Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Witch Doctor!

Hey Gang!

After purchasing Slim Fashionista #9 Plaid On Point, I felt
the head was too big for the body. So I shrunk the head to
a size I feel is more proportional to the body.

Picture from Mattel.

Comparison of my doll after his head shrinking treatment.

The neck is still the same size!  Good thing I let the head dry on the body.
I am calling him Coleman!

I purchased Hyped on Stripes and Switched his head on to an articulated body!
Picture from Mattel 
Rebodied on to a Hunter Huntsman body!

So why couldn't Mattel do this!
 Size comparison!
I am calling him Roman.
Zeke, Roman and Coleman.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Video Of The Month!

Hey Gang!

This is the video of the month!  DIY Easy Barbie Doll Clothes - How to Make Doll
Tights and Crop Top Tutorial. The last time I posted this Youtuber I didn't
allow me to do it for long!  If I find you can't see it, I will post something else.

OK, Thanks For Looking!