Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Busy And Colorful Weekend.

Hey Gang!

So I had a busy and colorful weekend!  In noticing the leaves, I knew I
wanted leave to use for future  diorama posts but could find what I wanted!
I notice a post on facebook with great leaves.  I asked where she go them and
she told me she made them from silk ivy leaves she found.  She painted them!
So now I was on the hunt for ivy or other leaves that I could paint.

Let me tell you, there are a lot of huge leave out there but finding Barbie
size leaves is hard!  After searching high and low ( mostly low because
I'm cheap!) I found these at a craft store for $2.50 that were the right size
but they were orange! (Halloween decorations)  I knew I would have to
paint them to get what I wanted.  It is a little over three feet of stringed leaves.
I cut them off the string! The were maple shaped.
Which is what I think of when I think of fall in the northeast!
Some were flat but some had bends in them!  I thought the bends would work
too! It gave them interest!
I started off paint some brown!  It took two coats on both sides!

In between coats, I painted this fashionista to be my college age Ryan!  I got the 
idea for him from a post I saw on My Froggy Stuff!

 You can't have enough redheads!
This head wasn't selling so, I might as well keep it and paint it!

Dressed, he looks kinda good!
 I gave him highlights!
Ryan: Has anyone seen a cell phone lying around here?
 Not  my best paint job but not too bad for a first attempt! The paint needs to
be sealed.

OK, back to the leaves!

So I need other colors than brown and orange! Brown and oranges were not 
enough!  I needed colors like yellow, green and red!
More leaves!
I added some details to the leaves to make them seem more natural! Adding bits
of orange to my brown leaves and ...
lighter green to my dark green leaves.  As I added them then I notice my green
leaves were kinda dark!  They might not show up as much on a green grass
background or a brown dirt background!
I needed some light green leaves also!  And maybe some peach color leave for 
I added detail to them too.  I might not show up in a diorama photo but I will
know it is there!

While they dried I got this guy ready to go!
I have just sold him.  He is an extra Li Shang I got with a lot I purchased
a few years back.
I bought a newer version that has sculpted hair so he really need to find a
new home!
Li Shang:  I'm here now and I take over!
Side by side! Note the difference in complexion!
Both are Disney Store dolls!
Li Shang: OK, good bye!
Leaving the scene!

A have a few horse with those large doll like eyes! I thought if I painted them right.
they would not be so annoying!
I started that while waiting.
Horse: I can't see, I can't see!
Ms. Leo: I have to let that coat dry before you can see!
Horse with annoying eyes! and maybe mouth too....

Back to the leaves!

The finished product!
I'm happy with how they turned out.  I will store
them in layers with tissue in between so that they don't 
stick together.  That might happen is stored in a clump.

I will make more but this is enough for now!

Ryan: WOW! It is fall already!

OK, Thanks for Looking!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Video Of The Month!

Hey Gang!

I am featuring one of my favorite doll video makers, DIY doll stuff makers and
an avid recycler -- My Froggy Stuff!
They reviewed the Disney Store Moana Doll!  I thought it was a good review.
I wanted to share it with you plus post my own review of the Hasbro Moana!

Disney Store Doll
She has a smile (without teeth for those of you who have a thing about that)
and they have made her look feminine!

If you shop in Walmart, Target or Toys R Us, you might have also seen this Moana
but she is different.  This doll is made by Hasbro.  Different makers do dolls 
differently as you might have notice from Mattel versions of Disney dolls!

Hasbro Doll
This doll is shorter--not 11 inches like the Disney.
She is just about 9 inches.  More like Stacie!
There isn't the same detail in the clothing as the Disney Doll.
The costume's detail is printed on.
She does have articulated elbows and knees!
 The Hasbro doll doesn't look as feminine as the Disney Store doll!

There other Hasbro versions of this doll like in the 
Disney Store!  This set with Maui 39.99...
 and by himself for 29.99!

 He is not really play scale!
Ms. Leo: Maui, I see you in the thrift store!
There is one that comes with a boat!
At a boat load of money 30.99
I am kinda liking the boat but I don't need
 another boat around here!
They used a better looking doll pictured on the box.
This is the one that sings at 29.99!
Ms. Leo: I have some stories to tell you about 
talking/sing dolls going off in the middle of the night! 

 This one swims for 19.99

I really think this the Hasbro version of the doll makes a better boy.  So that
is what I did. To me the face looks like a young boy.  The hair is a bit long, so
it might need cutting.

Yes, there are small breast but they can get covered.  They are not the size of
Barbie breast and to me aren't a big deal.
The articulation isn't too band but the feet are big and wide for the body.
The doll does have Fred Flintstone feet! As a girl, heels are out!
 Compared to Stacie!
Moana is taller!
 Compared to Skipper!
Moano is smaller!
 Moana redress as GT!  He is my new Native American boy!
GT's real name is Adoeete! Which means Great Tree in Kiowa. 
GT: Hey Gang!

There will be more on GT in November!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Thanks Miss Lola!

Hey Gang!

I know I haven't been posting as often.  I hope to change that soon.  Lately I have
been concentrating on moving my extra dolls and doll related items on Facebook!
I use to have 4 1/2 boxes of stuff to go.  I now have 2 1/2.  That is a lot to me but
not my husband.

It is hard to sell thing where other people are selling things you want at
great prices and not do some purchasing too!  And to all my friends
"Down Under",  there are people selling great stuff from there too!
I really have to look at where the person lives to determine if I want to
pay shipping from that far.

I have been working on doll projects too.  I hope to get a few photo stories
in shortly and show some of my new acquisitions.

For right now I want to thanks "I can quit any time...musings of a collector"!
a few to rebody some of my girls! 
Everything came nicely packed and in good conditions!

These bodies are Nikk and Grace skin tone!

So thanks again Miss_Lola_77!

OK Thanks for Looking!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Just Saw the New Fashionista AA Ken!

Hey Gang!

I just saw the new fashionista Ken on Instagram! I am so excited! I really what
this guy!

I hope the hair is real and not molded!  But I will take him if it is!
The real question will be can he be rebodied and on what body!  
He seem to have the un-articulated body of the new Fashionista!

 Here are the new Fashionista Kens for 2017!  The hispanic ( has a smile)

I can't wait to see what the OOAK folks do with them!

OK, Thanks for Looking!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Two Sulu

Hey Gang!

So when I was trying to correct and error in a post I lost it all together!  I was happy to find out that the pictures were still available on my album archive!  So now I am reposting it again and adding
new details that weren't there the last time.

The Post!

I have two Lt. Sulu action figures!
One is a 1999 action figure and the other is a 2009 action figure.  Both by Playmate
Hikaru Sulu is character in the Star Trek portrayed by
George Takei in the original Star Trek series and 
John Cho in the Star Trek the reboot film series.

Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek,  did not want a nationally specific 
surname, so he looked at a map and saw the Sulu Sea
"He thought, 'Ah, the waters of that sea touch all shores'.
My First Sulu

 I had him redressed in this Bruce Lee outfit so I left 
him in it.  He likes it much better!
Second Sulu
He is in the original outfit for this picture.

 There is more detail in this uniform than the older one. There is more of a pattern
to the shirt and more detail in the pants too.
The problem with both this action figures is....
The boots don't come off!!! GRR!!!
No real feet!

I was told that Hey, it is Muff know how to remove the boots on the newer
action figure. Hey, Muff if you do, please let me know!

For now this guy will have to make do with the pants he came in.  I can find
shirts for him. He work in the lab around her.  Maybe I can take his head off
and put him on another body?  Hmm, that might be interesting!

Sulu: You can what???

OK, Thanks For Looking!