Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ghana Barbie

DOTW Ghana Barbie

This is the Ghana Barbie. She is part of a series of dolls done
by Mattel called Dolls of the World (DOTW). She was
produced in 1996 and was precede by Nigerian – 1990,
Jamaican--1991/1992 and Kenyan – 1994
(previously posted).

She wears a Kente over dress and and a
matching headdress.

She has gold earrings and a lovely gold pendant.

Under the Kente she wears a simple yellow shift dress.
Sorry I don't have the box but....
The back of the box says:
Hello, I'm Ghanaian Barbie. I'd like to tell you all about
my wonderful homeland, Ghana! Situated on the coast in
Western Africa, Ghana was once called the Gold coast, but
at our independence in 1957 was renamed Ghana, after an
ancient empire. Hand-woven cloth, called Kente cloth, is
Ghana's most famous craft product. Its bright colors and
patterns are woven by Ashanti tribe men, and are worn
for special ceremonial occasions. We are also proud of our
wood carving skills and we make many interesting masks
for religious and native ceremonies. Ghana is a wonderful
country to include in your travels. Our country is lovely
and filled with many things to see and do. I hope see you
soon! Goodbye!
She uses one of the 1990 (released in 1991) Shani doll head
mold. Of the three head molds of the Shani line, Asha, Shani
and Nichelle, Asha is used the most. Nichelle
is a little less used but surprisingly Shani, the doll the line
is named for, is very rarely used.
I have her paired here with Menelik for
African American History month. They are on display
at a local library. We Must Share Our Joy With Others!

Close up of them together.

I don't have her original shoes so she has borrowed some
gold sandal form MOTM Nikki.
Here they are instructing the children.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

They make a nice couple.


Tracy India said...

They're so cute together. I like his flat-top fade. :)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks BDE and Tracy. I thought they looked good together too!

Dollz4Moi said...

Ghana features one of my favorite face molds. It's so rarely used and underrated. They make a cute couple