Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Disney Dolls

Hey Gang!

This is my Disney Month!  So, I will talk a little and show some pictures
of Disney dolls.  You know I can't purchase nor would I want to purchase all of
the dolls I will be show this month, so many will be pictures taken in store. So
some will be new in box and others will be from the thrift store or in my collection.
I may not be able to do detail pictures but I will try! I will be hard for me
to post, respond and view other blogs because my tablet is down!  Now
that is a bummer.  I am work from the library! :(  Thank goodness for
the library!

First, I want to say that no one has done a better job merchandising their
products as Disney!  They do the full roll out normally!  I guess they have struck
gold with the Princess movies because they keep them coming.  Along with the
movies you get the dolls and other Paraphernalia!

Mattel has done many of the Disney dolls sold in the U.S. along with a few other
companies.  Because of the many companies making the dolls, the face mold of the
princesses have change over the years. Also depending on where you purchased it
(in a toy store and not Disney Stores) it could be different in the same year. There
are many face molds to each princes doll.  I would say even more than Barbie!
The only draw back is that there is not a date on the heads of these dolls like
Barbie. Below is one of the new Mattel Sleep Beauty doll. I would say this head
mold is about two years old but don't hold me to it!
 I also found this one in the store!
 I thought she was the same as this one but side by side they look different!
Here some of my Sleeping Beautys for this blog! This is my AA Sleeping Beauty

Two other dolls that I have also.  The one on the right's eyes change when
hot water is applied.
Frozen was a big success for Disney!  They have done several of the dolls from
the movie. Below is Anna.  Redheads do well for Disney and there seems to be
more redheaded characters now. Something that Mattel doesn't do as many of.

Close up of Anna.  Back when Mattel did the balloon head/ big head dolls.
they made the Disney dolls heads larger too!  Although now the Mattel doll
heads aren't quite as large as they use to be, the Disney doll heads remain large.
Many people don't like the Disney dolls because they think that they look too
cartoonish.  I believe it depends on the doll.  Some are and some aren't as much.

I do like the mixture of color in this dolls hair.  Strawberry!
Anna and Elsa
Close up
Disney has done a skating version of these dolls also!
It would have been nice to have cute clothing and not painted on items.
Oh, well!
Elsa Skate version
Also the painted arms.

Not being a follower of the movie I didn't know what to expect in dolls or
play related items from the movie.

Next is Kristoff.  This is the one that is seen most often in stores!

Close up!
I don't real like clothing of any type that is attached and can not be removed.  So
although I am alway on the hunt for new guys.  I won't be purchasing this guy!
I do like his face.
Painted on under shirt and painted on pants.  Bummer!  I sure the shoes  don't
come off either.
There are other version of this doll!

 This is the 2pak Anna and Kristoff

Picture from Target

Piture for from Disney Store
I think I kinda like this guy!
I have yet to see Hans in the stores! 
You know I really like his outfit!
Piture for from Taget


Please check my dollpage site for sale!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tamika and Darrin!

Hey Gang!

A few months ago I found Tamika and Darrin in K-Marts.  I wasn't looking
for them but when new items you haven't seen before fall into your lap,
what are you to do? I showed them at our doll club meeting but I didn't post
them.  So her is their post! 


Tamika has had a head sculpt change. She has a brown version of the
smiling Chelsea doll face.

She comes with a hula hoop!  I do think hula hoops are still popular
because I still see them in stores.  The hit their heyday around 1958. I have
attached a link to some info if you are interested! 


Darrin is the first boy of this size in the Chelsea line.  There have been
boys who have been smaller or taller and AA but none this size that weren't

Darrin comes wearing a green and white baseball shirt with a T and
soccer ball on it, black pants shoes and a  Pink hat. OK, why? Why not
green or blue or white? I'll have to fix that!  He also came with a
soccer ball.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Out And About! Frugal Dolly Finds!

Hey Gang!

So I was out and about in WalMart and guess what I found....? You guessed it!
Those pencil holder that look like Barbie size trash cans! For 97 cents!

 Sparkle Girlz outfits at less that Barbie prices too!
 A set of five outfits.  There were three different sets! They are like 
8.88 but I moved them to take pictures!

 Single outfits at 1.97!

 Cheaper that Barbie singles! Just what we all needed!
 Quite Fashionable Too!
 I got these three but I want them all!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Minis Are The New Black!

Hey Gang!

After falling in love with my AG Minis, I started looking around for other minis. 
Because well....minis are the new black!

I found some Collectors Lane Mini dolls on line.  If you have seen the new Our
Generation mini dolls, these dolls were the predecessor of those dolls at Target
and another Target exclusive.
Close up
 The outfit
 The tee  with pocket and necklace
Jacket off

Close up

Jacket off -tee and necklace!
Rachel in undies! The undies for these dolls are nice!
Great socks and shoes too!
The have glued on wigs and not rooted hair.

The hair isn't very soft either.
In this shot you can see the cap.
I was told that the larger dolls had wigs too!  I hope the air was better.
On all my mini dolls something about 
the tag bothered me.  It had to go!
Comparison to AG Minis!
AG's are taller!
AG Ivy---CL Sheri
The torso is a little shorter and the legs are shorter too! 
They are close to the same size

Jackets and bags
To looks like the bag with the pink jacket should be 
with the green jacket and vice versa.
Hats and skirts both with really nice details!

Vanessa! She came today in the mail.
Without the plastic
Great hat and Jacket!
Great eyes! The hair ...not so much.
The whole outfit!
From the back

You might notice that these doll don't have lashes.  Not even painted on lashes.
It kinda hardens their look.  So I read on  Snickerdoodle Street that you can make
these dolls into boys!  We always need some guys around here so I did!
I gave them a hair cut and style and viola!
He is now Martin.
 Ned, Martin and Jack!
As always finding clothes will be somewhat of an issue.  I will work it out.

OK, next is my new Our Generation dolls!


Moxie Girls Mini dolls!

 I got one of the few dolls that had an AA face with and AA body.
 Most looked like this one where the body is a different complexion.

So here is what I purchased!

 I purchase two Siennas. One I plan to make a boy
and the other I will keep as is.
 I got this two also.  The blonde will be a boy also.
I just love this redhead!  The clothes on these dolls
are so well done for the size! 
I just love the tights!
Ryla & Holly

  I can use the clothes and shoes for other dolls.
 There was a stain behind her ear where the band was.
I will show you pictures of Holly after her make over.

 Our Generation, Collectors Lane and American Girls!
Holly, Martin and Addy

Moxie Girl Mini

I look forward to adding her to my other smaller dolls.

 Out of the box, her head is large but she has a cute face!
 Here part is off centered but so is mine when I put it into ponytails too!
 I tried some other dress on her.  She looks so cute.  "See you later!"

OK, Thanks For Looking!