)

Ms. Leo said...
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Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Dollz4Moi and Paulette. I purchased him with her in mind. I will have to continue the story. The walls are scrapbook paper. I used five sheets. I purchased 6@ 25 cent. Best money I spent! You have to match up the pattern some but still good.

Thanks Tracy. That Ailey body doesn't work well with shoes! KiKi's mom got the body just for photos!