Saturday, February 4, 2012

Steven's New Job Part One!

When Steven left Mr. Kingsley office, he stood there for a
few moments. His mind raced at all the thing he could do,
the people he could showcase and the people he could help.
He was brought back from his thoughts

when Emily said: congratulations!

Steven: You knew?

Emily: Yes, I take the minutes in the executive meetings
but I could not say anything until Mr. Kingsley offered it
to you first. I think it is a great opportunity for you!

Steven: Yes it is! I’m blown away!

Emily: You worked very hard on those pieces last year.
The one thing I know about Mr. Kingsley is that he knows
how to spot talent and how to help talented people in their
career here.

Have you thought about who you wanted to work with on this?

Steven: No, not really.
The first person Steven thought about was his cousin Toure’.
Toure’ helped him do his demo that got him this job. He works
per diem for the station and could always use more hours. Steve
thought he would try to get him as his camera man slot. He
thought he could have his brothers help him too! Then he really
thought about it. Tre’ was just too immature for this but maybe
he could get Louis some work with this. His sister Lisa could
do his makeup too. Hmm, I will have to talk to them.

Emily: If you need any help from me, just let me know.

Steven: Will do! I'm not going to keep you. I have to finish
up this week's story.

OK! I'll see you later.

Steven thought he would have to talk to Malik about this too.
He many need him to cover more at the gallery from time to
time now.

Emily watched Steve as he left her office.
She thought he was soo cute!

He took out his cell phone and called Grams.

Hello Grams! Guess what!
Steven always share is good new with his grandmother first!

A little about Steven-----Steven is one of those great guys! He
is a good son, a great bother and a true friend! For his female
friends, he is the guy they use as a standard. They know that
their family would like him. And many secretly wish for more
than a friendship from Steven. He has the Laurent family charm!


Hey, It's Muff said...

The reception area is great! I like seeing how you pulled everything together. Is that sofa from a play set or you made it?

Frannie said...

Great story!
Can't wait for the next installment!

limbe dolls said...

Steven is beautiful inside and out. What doll is he?

Vanessa said...

Love your dio! Very nicely done. Glad to hear that Steven is a good guy. We need more of those.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Hey, It's Muff, Frannie, limbe dolls and Vanessa!

Let me say that Steve here is the first male doll I purched! I bought him new and fell in love with him. As my first male doll I needed to give him a real story and give him more play. His personality was developed a week after I got him. He's a good guy!

Hey, It's Muff. The sofa is from a set. I purchese two office sets over ten years ago. I haven'ts seen them since. They came with a grey sofa, 2 gray chairs, 3 red office chairs, a red/brown desk and corner, phone, picture frame, and vase and flowers. It was the only furniture piece that I every purchased that I didn't want to paint! You will see more of the set soon.

Frannie, with any luck I hope to have the next one by next weekend. I really need to continue stories. I have been bouncing around.

limbe dolls, First let me say again I love you video on Léon G. Damas!

He is Splash 'n Color Steven from 1996. The top part of his hair blend with the rest with cold water but I like it darker on the top! It look more like a "Philly fade" that way.

Vanessa, I took some of the best parts of the men I dated and put them into Steven. I may put the bad parts into another charater. LOL!

Georgia Girl said...

Steven sounds like a nice guy. I look forward to reading about his promotions.

Interestingly, one of your character's name is Tou're. I have a nephew with this name (named after his father). Up until your post, I never heard of anyone having that name.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for commenting Georgia Girl! His name is Toure' and his named after a hip hop writer. I find a name that I like and it doesn't hurt if the doll and the personality look similar.

Heather said...

I love the reception area stylings!! How fantastic!!!

Steven does seem like a great guy, I can see why he's what his female friends judge other men against!

Emily seems pretty cute too :)
I've just started following this story, so I have to wonder if Steven has his own leading lady, or if he's still single... and why!?

Marta said...

Hello from spain: i like your diorama and the secretary is very pretty. I have her. Leather sofa looks. I like Steven and is seen to be a good person. I love the role of brick. It is a moderm office. Keep in touch

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Heather and Marta!

Heather, Steven with have his own leading but not quite yet. A man with as many sister as he has is intimidating! You will get to see what happens with him and his friends first.

Marta, the sofa is from a set I purchased many years ago. I am going to try to use it more.

Brini said...

I see Steven is a true catch for anyone. I love his storyline and how is progressing in his career. I'm excited for him too.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Brini! I hope you will continue to like his stoy as it progresses.