Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another New Grail!

Hey Gang!

I'm crossing them off!  I don't think I put this doll on the list that I posted before
but she was definitely on the list! I've seen Momoko dolls around.  I have always
thought that they possessed a certain charm, but I had been one of those people
who would like to see the doll in person before I purchased it.  As my taste and
collection have grown, now I think I just need to search pictures to really know
if this is a doll I want.

The are a ton of Momoko pictures out there!  She is a very photogenic doll.
I warn you, a search of her pictures could get you in trouble.  She is just too
cute.  There are several haircolors and complexions out there too.  No matter
which one you look at, she retains that shy but mischievous pixie quality.

Here is the one that I chose....Wake-Up Momoko -- the "Tanned" version.
So here is my girl! I just love the scale of the print on this dress.
I notice that she didn't have shoes.  I have always loved the shoes on Momoko dolls
and thought it might have been a mistake by the seller. I was told that the Wake-Up
Momoko are in PJ's.  So I guess this lovely dress is a PJ!

She is soo pretty!

She is a very petite! 

Under the dress she has matching Panties.

 She is shorter than the standard Barbie doll.
 KiKi agrees to these pictures for scale.  KiKi:  Hello Honey!  You must be new here!
 She is shorter than the second Teen Skipper too!  Nikki: What grade are you in?

She is a little taller than the New Teen Skipper
Momoko: I 'm not trying to be mean or anything but is you head kinda large?
Skipper: People always say that but I don't know what they mean.
 Both can bend their knees but Momoko can do it better.
 Momoko has better articulation when it comes to the movement of her arms too!

She is better able to cover her eyes.
 Skipper, you are peaking!

Both can spread their arms but Momoko does do it with ease.
 Momoko can point her feet!

Warning: Nude Dolls!

Momoko has a longer toros and more feminine body
She can also turn just below the breasts.
I am calling my Momoko Martina but everyone calls her Marti.  She is the baby sister
of Tia and Sonya.

Marti wears and looks good in all types of fashions!

 She loves playful outfits the most!
She is adventurous and athletic too!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


The grandmommy said...

I am really liking Marti! I may end up with one. Her articulation makes her even better. It looks like her head tilts a little too which makes her even sweeter.

Bambuc said...

She's cute!

Sergio said...

I will have a Momoko soon :)

Vanessa said...

Congrats on getting her! I've always loved seeing the Momoko dolls. They are just not in my budget. I'm glad I will be able to enjoy yours from afar. Thanks for the comparison. Tell Skipper to hold her big head up high. For the price difference, Momoko should be able to do all those things much better. I loved the line where Skipper says, "I don't know what that means."

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your new - your first - Momoko! Enjoy, but remember ... we usually can't have just one ;-D

limbe dolls said...

Congratulations on your new acquisition! My favorite picture was of Marti in her scanties attempting to preserve her modesty. :-)

Barbiecafe said...

I like her as she's fully articulated, I miss those day when Barbie had a "movable" hands...thanks for share!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments The grandmommy, Bambuc, Sergio, Vanessa, D7ana, limbe dolls and Barbiecafe!

The grandmommy, Yes her head tilts! She is a real stealer too! I purchase some things for her and a lot of esty seller make clothing for her. I think she is a real pocket emptier too!

Bumbuc, I just love her little face!

Sergio, I hope to see pictures when you have her!

Vanessa, Skipper doesn't have a problem with her head size. She doesn't understand why others do! Skipper, even buying two dolls to do a leg transplant with was way cheaper than Momoko but I still love this Momoko!

D7ana, Don't say that out loud! I think you are right!

limbe dolls, I think she did a good job at covering her self! Not may dolls could do that pose. The senors were somewhat accepting.

Barbiecafe, She does move well. I hope to show how well as time goes on.

Carrickters said...

A Momoko is on my wish list too. Congratulations on your purchase. Love your comparison shots and you've answered my unspoken question - I was wondering which Skipper it was that was so articulated. Which two did you combine? I've always wanted a posable Skipper (even with a 'big head').

Muff said...

Awesome post! Loved seeing all the comparisons. She has some great articulation.

Phyllis said...

I love your Momoko. I have 2 of them and they are definitely beautiful. They do indeed cost a pretty penny and could burn a hole in your pocket trying to make them happy! BTW, how did you do the leg transplant on Skipper?

Ms. Leo said...

thanks for your comments Carrickters Muff and Phyliss!

Carrickters, I posted about her here.

I'm surprised this post wasn't copied!

Muff, She has one of those faces that you can almost see her thinking!

Phyliss, I posted about her here.

I turn her legs to the direction of her head and heated the body in hot water. I slowly pulled the legs outward and they pop off and the bendable legs pop on. See here