Friday, September 30, 2011

Welcome The Fall!

Welcome The Fall!
After seeing Dolls on Top's post of rebodied BFF Calista,
I decide to post some pictured of my rebodied Calista.
So here she is!

I wanted to keep her a teen so she is on a HSM Taylor body.

The complexion isn't to bad either. This is her back to
school outfit! There is alot more clothes for her with
this body. I think a have a boyfriend for her too! Zeke!

Here name is now Alicia Locks

Oh! I think I here the school bell!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Renee to the Rescue!

So if you want to know hat is up with Etienne, Matt,
and Trina... here is my video update!

I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Deveaux and Johnsons'

Here are the Deveaux &Johnsons'

Standing-Etienne Johnson, seated-Renee Deveaux-Johnson and
Dominique Deveaux on the rug-Macy

Etienne: I'm the head of this family!

Macy: He is dreaming! They let him think so.
Two sisters and he is the head? I fare better than he
does. At least my cute look works on the both of them.

Dominique: So, you couldn't get him out of his uniform
for this picture?

Renee: We were all out of ex-lax!
The sisters: laugh, laugh laugh, snicker snicker.

Naji's Family

Come meet Naji's Family!

As you might expect, a young man like Naji comes from a
strong and loving family.

Naji's father is Solomon Uqhad. He was born in Sudan and
moved to the US as a boy. He is a loving father and husband.
He has always encouraged Naji to be the best that he can be.
He expect nothing less from him. His father is a pastor and
they have traveled the world as part of his pastoral mission
in the church. Traveling has give Solomon a very global point
of view. Presently he has been assigned to Johnsonton, which
is a new area without a church.

This is Naji's mother Amenia. Her parent were
from Eritrea and immigrated here as college students.
She was born in the state but has traveled back to
African many times. She even attended the same girls
school Rouba as KiKi but was a few years behind her.
She has been working as an administrative assistant in many
companies and hopes to land a job here.

The family believes that this is a good move for them.
Amenia like that fact that she knows someone here!

They plan to become active in the town.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Laurent Girls!

I'm sharing some more of the tops I received in my trade
with Dollz4Moi. I am introducing a few more characters
too. I love the black and white combo, so I had to show it.
The pink and cream looks great with the Harley leather
pants and the strawberry to just looks sweet with the green
bow on the shoulder.
Maya Laurent

This is Maya Laurent. She is “Una” (pronounced you- na)
or first born in Roubanese. She is named after KiKi’s mother and her
grandmother Maya Falou. She bares a strong resemblance
to KiKi’s side of the family.

Being the oldest, Maya is very serious and was always a
studious child. It is not surprising that she went to law
school and became a lawyer. She works for a center city
law firm but has started her own practice.

At work Maya is kinda quiet, and shy, but very, very smart!
But Maya is not shy around her family. Being the oldest of
such a large family you have to be heard. He siblings even
think of her as wisecracking and a jokester.

Brenda Laurent

This is Brenda Laurent. If you follow my blog, then you met
her at Christmas and...

spending time with her grandmother in St. Malcolm.

She is number two or Tini (pronounced tin-nee) in the
Laurent clan. She and Maya are very close and share each
others secretes. Maya was first to know when Brenda first
kissed a boy! There are always alot of giggles betwen then.

Brenda is outgoing and makes friend easily.
She looks like a Laurent! She looks like Stephan's mother,
her great grandmother, especially when she smiles.
She always loved looking at pictures of her mother
and grandmothers when they were younger. She loves
their styles from that time. She especially loves
their hairstyles through the years and became a
beautician. She too had worked in center city at a hair
salon. She has since opened her own shop,Hairatage,and
she has also just completed a real estate
course. She is nerves about taking the test. Maya
helps her and preps her for the test.

Mariam Laurent

All other children are normally refer to as bini in Roubanese.
She is the four child and is behind Steve in birth order. She
and Steve are close. Right now she is getting extra Dad time!
Out of all the Laurent children she is the only one who has
expressed and interest in medicine. She is preparing to go to
dental school. Her father has her with him as much as possible
to prepare her.

The girls together.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Green Girls

Introducing The Green Girls!

The three sister move to town with their parents.
They are wearing three of the tops that I received in a swap
from Dollz4Moi. Big thanks Anika!
If you follow my blog, two of these girls you have met!


Is wear a pretty pink and white flowered top with a
bow on one shoulder. You met her on
Valentines' Day


You met on her first day at work.
She is the baby sister. She wears cute
pink top with a picture of a girl smiling.
It is a great top for her because she love to smile!


She wears a light and dark blue with white graphic top.
It has cute neckline and shoulders. She is the oldest
of the sisters..

Mom and daughters!

Here they are with their mom Adallah Green. They look
like their dad's side of the family but the they have their
mother's exotic baring.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Rizzo's

Meet the Rizzo's

They met in grad school and have been together
ever since.

Has move here to open his own Home Depot Franchise.
In a town with this much building going on, he is
doing well!

Dr. Angelina Rizzo has move here to head the Women's
department at Johnsonton hospital. Her husband
decided to open the franchise when she got the job offer.

They have a son, Joseph Jr., known as Joey.

How did I get here? They are both over achievers and I'm
...just Joey!

Angelina: Stand up straight during your soliloquy son.
Joey: Oh, no!

The Heart Family Grandpa!

Before there was Happy Family Grandpa in 2003, before
there was the Mad Men Rodger Sterling doll, there was
Heart Family Grandpa.

He was the first 12" male doll in the
Barbie/Mattel line with gray hair. He was not the first doll
with gray hair. The first Happy Family Grandparents(1976)
had a gray haired but they were 9 1/2 " African American
dolls. Strangely enough when Mattel did a new line of
family dolls, they reused the name Happy Family for this
new 12 " dolls. I use the phrase Barbie/Mattel
because the Heart Family was not said to be Barbies but
"friends" of Barbie. These dolls did use the Barbie bodies,
some of the accessories, and clothes.

The Heart Family dolls were produced from 1985 till 1990.
They featured a father, mother and two children. The
parents and children were produced in both Caucasian and
African American dolls. There was a full line of items
produced for these doll including many kinds
of fashions, a house, car, playground, bike,school and they
even went to Disneyland! It was an extensive line.

In 1987 the Heart Family Grandparents were added.
These doll are the predecessors to the Happy Family dolls
of 2003. A grandpa face mold was produced for this dolls
with wrinkles molded in , not painted in. The head mold of
the grandfather was later used for Davy Crockett doll with
the hair changed to brown. Above he is in his original outfit
of purple and white shirt with a purple tie, gray pants. He
also has a white sweater. (I can't find it.) FYI out of all of
the heart family dolls the grandmother is the hardest to find.

Unlike the Happy family dolls of 2003, the Heart Family
grandparent dolls were only produced in Caucasian dolls.
I have redress my doll and his is nowliving in dolly world as
Joseph Russo manager/owner of the local Home Depot.

His is married and has a son.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Woos'

The Woos'

This is Thomas J. and Luci Woo. As you might remember,
Agent Woo is assigned to the Secret Service as one of the
President's body guards. He and his partner Dallas is one
of them teams that guard the president.

Having a strong home live helps him to do his job.
Luci is his rock! She keeps the home fires burning while
he is away. Since his time in the military they have always
lived on military bases and in military towns. Johnsonton
does seem like the prefect home to them.

Being on the Presidential detail takes him many places far
away from home. He needs to know that his wife is OK and
well taken care of when he is not there. Johnsonton does
that for him.

Luci is a member of the Daughters of the Pacific Rim
and the Military Wives Club.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My latest purchase!

My latest purchase!
I had to go to a meeting out my area, so I decided while
there to check out the local TRU. They had a Basic male
accessory set. .. for 23.00. Outrageous! I already have a
black shirt, the key item in the set (for much cheaper off
one of the website for action figures), and enough Ken
sneaker for the free world. So I didn’t really need this set.
So, let’s keep looking around. What do you know, they had
a Liv Spa Playset! I haven’t seen one near me. It was
marked $19.99 but when I scanned it, it came up $25.00.
If you want to be make me buy something, let is scan higher
that the price on the shelf! So they adjusted the price and I
purchased it. Bling needs a work station and this should be
the right size for her. What is in the set? Here are some
pictures! Pardon the glare!

Her is what you get!

The hair dryer is clear. I like that!

The one pictured is opaque.

Face mask (may be too big), make-up, flat irons, a tubes &
bottle, and a file.

A chair , sink, blow dryer, towel's and

a stand. Sorry about the glare. A foot & hand basins.

You don't get the pretty robe pictured!

Since Bling is going to be a manicurist, I think this
works for her! I did some test shots to see.

Sooo, you work at the museum? Do you know a
guy named Brice?

The Beckers

Becker is one of the well known names in music. The
town of Johnsonton is luck to have two of them living

Cyrus isn't as well know to people outside of the
music business. He is more of a background guy. He
writes, arranges, and produces but what he enjoys the
most is teaching. That is why he moved to Johnsonton.
“To inspire new minds to music”.

His cousin Dupree is better known outside the music world.
He has recorded several CD’s and has a Grammy nomination.
He was given the nick-name Blues as a child. This name came
from his love of the blues and jazz but also the moodiness he
sometimes exhibited.

His moodiness can be a block to his music.
But he learned that spending time with family helps get him
out of his funk.

He decided to helps is cousin unpack the instruments
for the beginning of the school year. They mess around on
them too. The time they spend together inspires them both!

Hey, this is like grandma's piano!
Cyrus without uncle Leon sayin' "Babah canya
bring me a beer". Laughter!

Dupree: I wrote this last night!

Dupree: Ok, listen the this!

Cyrus: You need some strings man.

Cyrus: Alright, help me with the rest of these instruments.