Monday, December 10, 2018

Fashionista Ken

Hey Gang!

I was surprised to find Preppy Florals Fashionista in my local Walmart!  He
was leftover from Black Friday!

Preppy Florals Fashionista.

I just love his face and a great smile!

Out of the box!
His shirt is better made that the one they came on my Cool Classic Ken.

Blue pants and tan boat shoes. 
The pants

These are a new version of the old deck shoes issued for ken in the Fashion
Avenue paks.
 Fashionista boot shoes and Fashion Avenue boot shoes.
 The bottom of the shoes have different details!

The arms and legs  are unevenly coated as in past fashionista.

Now I thought that his headsculpt might be a version of AA Slim
Fashionista Plaid on Point!
But not only does he have a different headsculpt, he does have a different face...slightly!
I think that Mattel must have a like for the Jamal/Steven headsculpt.
Many of the AA male doll seem to have some part of the that headsculpt in theirs.
Preppy Florals and Plaid on Point!
They have a similar smile and chin and shape of face but slightly different nose.
There were a few other new dolls there too but I was only looking for ethnic guys!
The darker version of Plaid on Point, Firefighter Ken looks closer but not the same.
 I really like the apron on the Barista Ken. Does one buy a doll just for the clothes?
I originally thought he would be the same complexion as Super Stripes but he is a little
They are like So In Style Grace and Kara!
 With Preppy being Grace
 and Stripes being Kara!
Like Stripes, there are imperfections on the body like with Stripes.  See my review of
I had planned to purchase and extra AA broad body for a project I had in mind
but I won't need to do that now.
 Stripes, my Luther, in Preppy Floral fashions!

Because Mattel hasn't made many clothes for the Broad dolls and most of the new
Ken fashions don't really fit Broad bodies, I have decided that I really only need one Broad
doll and he will get all the broad clothes.
So decided to Preppy with Florals on a standard size AA fashionista body.

I am calling him Kamau!
 He is a high school Student.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Men Need Tools! Fugal Finds

Hey Gang!

As you might know, Harold is our local handyman!  To do that job, he
needs tools!

Frugal Dolly Finds!

You might have seen Harold and Apenimon have wooden tool boxes!

Note the light and dark tool boxes!
The dark tool box is from Micheal's!  It comes with the tools you see below.
The second is the maple color wood is from AC Moore's and 
comes with the tools seen with it!

Here is Harold with one!

Is this enough tools for Harold are Handyman contractor?  Noooo!
So what else can be added?

It you are out and about Christmas shopping look for these two gift card holders
shaped as Truck Saddle Tool Boxes.
From Home Depot

Our Generations tools!

And while the the hammer and paint brush are not in scale, everything else is!
Don't for get the Dollar Tree dollar store!
As a handyman/contractor you might have to will need to block off traffic and
walkways!  So you will need these to make the job easy!
Caution Signs and Caution Cones!
 I will remove this word on the cones with nail polish remover.
I have already removed the thumbs up from the bottom of the signs.  I wish I had
left the caution triangle.  Oh well!  A few more odd and end and he will be ready
for any job.  Harold has been pestering me for a truck.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Back at the longhouse!

Hey Gang!

This being November, let's check up on some of the Native American
who live in Johnston!  Apollonia has move here and is hoping her sisters
will live here too!
They came to visit and she is hoping that they will decide to stay.
Naira, Apollonia and Mia
Her older sister is Mia and she has a husband and two children.  Her husband
couldn't come but she has arrived with the children.
Mia's daughter Kayla is enjoying story time with the other young children.

Mia's son GT has decided to explore and is out for a walk!
 GT: This place is great!
 There is so much to see and do!
Mia has heard a lot about this place. Mia was the attorney who worked with 
Edward Running Bear about getting this land back in Native American hands.

 Loraine: We are so happy and glad to be here!  It is all in a big part due to you!
Edward Running Bear:  I can't wait to show you around!  I am hope that you and
your family will choose to stay.  I have a ton of questions for you and I still need
your help! 

It was important to Mia to put images to the place she worked so hard to secure.
Mia: It is very beautiful here!

Apollonia's younger sister is Naira!  She and her new husband Elan have come too.
They have been married less than two months.  They met in graduate school
at North Carolina A&T.

OK, Thanks For Looking!