Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Opening Soon! Update!

Hey Gang!

Laurent's will be opening soon!  The town is excited!  It is the first
of many new stores to open in this small town.  The outside is almost
finished.  The inside will be finished soon.

So Gang, I am working on the main street in my small town.  There might
be a few incarnations but here is the start.---Laurent's Department Store as
promise a while back.

 Heidie:  What is it Karen?
Karen looks into the store window and is excited!

Karen: Coming Soon! How wonderful! Mommy, they are opening the store soon!
Heidi comes to see!

 All the town is excited and a lot of characters are hanging around.
Aya is also looking in the window!
Aya: I so hope there will be shoes!
Aya looks dreamily through the window and hopes that there will be a
large shoe selection or at least she will be able to order shoes!
 Aya: Boots, sandals, sneakers, pumps....
 Heidi: I see that they look just about finished!
 Karen: They will be opening soon!
If you read this post anywhere other
It is a fake!!! Run!!
Heidi: It is great that they have a bench out here for sitting! Join your mom on the
bench dear!
 Karen: Mom, aren't you excited too!  Don't you want to buy stuff?
Heidi: I will more than likely buy somethings but I plan to save too!  The
new bank will be opening too you know!
 I want to use my money and buy dolls.  Do you think there will be toys there?

Inside the window of the store!
Heidi: Well...there might be but I think it will be mostly clothes and things for
the home.
 You know you can't spend all your money on toys!
 But why not! All I want is toys...oh and maybe some pets!
Heidi: Your father and I expect you to be responsible with your money.  That means
that you can buy some toys from time to time but you must save too!
 Karen: Save for bigger toys!
 Heidi: No, save for your future!  Save for college, save for a car, save for travel
and save for your own home one day!
Karen: Mommy, that seems soo serious and I am only a kid!

Heidi: Oh it is, and you won't always be a child!  Time passes before
you know it! You must learn good habits about saving now!

Karen: OK mommy, I guess we will go to the bank when it opens too!

After all of that I just purchase a few new dolls.  I don' learn from my own

There are many I's to dot and T's to cross.  KiKi will be hiring staff!
Orders are coming in too!

Update!  Many have asked so here is the link to Aya's first post!

OK, Thanks for Looking!

Monday, April 7, 2014

April Doll Sale!!

Hey Gang,

This month I am having a sale on "Cheap Blondes" on my dollpage listing.  All
dolls that are listed as "Cheap Blonde" are 50% off!  To get the discount you
must mention the sale when you contact me on the dollpage.  If you are
not a member of the dollpage and can't access the site,   send me the
message here stating you would like to purchase items and would like to
take advantage of the sale.

So go to my site and take a look around!

OK, Thanks, For Looking!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WOW! What A Great Time We Had At Our Last Doll Club Meeting!!! #2

Hey Gang!

If there is a local fashion doll club in your area, join! If you don't have a local
doll club, start one!  We had the best time EVER!!!

So, there were only four of us but we had the best time!  The new space that we
met in has promise! It is pretty? meeting space goes... no,  but it has a
PowerPoint projector and a Smart Board! We will try to use those next time!

Attending the meeting was Leo (Ms. Leo from I-Luv-Dolls), Dana (D7ana from
A Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls and Action Figures), Miya and Kev,
(from Dollapalooza ) you heard me mention them in  my collectors interview post!

I brought the coffee and donuts! You know I had to have coffee! (I firmly believe that
it was the invent of coffee that cause man to stand erect and use his opposing thumb!
Yeah, crazy Ms. Leo!) I brought some dolls for show and tell.  I also had some dolls
and doll things for trade. Dana also had two (Mixis) dolls and with
clothing and and a lot of doll clothing for trade.  I think Dana and
I tried to be conservative. We didn't bring alot. I think we didn't want
to overwhelm.  What were we thinking!

My Stuff

I brought Keyshia and Stacie for comparison. Yes, I am doing comparisons
in-person too! 

I had my new Chelsea's friend Tamika and Darrin too with an older Tamika
for comparison.  Added was a new aa Kelly doll.

I also had my Hunger Games men Finnick and Peeta with me.
To that I added my Divergent male doll (whoever he is).


You can see the  Divergent male doll in the first shot. Somehow I didn't
take a close up shot of him.  Those were my show and tell items. 
I had some things for trade too. Here is a small picute of my stuff for trade.

Dana had her Mixis Dolls.

I love this outfit!
Great detail!
Cute shoes too!
 Hannibal Lecter said " how do we learn
to covet.  We covet what we see!"  So I was coveting Mixis dolls!
She had these items to trade!

At first it was just the two of us, then Miya and Kev came.  These are
two collectors with no shame in their game!  They brought a suitcase of
dolls!  A smart way to travel I must say too! 

It was like the sky opened and it rained dolls! The oohs, and aahs and squeals
began!  They had dollsI had only seen on the net.  They carefully unwrapped
dolls in bubble wrap to our delight!  So here is what they had!

 If you read this post anywhere other
It is a fake!!! Run!!

Miya and Kev

 Sorry about my foot and a bit of kitty in this shot!

Heart Family Mom rebodied!  Too Cute!

I remember seeing this doll as a child! WOW!  To see her again now was

I don't think that they took all of their dolls out of the suitcase!
I didn't take pictures of everything.  Too busy talking, trading, and eating!

Kev is right! Melody doesn't take a bad picture every!

This demiun outfit is to die for!  The detals are Amazing!

Look at the top stiching!

Miya and Kev both sew.  They had some hand made items there too.  We
talked about patterns, material and the tediousness of pressing.
Here are a few outfits that I traded with them for.

They got from me these items! I will do a photo shoot
of my dolls in the haul I got at the meeting!

Kev and a ton of pictures!  Way more than I take and it made me wonder
why I don't takemore! Kev showed me pictures on his phone and in his
camera.  I think I could have looked at them for days! He had some great
pictures of Melody and it inspired me to take more
of my doll.

We watched a My Froggy Stuff Video too!  I think that should be part of
every doll club meeting!  I showed some of my favorite sites and finds on
my tablet. Next time we will use the projector!  There were several
conversations going on at once! It was fun and uplifting!  We decided to
have a challenge!  To restyle the same doll for the next meeting!  Doesn't
that sound like fun!

So if you are in the area and can make it, you should come to our
next doll club meeting!

Finally, read what Dana wrote about out meeting!

OK, Thanks For Looking!