Friday, February 27, 2015

Kola the Koala!

Hey Gang!

Kola has just arrived at the Johnston Zoo!  She is a adolescent Koala and is not
quite breading age!  There is a lot of excitement about her being here.  There is
hopes for a good size Koala population.
Here Is Kola!

 She is very playful!
 A little shy...
 and very cute!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The koala (Phascolarctos cinereus or, inaccurately, koala bear) is an arboreal herbivorous marsupial native to Australia. It is the only extant representative of the family Phascolarctidae, and its closest living relatives are the wombats. The koala is found in coastal areas of the mainland's eastern and southern regions, inhabiting Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. It is easily recognisable by its stout, tailless body; round, fluffy ears; and large, spoon-shaped nose. The koala has a body length of 60–85 cm (24–33 in) and weighs 4–15 kg (9–33 lb). Pelage colour ranges from silver grey to chocolate brown. Koalas from the northern populations are typically smaller and lighter in colour than their counterparts further south. It is possible that these populations are separate subspecies, but this is disputed.

Koalas typically inhabit open eucalypt woodlands, and the leaves of these trees make up most of their diet. Because this eucalypt diet has limited nutritional and caloric content, koalas are largely sedentary and sleep for up to 20 hours a day. They are asocial animals, and bonding exists only between mothers and dependent offspring. Adult males communicate with loud bellows that intimidate rivals and attract mates. Males mark their presence with secretions from scent glands located on their chests. Being marsupials, koalas give birth to underdeveloped young that crawl into their mothers' pouches, where they stay for the first six to seven months of their life. These young koalas are known as joeys, and are fully weaned at around a year. Koalas have few natural predators and parasites but are threatened by various pathogens, like Chlamydiaceae bacteria and the koala retrovirus, as well as by bushfires and droughts.  For more info click here!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

AA Clone Doll!

Hey Gang!

I found this clone doll during the Christmas holidays! She is an Anlily Doll.

 She was a new clone face that I hadn't seen before.
 She was 8.00 and I thought that wasn't too bad because she had two outfits.
Out of the box.
 Her face looks like the old Barbie/Summer face from Fashion Fever dolls.
 Side by sides!
 Her face paint isn't too bad either.
The outfits!  Well, there is good and bad to the outfits! The jacket is kinda nice.
I like the gathering on the sleeve and the fabric isn't too cheap.  The top is pretty
This doll has a clone body and as with most clone dolls she has no but and
skinny legs! The legs on these pants are soo small not many other dolls
could fit them. Also her head doesn't pivot.  The way the neck is made,
she is always looking up! Her complexion is more the tone of  IT AA
dolls and not the warm tones of Mattel dolls.  Because of that, her skin
tone doesn't match any Barbie doll bodies I have.  This will make
finding her a donor body hard. But I am looking!
 The shoes for a clone doll are quite nice and so is the bag even though it is paper.
 The earrings are quite nice too.  I and see many of my other dolls wearing them.
 Second outfit!  The top is done well the decal on the shirt is crisp!
 Th boots and the handbag are pink but good quality pink boots and bag.
 The skirt is a strange denim.  I has bits of red and silver in it!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chinese New Year! Diorama Drafts!

Hey Gang!

I have been playing around with diorama ideas.  I have been setting things up and
taking test photos to see how it photographs and if I like it.  These are some of
my photos of Pacific Rim Restaurant.  As I take photos, I see what I like in the
way of furniture, dolls, walls floors and nic nacs detail.   FYI, I don't dust
before taking draft photos! This will not be the final restaurant but it give
me ideas.
Akira: I just go over the menus while I wait for Connie.
Connie: You must be Akira!  Hi, I'm Connie.
Akira: Hello Connie. Please have a seat!

I like the wall decorations but they need a little more work to make them like I want.
I used crepe paper as a wainscoting but I thin I need something else.  I do think
it should be black to break up the look of the walls
 Akira: I was just going over the new menus while I waited for your.
Connie: WOW!  This place is really coming along.
Akira: Do you think so?  There is still so much to do!  

Connie: Oh Yes! ...
 I think it is coming along nicely.
 Connie: The Asian Business Association would love to have our dinner here.

My thoughts :I got the chairs at thrift stores over time.  I real wanted to use
them here.  The small tables are coaster.  I'm still working that out.
 Akira: Well, I need to really get things moving if I hope to do that!
My thoughts :The candles are beads.

My thoughts : I just love my dragon!

Connie: I was surprised and pleased to know that you and your husband
 were able to get both businesses up and running on your own.  If you do need 
any help know that the Asian Business Association is there to help you.

My thoughts: I am thinking about adding this from an earlier post to the restaurant.
Akira: We will be helping your cousin in opening her market.
Connie: Yes, she told me.  She is very happy about that.  We will be
combining some of the grocery orders for the store and the restaurant to keep
cost down for both of us.
My thoughts: I am hoping to find more things for the etagere.
My thoughts: It is one of my favorite pieces. I got it at the Flower Show. 
It starts again the end of this month.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

My Tom

Hey Gang,

I am continuing my year of the Children with this post!
One of my favorite dolls that I haven't posted about is Takara Jenny's
boyfriend Tom doll. I have had him awhile(at least 10 years) but why
I haven't posted him, I don't know! I guess it is because I have seen
other peoples post of him and I either thought I did or didn't feel the
need to until now.

He was one of the first dolls I saw with dreadlocks! He came out in 1992.
I purchased him back in the late 2000 and I think he was about 45 dollar when
I got him on eBay.  I got all my had to find dolls on eBay back then.  I didn't
know any better! He came from abroad and it took a while for him to arrive.
I was pleased because he looked just like the pictures.

Tom in the box!

Back of the box shows him in a confrontation!

This face looks too sweet for that!

The clothes seem so over sized for a doll with such a small body.  I had to find
him something different. My IT males are wearing his pants. I've put the jacket on
one too.

one earing

I love this hoodie on any change that...any doll.

Victor with Tom pants on.
I am always asked how big a doll or action figure is compared with Barbie
or Ken.  I have included ken for scale.
Answer to the Ken and JLS question.
I have seen a few pictures of Tom with his hair wild.  It does give him
a different look! You can see his slight body.
His chest and his arms are different material and different colors.
I just love the wind in my hair!
He has thin legs and small feet.
Tom feet vs Ken feet!
He doesn't have click knees but they are pose able.
So is his arm some what.
One thing that Kev mention about some male dolls and action figures is if
they have long necks they photo better than ones with shorter necks like JLS
 His name is Khaleel.
He is kind of an old soul and gravitates toward thinks someone his age normally doesn't.
He loves to DJ. It is the way he expresses himself artistically. 
Khaleel on the wheels of steel.
He makes good money at it too!  He stumbled over his fathers music collecting
when he was eight.  That created his love for the oldies.  He like Smokey Robinson,
Marvin Gay, Sam Cooke and The Temptations.  He has the complete collection of
Nat King Cole.
He does like modern artist like John Legend, Alicia Keys, Jaheim, and Jill Scott.
Also rap and hip hop.
He can DJ any kind of party!
I just love my lights from the Dollar Store.
 My favorite shot!
I had fun photographing him and using somethings I have been meaning to photo!
Any request?
I'll wear a suit at weddings and formal affairs.
I'll introduce his family later.

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