Friday, January 25, 2019

Quick Post! Just A quick share from Facebook!

Hey Gang! 

So I did turn my first AA Team Stacie into a boy!  I chose the one with the
smaller eyes!  I put tape over the eyes and the eyebrows.  I used 100% acetone
nail polish remover to remove the eyelashes and baby-hair.  It looked pretty
good until I took off the tape but continued to mess with it.😱  I had to
repaint the eyebrows.  So don't do that!
 So here he is!

OK Thanks For Looking!

Monday, January 21, 2019

I Just Love Good Service!

Hey Gang!

I don't know if I have ever told you but I worked part time Customer Service
for seven years for a major retailer.  This retailer stressed customer serve to their
employees! Did everyone do this? I hope so but probably not.  I like to feel I
gave good customer service while there! It made me know good customer
serve when I see it and when I get it!

So you have seen my AA Stacie doll!  What you don't know is that I have started
ordering from and pick items that I want up in the store!  I do this
because #1 I know that what I want will be there when I get to the store.  Also #2
if they don't have it, I don't have to go to the store!  Do I look around while there?
Yes and I check to see if there are others of the items I want to make sure
I have the best in the store.  I did this when I purchased the Monster
High Weredith!

When I saw that the AA Stacie was available online, I went to the site
and order her for pick-up in two hours.  Plenty of time for me to walk over
(I can walk to my nearest Target) and pick her up! The site said that
there were two in the store!  So I ordered her and paid for her and was just
waiting for my ready to pick up email to come through!  A few seconds
later I got an email saying that there weren't any left!  Well that was a
bummer!  They said I could pick up from another store or I could
have it mailed to me for free!  Well...I choose mailed to me for free!
When I tried to change my order to reflex this the system wouldn't
let me do it! Double bummer!

So I went to "contact us" to get a phone number to call but saw that they had
Live Chat!  I have always had a good experience with Live Chat on other
sites so I went to Live Chat page!  If you have never done live chat, it isn't
fast like talking on the phone but I don't find that I am waiting 20 minutes
or more on hold.

I explained the situation and that I could do it on my end!  They took over!
They processed my order and had it shipped to me for free in two days and
gave me a five dollar e-gift card for my inconvenience that I could use
online or in the store! It did arrive at the
appointed time though I had my doubts! They use a USPS 4201 number
which I had not seen before.

Well that is what I call good service!  Try getting that from the Post Office!

I use my e-gift card to purchase another day in the store when they restocked!
There were several when I was there!

 As I thought, my doll's lips were over painted! I saw three different version of the face
in the store!

One with better lips!  Over painted to but in a way that I liked!  A more Stacie lip
type lip paint in a salmon color and bigger Stacie type eyes.
She also had more baby hair that any of the other dolls!

 One with a slightly wider face.  I don't know if you can tell from this picture
This one with darker lip color that the others.  I don't know if it shows in the picture.

Here is what I chose! Suprise! More baby hair! I guess it is go big to go home!
The first and my second purchase!

Now I can see why some said my doll had a strange face!  Compared the the new
one the eyes look a little crossed. As I turn her into a him, I think I will repaint the
eyes to solve the eye thing!

I plan to give the twins Robing and Lark the dresses that come with the dolls!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, January 18, 2019

My Christmas Gift!

Hey Gang!

Last year I did get a Barbie as a Christmas present!  My brother-law, who knows I
collect Barbies and who gave me the Artic Barbie back in 12-2011, gave me another
Barbie this year!  I want to show you what I got!

1996 Bloomingdales Exclusive "Calvin Klein" Barbie doll! I am told that she is
a limited addition! Calvin Klein was really hot during the 90's!  With the Marky
Mark featured ad appearing in 1992!

She is currently still in the box!  Here is the front of the box. It is a great photo!
The box might not be in the best condition but...hey.... it is a gift!
Here is the back of the box photo.  I didn't know Mattel did this kind of front/back photo!

OK, here is the doll in the window of the box!
I don't think I had ever seen this doll in person until now! This doll is older than my
blog.  I have seen piece of her outfit  for  sale on the web and thought they were really
well made!
Here is here face and I am thinking I might have her as  a nude doll somewhere in
my collection. I beleive this is the Super Star headsculpt!  I love her hat and jacket!
 She comes with a vest that can be worn over her outfit!
 She has a KC bag too!
This is a really well made jacket and skirt! It look like There are CK undies too!
Even the gray shirt under the jacket say CK!

For now, I plan to add her to my dolls that are NRFB!  Time will tell!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, January 14, 2019

My Second Team Stacie Doll!

Hey Gang!

I finally found the AA Team Stacie doll!

Mattel Promo!

If you are interested in the Team Stacie Dolls, they are available on!
Yes I couldn't wait to take pictures.  She came in the mail last night.  I am wondering
if she will be called Janet of the web!

So here she is! 

 Mattel Promo!

My Photo!

She is darker than many of the smaller AA dolls 

She is close to SIS Courtney's complexion.

She has an Afro puff top bun with painted on tendrils to give her
the "baby hair look".

So let look at her face!  She has wide set eyes!  She has light eye.  They kinda
the color seen on Chandra dolls.

My 2010 Stacie and my Stacie clone but have wide set eyes.

 AA Stacie and AA Stacie clone!

She also has fat Whitney Houston eyebrows which is different for a Mattel
doll. Now this might just be my doll, but her lips are over painted to give
her a full mouth.
You can't see it but the back of her head says 2010 like the last version of the doll!
She comes in this pink dress with pearl white sneakers and a white lab coat.

She also comes with a science set.  The set contains test tube and holder a
burner stand with flask, (They were smart enough to not provide the burner.
I can see where there would be legal issues.) and tubing, a microscope
and goggles. Just like the Barbie Science set.
Her sneakers say B for Barbie and not Stacie like the boy doll!

I guess because she comes with the science set, that makes her the smart girl! Yay! Not the one that wants to be a model, or an athlete.

Now let's look at her body!
Warning! Nude doll!

She has the same 2018 body  with flatten chest of the Team Stacie boy doll!  I
wondered if she was suppose to be a boy but they change it at the end.
We haven't had a AA male child doll since the AA Todd of 1994! I might get
another to turn into a boy!

I was hoping to use my extra Keyshia body for her but she is darker than the
darker Keyshia doll.  So I am going to have to hold on to that body a little longer.

On my doll the body is a little lighter than the arms and legs.  I found this too in
some of the SIS Kara  and Chandra dolls.

Now I don't know why but I am happy that this doll doesn't have the bent arm
but her knees don't bend either.  I can tell you that I would be really bummed
to have non-click knee and a bent arm!!!  I can live with how she is.
I am hoping the next line will have the Hispanic doll without a bent arm.

 I am calling her Nikia!
 Some say that she has a tentative smile!  I think she is one of those dolls that looks
different depending on the angle that you photograph her from.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Quick Post! Trying Out A New Couple!

Hey Gang!

Trying Out A New Couple!
I am paring my Fresh Dolls Lynette with my hybrid Clone I call Lars.

What do you think of them as a couple?

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Quick Post!

Hey Gang!

A few photos of Mateo in a few fashions.  How do you like the outfits.  I
have him meeting Raul!  They are fast friends!

Dressed for church!
Winter jacket!

Basic black top!


Mateo: Hi!
Tiago: Hi!

OK, Thanks For Looking!