Monday, July 18, 2016

New bodies at the New Year and Silver Fox!

Hey Gang!

I picked up some sales before the new year!   I purchase two new dolls to use as
body and clothes donors! While everyone one else was purchasing the Barbie 
Style Nikki and the Barbie Style Grace Dolls with the feet for heals or flats, 
kinda hung back. I wasn't a fan of the 19.99 price.  Also, I didn't like all of the 
clothes the dolls came with. When I found them reduced as part of the after holidays 
sales, I got them at. 13.00 (7.00 each) for two  That is the highest I am willing 
to pay for a Fashionista body. I bought two sets at that price!

I loved the gray sweater and blue and white polka dot top of the Grace.  I didn't like
the skirt at all.  I wouldn't have put that purse and shoes with the outfit but 
they aren't bad at all!

 With Nikki, I loved everything except the purse.

I didn't need or what their heads so they are being sold! I tell you later who 
got the bodies! Here is who received the clothes!
Our Silver Fox for this month!

She like the combo of the gray pants with the sweater shirt much better!
The purple skirt was sold!
 She says gray is the new blonde.....that  gray haired women 
have more fun!
 She had beautiful brown hair as a young mother and college grad in her twenties!
Trisha and Alicia
At about 27 she notice her first gray hair!  Her hair was so thick you couldn't
tell at first!
Now at 47 she is totally gray and she has embraced her gray and not tried to
die it!
Gray can be sassy!
 Gray can mean business!
 Gray can be feminine!
 She keeps healthy and exercises daily...
 because gray doesn't have to mean old!
She drinks plenty of water!
and goes to the bathroom a lot too!
Trisha: Water in and water out!
 She eats a balanced diet!
Trisha: Plenty of veggies and meat three times a week!

Her skin is fantastic and she feels great!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Emoji Fun Curvy Fashionista!

Hey Gang!

I finally got my Emoji Fun #39rCurvy Fashionista! I had only seen
pictures of her on line. I couldn't really tell what her face looks
like until I got her home! She is one the few dolls that I have gotten
that seemed to have so much personality out of the gate ...or should I
say box!

Ms. Leo, let me out!
 Come on! Get me out of this box!

 I thought she would look like Fancy Flowers Fashionista.

Something about Fancy Flowers looks like Lupita to me!
Side by side!
She looks like a darker Romper  Chic Fashionista!
Side by side!
So here is her boxed outfit!  I love the fact that she come with two additional
outfits even if I don't like all the pieces of the outfits.  They have to make up for
not at least given her click knees!
The jacket isn't denim but it does have great detailed print.  It looks like
something a teacher would wear. One of my teaches might get this vest!

I really don't need these glasses either!  I can see well without them!
The pink shoes are kinda OK!  I have large feet so I can't wear just any shoe!
Shoes have Barbie logo on them!  Did anyone notice that!
Here is her foot and a BB body foot!
Not such a high instep!

Size 9W!
Not Liv size but larger than the average Barbie!

Without the jacket the dress is very cute!
I love this dress!
It shows off my curves!  
Let's try some different shoes!

I feel like Beyonce' in this dress!
 Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no
Her second outfit!
I put her second outfit with the pink shoes!
She wasn't feelin the boots with the toes out!

Yeah, the purpose of boots is to cover the foot! Not to have my toes out!
Her hair has less curl that some of the other Fashionista I've purchased. 

And she doesn't have earrings. 
Yeah She has earrings! 
Many of the new Fashionistas have simple and not overdone makeup! I love the way
the makeup looks!  I have some issues with the way they did some of the darker
doll's makeup.

The skirt is very nice and fits well!
The pattern on the top is interesting too! it is a different direction on the back...
or at least mine is!
So I thought she would have the Rosie O'Donnell body but no!
OK, Last outfit!

I need earrings Ms. Leo!

I have an ear piercing day coming up soon!  You might get done then!

Hey what! A day? I have to stand in line or something? Oh it is not
going down like that ! I need to talk to the manager!
All other Dolls: Ha ha ha!

There might be a fashion Show for her coming up soon!
I need a fashion show!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Grail JLS Completed!

Hey Gang!  

So a while back (2011) Dana of A Philly doll collector talked about the JLS dolls! 
I know I wanted to add them to my dolls and I think many of you did too! I like
me many of you have been adding them slowly to your doll collection.

I got my Marvin back in 2013!

And my Alston I got on eBay with a good shipping price in 2015!

They were pretty easy to find! The harder two were the JB and the Oritse at
a good price and good shipping price!  I got the two just recently.  Oritse
without his outfit ....but with the hat and

and JB New in box!

So now my JLS are complete! I not much of their original outfits might stay around.
I have started to look for outfits I like on them better in.
 Will I re-body them?  Who knows! They do have short neck which look a
little strange. Finding male bodies is more of a challenge!

OK, Thanks For Looking!