Sunday, February 26, 2012

Imitating Ads!

I thought I would have some fun by having my dolls imitate
advertisements that I liked. I am not the best at taking photos
or doing dios, I thought is would be nice to see what others
might do. This is a tag... your it post! So feel free to have
your dolls imitate your favorite ads too. Please
notify me and add a link to your post! :)

So here is my ad! I cut it out (Dr.'s waiting room mag,
sorry doc!) and scanned it. Please excused the quality
of the shot. I love her red hair! she looks kinda Diana
Ross. The sunglasses the jewelry and the accessories
round out her glamour. The daylight of the outdoor shot
makes the whole thing work for me!

Here is my dolly version of that shot!

I know you guys can do a better job than I did, so let's see it!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Johnston Airport!

Johnston Airport is a very busy airport for the size of the
town. It services the military and the town. Military flights leave
out a one part and commercial flights leave out the other.

The waiting area is busy too!

Nubia has flown in to talk to KiKi and to see Dominique.
Nubia: Hi! I would like to change my departure time on
my return ticket.

Ingrid: I'll be happy to help you!

Ingrid: When would you like to return?

In the waiting area watching others is the main pass time.
Reecie to herself: Hmm. She look familiar.
Iggy has come here to do recon on the Johnston base.
I will email Eric and let him know what I have seen.

Flynn: I hope this doesn't take too long. I don't want to
miss my flight.

Iggy: You sound like you are from the Caribbean. Do you live here?

Reecie notes his accent.
Reecie: I'm from Trinidad. I will be going to school here.
Iggy: How are the schools here?
Reecie: They're really good!

Reecie: There are good jobs here too!

Ingrid: OK! I have changed everything and your fine now.
Have a great stay!
Nubia: Thank you! This is a very good airport!

Iggy to himself: Eric might have to change his mind.

Flynn: Oh good! It looks like they are finish and I'm next!

John: I hope my flight is on time. I think my interview went well!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Quick Post!

I was posting on Hey, It's Muff's blog with her and Brini
about all the Barbie pink being a bit too much. I had to take
the seam ripper to this dress! I don't know who thought that
all it needed was pink lame'! To me it looks much better as
a top without it!

Bea--- Rockin' the graphic tee!

Head Swap-Loralie & New Dress!

Hey Gang, this is Loralie and she is my newest head swap.
She is a Winner's Circle Barbie 1997 Limited Edition
on a Rachelle body. I found this doll in the thrift store.

She had the vest from the photo but nothing else.
I would have loved to have had the complete outfit.
I have made her this cute brown dress
which is a variation of the tube dress from my tutorial.
If you are not doing the tube, you should be! ;)

It is the same brown headband dress that I have on America.
The difference is that the dress is longer, I have sewn the
shoulders of the dress and hemmed it. I have added
accessories in keeping with a women of her age and

Her story will come later. This post is to just
let you know what I have been up to! I will post
some pieces that I have made for Ms. D soon!
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My New Kenmore Mini Sewing Machine!

After watching many of limbe dolls videos, I
purchased my own mini sewing machine. It is
not the Janome Sew Mini that she has and it too
doesn't have a light on the machine.
Oh, and thanks limbe dolls for the inspiration!

The thing I like about it is that for a small machine
it has power! I am looking forward to making and
repairing things to give my dolls a better wardrobe.
As my doll character get more defined, it is hard to
find outfit that they might wear. I will be forced to
make more of the outfits they will need. This may lead
to more time in between posts while I make outfits.
I hope not but maybe. I want to show you a few
simple things I made in the last few days!

So KiKi likes to combine her third world sensibility
with western style. This makes it hard for me to pick
out piece that are produced for fashion dolls that
work for her. This dress I made.

First dress for KiKi!

Re-sew and style!

This outfit-the top is a Defa Lucy top and the skirt
was a piece that I found on a doll I purchased from
the thrift store. The seams on this skirt were gone.
I almost trashed it months ago. I had to re-sewing
and create a new waist band. It will look great on
the vacation she and Terrence will take.

As you might know, the grandmother doll body is
larger that other Mattel Barbie bodies. There wasn't
a full wardrobe of clothing for this doll even when it
was first released. For my Camille, the grandmother
wardrobe will not work. I feel Camille still has a
strong sense of fashion even at her age. So I want her
to have a wardrobe that expresses that. She live on an
island and her wardrobe should reflect that too. I plan
to expand some items and make a few others items
to accomplish this.

Camille's first dress!

Steven's New Job Part Two!

The Offices Of WJBS

One more thing about Steven. He is a grandma's boy! So
the first person that he want to tell good news to is his

Steven: Hey Grams, guess what?

Camille: Hey Honey! I sure miss you walking with me on
the beach! What is going on? Is one of your sisters getting

Steven can hear the ocean and birds in the background. He knew
his grandmother was at her favorite spot on the beach!
Steven: No Grams! I'm going to tell them what you said. He he!
I just got a promotion!

That is wonderful honey! You have been working soo hard!
I've shown all my friends the program you did on your
grandfather and me. They think it is wonderful too!

Camille: I 'm doing a special treat for your grandfather
for Valentines Day! He will be flying in this weekend. You
might get an extra story out of it ! He he!

Steven: You guys are worse than mom and dad! I love that
you two still love each other after so many years of marriage!
I sure hope I'll have that too!

Camille: I'm sure you will honey! For every pot there is a lid!
A good marriage needs work! If you don't learn anything
else from us learn that!

Steven: I am writing that down right now! In my new position
I will have my own show. It will be a feature. I will get to pick my
own team. I'm asking for Toure' to work with me! I know how
important it is to have people you can trust around you when
you are doing something this big.

Camille:What about the Gallery?

Steven: I won't forget about the Gallery!
I now how important it is to have something of my own! You taught
me that. I am working those details out. I'll talk to you soon Grams!
I've got to get to work. Love you!

Let's see where Toure' is?

Steven thinks to himself: He must be on a shoot. He isn't picking
up! Steven leave him a message. Hey Toure' man, it's your coz.
Give me a call as soon as you can! It is important. Later!

Toure's phone vibrates in his pocket!

Mean while back at Mr. Kingsley's office....
Harold shows up to do some repairs. Harold has repair
contracts all over town.

Harold: Hey Emily, I have your office on my list today!

Emily: That's great! What do I get?

You get a new headset. It is the state of the art... and

Wow! This is fantastic! I can hear the calls and the

A mirrored table and lamp! Now it looks even more classy
in here.

Harold: Alrighty, I going to replace the microwave in
the break room! Take care!

Just then... Cabe the parcel guy shows up!
Cabe:Any packages to go Emily?

Emily: No, not today!
Cabe: Is that a new table?
Emily: Yes!
Cabe:Very nice! OK! See you tomorrow.

As Cabe was leaving, Mrs. Kingsley arrived!
Hello Mrs. Kingsley!
Pamela:Hello Cabe!

Hello Emily, is my husband in?

Emily: Yes, but he is on a conference call.
Pamela: I just wait here and chat with you!
Emily and Pamela got to know each other over the phone when
she was dating Brian Kingsley. Pamela worked the desk at the
Villa in St. Malcolm and would call his office at lunchtime.

Emily: So this is your first winter! Are you ready!

Pamela: I hope so! This is my first time seeing the seasons
change too. It is really beautiful.

Pamela: I purchased a coat and boots! I keep hearing about
these long johns? Are they for women too?
Emily: They have them for women too. It has not been as
cold this year so I don't know if you will need them.
Don't forget gloves!

I thought I heard a familiar voice out here!

Hello honey, I was hoping you could join me for lunch?

Brian: Sound wonderful!
Emily, I have a very important lunch meeting! Hold my calls!

They are soo cute!