Monday, July 16, 2018

Video of the Month!

Hey Gang!

I saw this video and thought it was a great project!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Market In Progress!

Hey Gang!

I have purchased some Barbie play sets a long time ago and I am working on
a Supermarket for my dolls in my dolly town.  To get a better look I have spray
painted a few things and have cover other with silver contact paper and silver
tape. It still needs lots of work  to get it to look like I want it but you can get the
I have some other pieces that aren't quite dry enough to photo.  I am not sure
what color the walls will be either.
The shelve in the back here was white an pink cardboard and covered fairly easy.

The cooler in the back was pink! It took three coats to cover it.  It seems that
thinks spray paint better in the summer.  I hope to get everything done this this
To give you an idea of scale, I have Kwan to show proportion.  The wall of the
large shelve has a wrinkle.  I am not sure if I should use the tape on it and not the
contact paper.  The tape seems to stick better. I want the market to be larger than
the tri-fold board allows for.  I am working on a meat case, a hot buffet, a bakery
and a produce section.

I will probably use ideas from My Froggy Stuff to complete the store.   If you
have any suggestion on the market, please let me know!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Documenting Old Playset!

Hey Gang!

I am documenting playsets for my record on my blog. As you may know, part
of the reason for my blog is to document my doll related purchases.  I often
buy thing and open it at the register, telling the clerk I am trying to decrease my
carbon footprint. I will be leave the packaging  there as part of their  carbon footprint.
They love that. 😉 Or I put it in the trash before I even leave
the store.

Back in 2011 I purchased three Dora the explorer set. I got a really good deal
with free shipping!  They were no longer in stores, so I jumped on it! I found
another one a little later but I have bee using the items off and on in photos.
I got the cafeteria set.... 

The  art room...
And the school Room.

One of the things I love about these sets is that the backdrop can be used for dioramas.
The backdrops have pieces to helped them stand and they don't fall over.
Kenyatta in the art set!
The backdrop "feet" ! There are normally  one at each corner that are "L" shape
There are one or two in the center of the of the backdrop.
Stacie Ricky and Brianna
I know I have used these backdrops and so have many others. 
Reecie in the red chair from the classroom.

Terrence in the green chair  from the cafeteria and ...
 the art cabinet is in his office!

Another good thing is that furniture isn't pink and is well made.  Although the 
Dora doll isn't Barbie size,  the scale of the furniture is right for Barbie!

Another set that I got when I first started collecting and haven't shown is this 

World Peacekeepers Medical set with doctor!  I order this for J.C. Penny's when
they still had a catalog department.

I have show the action figure.  He is the father of one of my college girls!.
 He was at the airport! He is John.
I have used a few pieces from this set but will use them more in my hospital.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

New 2017 Fashionista Ken Dolls

Hey Gang!

I have gotten a few Fashionista Ken doll but I haven't posted many of
them.  I know you have seen them before on other blogs and Facebook but
part of the reasons for my blog is to chronicle my dolls and my doll
development. So you will see them again here.

There are a bunch of new Fashionista Ken dolls out now! The most I
have ever seen. Normally we get one new Ken and maybe one AA male
(could be Steven or just AA Ken) every four or five years.  So to get
so many Fashionista Kens with different bodies was quite a surprise.

When they first came out, I tried to order from
Barbie was not processing orders with PayPal even though there
was a checkout with PayPal button. Mattel has some serious issues!
Luckily I have great Blogger and Face book friends! They spotted
the new Kens locally and purchased them for me! Yay! There were
three that were must haves for me! They were: 8, 9, and 10!

One of my blogger friends and your...Anika of  Dollz4moi was able to
provide me with 8 and 10. And Tina, a friend from Facebook, was able
to provide me with 9.

Thanks to both of you!

 As you might have seen from my previous post,
I shrunk the head of #9 and he is now Coleman!

Now let's look my others!  Starting with# 10!
He is called Classic Cool!
Stock Photo
This guy is so cute! He looks like my nephew.
I like his pronounced lips and that aren't some strange color.
Stock Photo

He comes on the same body as Hip Hoodie.  This new body  and head has a 2016
date like Hip Hoodie. That leads me to believe that they were conceived at the
same time.  Although the head is able to pivot, the neck knob doesn't allow him
to do so.

I am hoping to for a made to move AA Ken body sometime soon.  Both Hip Hoodie
and Cool Classic has a  larger head than #17 and Texas Cheerleader. I really though
that one of these would be the new face of Steven.  I Steven gone for good? I
guess we will see.

I pierced his ears and gave him a very light mustache. 
 I have seen others alter his hair.  That might be in his future.
For now he will keep his molded and painted braids.

The name I giving him is Zion!

Next up is 8 Camo Comeback.
Stock Photo

                                                                       Stock Photo
Many refer to the Broad body as the Dad body but I don't know about that!

Warning Nude Dollie!

His body doesn't look like Happy Family Grandpa! I will compare him to other bodies
that are larger than the basic Fashionista Ken doll.  Below is the broad boy with
a GI Joe on an articulated Action Man and Disney Male. These are larger bodies.
He is wider all the way to the hips unlike the other dolls below.

View from the side!
Mattel Body Chart for your review!

The name I am giving him is Camden and he is from NJ.
I have messed around with different outfit. Older 70's doll clothes fit him.  
I have seen any broad clothes come out for the larger Ken bodies.

I have since this photo rebodied him onto a articulated body. My broad doll
outfit have gone to Luther will remain on his broad body.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, June 25, 2018

My Second Purchase From China!

Hey Gang!

Here is my other purchase from China!  It is just an AA body without a head.
I purchased both of my items from China on Wish.  They sell a lot of things.
They also have special hourly sales.  I got the body for free! I just had to pay
shipping which is about $3.

Here is the Body!

The body does have the pivotal neck of a Barbie doll! It is more like ones of
cheaper dolls like Defa Lucy. So there will be no looking up or down for
whatever head you put on the body.
 Defa Lucy and Doll from China

 Defa Lucy and Doll from China
The good thing about the neck is that you don't have the difficulties of removing
and putting new heads on that you find in other bodies. No hooks!

The skin tone on this doll is lighter than the previous doll I purchased from china.

These bodies are similar to the barbie pivotal body.  So let's take a look!
Here is my Mattel pivotal body I have put on my Renee.
Here she is in comparison to my recent purchase.
 A close but still a tad
gray match.

The body is about the same size.  The quality of the body isn't nearly as
good as a Mattel doll but it isn't too bad either!
 As the complexion goes, this body is a closer Mattel match.  A close but still a tad
gray match to Artsy doll.

So let try some different heads on this body!

 Cat Woman
Kid Connection
All in all, I am pretty happy with it!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Video Of The Month!

Hey Gang! 

I thought this was really cute and not too hard to make!  I am
creating more things for my dolls and will try this one!  When
I do, I will post it so that you can see!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Squeaky Wheels!

Hey Gang!

After complaining on line to all  of you and others  on the net
about the quality of the dolls Mattel is putting out, I took my
complaints to the source! I contact Mattel and let them know that
I had issues with the quality of their dolls. I gave them model number
and the issue.

They young lady I talked to was very nice and took down my information
and said that they would send me out a coupon to cover the cost of the
fashionista doll that I complained about!

Here it is!

  Hurry Ms. Leo, hurry!

I have had it for a while because my local stores didn't have anything
that I wanted.  I have until the end of this month to find something.
I will post what I purchased so that you can see it!

OK, Thanks For Looking!