Thursday, July 17, 2014

Philly meeting Part 2!

Hey Gang!

Sorry it took so long for part two!  I had to go away for an unsuspected trip!  
I am still catching up with everything.  Anyway, let’s get back to dolls and
I will try to catch up on every thing!
So here is the doll that I had restyled for the doll club meeting! 

She didn’t look quite like this at the meeting.  I use the time I had 
to get her closer to where I wanted her! The doll minus 
the clothing is up for sale on the Dollpage!

D7ana brought her Mixis dolls!  It was a request from one of the club members. 
Rosa and Opal
She also brought by Aoshima/Skynet Ladies Mission women's 
doctor and nun action figures.

 Isn't she the cutest!

I bought my I.T. dolls! They along with a few others were requested by other 
club members who wanted to see them in person.

The girls




The boys




Not a I.T. doll but a Starting lineup action figure I had with me.

I also had Aya and Heidi which is my hybrid of the Tippi The Birds doll.

I was hoping that Cyano Dolls would be there! 
I brought my reflocked Artsy that was a present from Cyano dolls.

I also had my AG Minis with me!

 Close up!
They are my new favorites!
Juanita show some of her posts and
 we watched more Froggy Stuff Videos!

OK! Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Out And About!

Hey Gang!

I was out and about the other day and I saw a few interesting things at Wal-Mart.

First up are these Groovy Girls clothing! Which could work for some of my  larger dolls. There were about $13.00.

I can alway use clothes for my larger dolls.  Some of these outfits aren't quite
their taste but I think I can make a few work!

When they start making cheap clones of a doll, then you know that they are popular.

These doll are suppose to be like Monster High but I think that they are scarier than that MH. 
I know I was scared and laughing when I saw them.

They had this there too.

What was so surprising is that many dolls of color in the pack and at least three
head sculpts! I might have to get them.

OK! Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Philly Doll Club Meeting Part 1!

Hey Gang!

We had our doll club meeting and boy was it fun!  We had a new person!
We were hoping for two but maybe next time! I took so many pictures that
this post will have to be two parts!

So who was there?  Well me of course (that is why I'm blogging about this),
Dana -D7ana from A Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls and Action Figures,
Kev and Miya from Dollapalooza , and Juanita who you might know as mustiwait

If you read this post anywhere other
It is a fake!!! Run!!
OK, now for the pictures!

One of the first things I was when I got there was Juanita's challenge doll!
This her Snow White maker over doll!  These Photos are Juanita's and
are with her permission.
 Here is her before picture of her doll!  Isn't that the cutes thing!

The next thing I saw was Kev coming down the street with his My Froggy Stuff
treehouse! I took lots of pictures because it was so detailed!  I told him he should
send MFS some photos!  It was about 3 feet tall!  It needed its' own table! OK,
here come the photos!
That cute action figure in the red is my hubby!  He drove me to the meeting and kinda
hug around until we were done!
 Each section had it own details.  You can tell he put a lot of time into it!
 Hand painted wood grain.

 Ahh, birdies!
 There were many little homes for the forest animals!

 Second floor balcony!
 Side door!

second floor room!
 Dollie in a chair!
 Second floor room!

Other thing that Miya and Kev had to show us!

 New Captain Action figure below!

Individual photos of dolls that caught my eye!

Rebodies Star Doll!

Please come back to see more from our meeting!


OK, Thanks For Looking!