Monday, July 27, 2015

Barbie Fashionista 2015 # CJV75

Hey Gang!

Some of the 2015 Barbie Fashionista are hard to find!  I have found two but
others I have only seen the production picture of.  I have the one in the second
picture  first row and the one in the second row 4th picture. I would love to have
the ones in the bottom row first picture and last picture.  Well any way....

The other day I found CJV75
I am showing her here still in the box.  Those of you who know me know 
I had a hard time keeping her in the box long enough to get these shots. 
 I normally debox the doll while in the store!

Out of the box!
 I love those eyes!
I was not a fan of the SIS Grace but I really like this doll!
 Full view

 I would have put those shoes with that dress but the shoes are OK.
 I like the front detail of the dress...
 I am not a fan of that arm! Come on Mattel get back to articulation!  The purse
is just OK.
 The back isn't a totally different fabric thank goodness but not the border print of the
front of the dress.
 She has one of the best face paints recently to me.  Only this Trichelle is as

 The hair color looks good from the top and front but it is not the best done to me!

 The color is a little chunky....

 especially in the back!

 and under the top layer.
 Not as blended as this Barbie

OK, Thanks for Looking!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Avery Wants To Be.....An Entrepreneur!

Hey Gang,

I'm continuing the year of the children with Avery! You met
him as one of my only heart doll maker-overs.

Avery wants to be a high powered businessman when he grows up.

Avery: My idols are Daymond John, I always watch Shark Tank,...

And Russell Simmons!
I want to work for myself!

He is starting young, right now as a matter of fact. He my not be old enough for
a real job but he could make doing errands and other things. He deliver groceries from the market!
Oh, here is the house! I'll knock.
 Oh, I see the doorbell!
 Purchaser:  Who is it?

Hi, It's Avery.   I'm the delivery person from the market! I have your groceries.

He can stuff circulars in mailboxes!
I have menus for the local pizza shop.  I will put one in every mailbox too.

 He can walk dogs and pet sit. Here he is walking Near Wolf in the park.
Avery:  Here we are Near Wolf.  There is water over there!  The dog thinks he
sees something in the bushes.

Your such a good dog!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Stuff For Nola (Dasia)!

Hey Gang!

I found more teddy-bear stuff for my Nola!  I found this Ken shirt and put it
with these shorts!

The back fit nice too!
I picked up these shorts too!  They are paired with
this poka dot top by 
Teddy-bear leather and satin!
Leather look jack and black satin pants!
Because teddy-bear arms are short, the sleeves are short on teddy-bear item but
the do work well on her!
I added the shirt underneath for a different look.
Great Shawl! I have now learned to purchase the bear, remove the close 
and re-donate the bear at the register.  I don't need to take the bear home.
This is the dress that go with the Ugg Style boots by Playmate!  
The dress looks more like PJ's than a dress.
I found this top for a baby doll a longtime ago in the dollar store.  It looks like
a dashiki.
Another teddy top!
I will have to find pants or a skirt for these tops.  I guess it time for me to sew something!

OK, Thanks For Looking!