Friday, October 9, 2015

Sightings of Fashionistas!

Hey Gang!

I'm starting to see more of the new Fashionistas around!

I saw and purchased Red Ruffle-  That is the name that was on the box!
Box photo!

Close ups

I saw here at Family Dollar if you can believe it!
 Close up!
I have a few doll with the Lea head so I don't need another!

I also saw her there!  I didn't realize from picture she was that pale/white?
Close up!
 Full box shot

I'm not sure if I want her!  Maybe later.
I still can't find her.

Still no LA Girl!
Did you notice that she has the Skipper head sculpt! Click the link!
I away find it interesting what complexion and face screening can do!
I know they are coming!  I'm seeing them on eBay and other second market sites
but I refuse to pay those prices!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stuck In A Position!

Hey Gang!

All of the new Fashionista have no articulation.  Many of the other dolls I'm
seeing on the shelves now don't either.  There aren't any belly button body dolls
with straight arms and 3 click knees.  Is that our only offerings
of articulated dolls with few complexion choices or posed body dolls?

Belly Button body vs Posed Body

How do you feel about that! I'm posting a survey to find out.  Please let
me know what you think! As fir me, the belly button body is my place holder body.
The one I use while waiting to find an articulated body that I want for that doll. I
feel I have more options with it.  As they say...that's just me.  So what about you?

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Power Team Sighting!

Hey Gang!

I saw Power Team action figures at Big Lot!  Not a lot of them but here
is what I found!

This were 20.00.  I think these are new head sculpts but they just might be new to me.
 Close up!
  Close up!

 OK, the single action figures!

This was the only AA found! I have him but other might be interested.
These two!

 OK, not my best picture!
 Hottie Mc Hot!
Put him in the cart!
 He kinda interesting too... maybe later. Hide him in the shelves.
 Interesting but not for me!
I forgot to get a full box shot of the last two.  Sorry Gang!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bring On Suzie!

Hey Gang!

This post is continued from one of the Meetings, Orientation and Interviews posts
If you have seen it, please check it out!
Suzie is working the reception area at Metropolitan Hospital.  She really thinks that
this is a waist of her skills. She gets a call.

Suzie: Hello Metropolitan Hospital how can I direct your call?
Terrence says in his smoothest baritone voice...
Terrence: Susie How is my favorite office manager?
Suzie: Don't you how is my favorite office manager me.  You left me here like
last weeks newspaper on the bus!  They've got me working the front desk until they
can figure out what to do with me!

Terrence: You knew I couldn't offer you a position until I saw how everything was
going to work out.  You have too many years there to leave without your full
package! Yes!

Suzie: Hold on, someone coming to the desk.

 Suzie: Just sign in.  Everyone is in the conference room on the 3rd floor!

Hello, Metropolitan Hospital.  I'll connect you to X-ray.
The elevator is to your right.
Suzie: I'm back.  So, how is it going?  I ready to leave this place.  It's no fun without
you here! I even miss Dr. Evans! Can you believe that? That's how bad it is here.

Hold on again!  Hi! Can I help you?  OK, what is the patient's name?
I'm Sorry, they have been discharged.  The left this morning! 

No, I can't tell you where they went.  That is against HIPPA laws but I'm sure you
can contact the family to find out.
Hey are you still there?  Darn! He hung up!
Terrence: I came to take you to lunch to talk about it! Yes!
 We will have to leave the building!  You know how noisy these people are!

Terrence: You think it is that bad?

Gothel: Suzie, are you working?
Terrence: I can see what you mean!
Gothel: Terrence, I thought you no longer work here!

Suzie: Meet me for lunch at the Cafe'.
Terrence: OK! My treat yes!
Suzie: Yes!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Lori Purchases!

Hey gang!

So these are my Lori doll purchases!
I got Cyarra.
Out of the box.
 There is a gray over top and a side slung bodysuit.
 Her shoes and stockings.
 There are great details on the shoes...Top and...
 bottom.  Even the inside of the shoes.  It has the Lori name inside.
 She has a great face too!
 My only misgiving is the styling of the bun.  That could have been done better.

I had thought about Zarya too!  Here she is next to Cyarra.
She has a really interesting complexion. Not quite Hispanic like mini Sienna.
She has really interesting eyes too!
Here is Tama.  She is really great looking. Even though they all have the same face.
It always surprising to see how different complexion, hair and eye color can make a

Here is her full outfit.
She has chocolate hair and chocolate eyes!
 She has an interesting side part.
 She has this fluff skirt.  Very unusual. 
 Skirt and shoes
Also nice details on the bottom of shoes!

If you are looking for a comparison of the older OG and Lori doll, or a more detailed
review of the Lori dolls, please check Toy Box Philosopher , She did and excellent job.

OK, Thanks For Looking!