Saturday, February 18, 2012

Steven's New Job Part Two!

The Offices Of WJBS

One more thing about Steven. He is a grandma's boy! So
the first person that he want to tell good news to is his

Steven: Hey Grams, guess what?

Camille: Hey Honey! I sure miss you walking with me on
the beach! What is going on? Is one of your sisters getting

Steven can hear the ocean and birds in the background. He knew
his grandmother was at her favorite spot on the beach!
Steven: No Grams! I'm going to tell them what you said. He he!
I just got a promotion!

That is wonderful honey! You have been working soo hard!
I've shown all my friends the program you did on your
grandfather and me. They think it is wonderful too!

Camille: I 'm doing a special treat for your grandfather
for Valentines Day! He will be flying in this weekend. You
might get an extra story out of it ! He he!

Steven: You guys are worse than mom and dad! I love that
you two still love each other after so many years of marriage!
I sure hope I'll have that too!

Camille: I'm sure you will honey! For every pot there is a lid!
A good marriage needs work! If you don't learn anything
else from us learn that!

Steven: I am writing that down right now! In my new position
I will have my own show. It will be a feature. I will get to pick my
own team. I'm asking for Toure' to work with me! I know how
important it is to have people you can trust around you when
you are doing something this big.

Camille:What about the Gallery?

Steven: I won't forget about the Gallery!
I now how important it is to have something of my own! You taught
me that. I am working those details out. I'll talk to you soon Grams!
I've got to get to work. Love you!

Let's see where Toure' is?

Steven thinks to himself: He must be on a shoot. He isn't picking
up! Steven leave him a message. Hey Toure' man, it's your coz.
Give me a call as soon as you can! It is important. Later!

Toure's phone vibrates in his pocket!

Mean while back at Mr. Kingsley's office....
Harold shows up to do some repairs. Harold has repair
contracts all over town.

Harold: Hey Emily, I have your office on my list today!

Emily: That's great! What do I get?

You get a new headset. It is the state of the art... and

Wow! This is fantastic! I can hear the calls and the

A mirrored table and lamp! Now it looks even more classy
in here.

Harold: Alrighty, I going to replace the microwave in
the break room! Take care!

Just then... Cabe the parcel guy shows up!
Cabe:Any packages to go Emily?

Emily: No, not today!
Cabe: Is that a new table?
Emily: Yes!
Cabe:Very nice! OK! See you tomorrow.

As Cabe was leaving, Mrs. Kingsley arrived!
Hello Mrs. Kingsley!
Pamela:Hello Cabe!

Hello Emily, is my husband in?

Emily: Yes, but he is on a conference call.
Pamela: I just wait here and chat with you!
Emily and Pamela got to know each other over the phone when
she was dating Brian Kingsley. Pamela worked the desk at the
Villa in St. Malcolm and would call his office at lunchtime.

Emily: So this is your first winter! Are you ready!

Pamela: I hope so! This is my first time seeing the seasons
change too. It is really beautiful.

Pamela: I purchased a coat and boots! I keep hearing about
these long johns? Are they for women too?
Emily: They have them for women too. It has not been as
cold this year so I don't know if you will need them.
Don't forget gloves!

I thought I heard a familiar voice out here!

Hello honey, I was hoping you could join me for lunch?

Brian: Sound wonderful!
Emily, I have a very important lunch meeting! Hold my calls!

They are soo cute!


EbonyNicole30 said...

I love this story!

Tracy India said...

This was an awesome story, Ms Leo! I love the office decor, it looks really legit! Love that Cabe character. I was eye balling him for a while as a "used" purchase but I guess I waited too late, someone got him. He's very handsome!

Can't wait to see more and congrats on Emily, she's so pretty. :)

Georgia Girl said...

Very nice story Ms. Leo! Pamela and Brian make a nice couple.

Hey, It's Muff said...

It's so officey! I love it. Like watching a real office as people come and go.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks EbonyNicole30, Tracy India, Georgia Girl and Hey, It's Muff.

EbonyNicole30, I have all these stories in my mind. It is time for them to come out.

Tracy India, I purchased Cabe used from a thrift store a year ago. I can't let the men just sit there. They have to go into the cart! He needs a lady love.;) Any suggestions!

Pamela and Brian have been a couple here for a while. I thought it was time that others saw them. I will tell more about them soon.

Hey, It is Muff, you know alot goes on in an office so I want to show that too. I will take office suggestion plots if you guys have any. I do want to have a lunch thief and maybe some restroom conversations too!

Vanessa said...

Great story. Love your backgrounds and your office setup. Very pretty lamp.

limbe dolls said...

I really enjoyed the story and hope to see more soon!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks, Vanessa and limbe dolls!

Vanessa the lamp bottom is from an injectable antibiotic (work) and the shade is from an air freshener.
I'm starting to see possibilities everywhere!