Friday, December 19, 2014


Hey Gang!

I purchased more Disney dolls.  I purchased a new Belle doll.  She and my new
Jasmine ( Indira)  were a great deal on eBay.  I didn’t really think I needed
another Belle doll but I’m glad I got her. 

The newer version is a Holiday issue doll.

She isn’t brand new. She is a newer version of the older doll.  This version of the 
doll is  much better than my older doll.  My older doll was purchase at a thrift 
store and she had on a Pocahontas dress. 

Both of my versions of the doll have been re-bodied! My new doll is now on
a Fashionista body. Let's look in the book!

Here is the book!

So I’m not sure when my older doll came out So I consulted my 30 Years 
Mattel Fashion Dolls book.   
         I think it is the 1992 Beauty and the Beast Gift set version of the doll.
 The beast was with her when I got her.
Here she is beside her picture in the book. Both of my dolls are by Mattel, having similar but different head sculpts.  The older version of the doll has more of cartoonish.  Her eyes are hazel and there are stars painted in her eyes. Her lips are a soft pink. Her hair is a medium brown and thicker than most dolls.  It had never been smooth or shiny.  Only the strongest of De-tangling shampoo had made it able to be combed.

The newer version uses one of the older head sculpts but the complexion is
lighter and the hair is a better quality.The eyes are green and not hazel.

I am not a fan of the newest versions of the doll I used this one for Tammy's
mom because I new I knew I was going to make her a main character.  So she
would not be staying. 

Here they are side by side! 

I'm naming her Wendy!

I am not sure if I am keeping the older version of the doll. 
I may just keep the head around for a while.

OK, Thanks for Looking! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

The challenge!

Hey Gang!

I want to work on stories with the Laurent family! I have been trying to get
them all articulated to make story telling easier.  Most of them are now on
articulated bodies but one!  Steven!

I have been trying to find an articulated body for my Steven doll.  He is one of
the older versions of Steven with the “Philly Fade” (that was one of the reasons
I purchased him) Splash 'n Color StevenThe older dolls are darker.  The only
doll coming close in complexion is the AA convention male. Yeah, I want him too!

As time when on it seems, Steven got lighter and that is about the 
time when Mattel started to make articulated male dolls.   
It seems I am going to have a hard time finding him a body
close to his complexion.

Without his shirt, you can see he has one of the older bodies but not the
one with the gift giving arms.

Here is Steve with Darren and Tre.

As you can see he is closer in complexion to Tre' but Tre'
 has a swivel neck knob.  The Steven head will not fit. 

Darren is much lighter that Steven…
but darker than Toure’ who is on the prince and the pauper body
Prince and Pauper AA doll

So for now he is on a Darrin body until I can find him one closer in 

I do like the height this body give him.  It makes him look mature but not old. 
It works well with how I see his style.  BTW, this is the tux with the pink shirt.
It has be altered.

Ok, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Friends For Naveen!

Hey Gang!

So after my Disney Naveen purchase, I thought he could use some company! 
so I added a few other doll of Indian background to my collection.
I added the new Aladdin from Disney! I have named him Amar Khan.  Only
his mom and dad call him Amar.  Everyone else calls him Khan.  I thought
they looked like that would be friends. He has a great smile too! I thought
that they would be the same complexion but Naveen is darker. 

They are some of my college student in Johnston and love hanging out and
having fun.

I love the older Mattel Jasmine doll's face the best.  My only problems with
the older Jasmine dolls is the earring made into the body.  When I found
this one (Holiday Princess Jasmine doll that wasn't like that I had to have
her.  She Is Indira!

She is sporting a combination of clothing to give her the look that I wanted.
Skirt and sweater are Mattel, top and shoes are Liv.

I tried adding a gold dot to the side of her nose as a nose ring.  You can't see
it to well in this picture.


OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I'm Back!

Hey Gang!

I know I've been away for a minute but don't think that I haven't been
having fun with my dolls! I just have been too busy with things at home
and work to post pictures!  Also my tablet is down, so I am back to the
library until my new one arrives. Strange thing, I am having trouble
uploading picture at the library.  I had to up load pictures at work
while everyone was at lunch.  I can't have my nosy coworker look at
my doll blog or know I not working at work.

Have been working on some past projects!  Remember the deers
I purchased.
The ones I got on sale because they were broken.  Well I have been working
on them.  I like to  have a seasonal doll display in the house at the top of the
stairs.  The deer will be a part of this years. 

Let's have a review!


I had two for  2011
Dominique in her holiday sweater

and Courtney in the tree!

here is Brenda in 2010
2009 My very first! The proposal! It was very simple.
Nakoma and Shane. 
I will be picking up this story line soon.
Back to the deers. 
Deer fixed and will be painted this week!

Does he need a red nose?
This deer is fixed and painted
I found this sleigh and a thrift store.

I saw a few My Froggy stuff horse item I think I can use for the sleigh.
How to make a Doll Horse Halter and Lead Rope  

Wish me luck!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, October 6, 2014

My Latest Head Swap!

Hey Gang!

So here are my new head swaps!  I am just loving reboding with the Keyshia doll body!
Thus far I have done three. 


and now....Amorie
 She is on the body of the first issued Keyshia!

                                                              1st and 2nd issue
The 1st issue doll is more of a carmal and the 2nd issue is more of a walnut color.
 I think this head on this body is more in proportion.
 Here she is with her sister Mona.
And what happen to Keyshia's head?
I put her head on a HSM Taylor's body. 
Here she is on that body!
A rebodied Keyshia/Taylor doll is available on my dollpage listing.

OK, Thanks For Looking!