Saturday, February 11, 2012

SIS Marisa

I just wanted to show you a little of what I have been up to.
Yes, I have been swapping bodies! Well, that is between
preparing to do another post on Steven. So you Steven fans,
stay tuned! I purchased a SIS Marisa last week. For some
reason she wasn't sell in my local WalMart. I didn't need
another doll with this face mold but I did needed a
doll fix so I got her. Those of you who said that her skin tone
was hard to match were right but I did have a Fashion Fever
Teresa body (you know the ones with the short torso) that
matched well.

So here she is on that body. I am going to make her a character
but I'm not sure who. Maybe Etienne's little sister or
Bea's little sister. She is wearing the AA Star Doll dress. I didn't
like it on that doll but it looks cute on her.
I think it is the complexion.

Thank goodness no sidewards glancing eyes!
That is better for me. I'm not A fan of the side glancing
eyes. I have Trichelle heads I need to sell!

What happen to Marisa body? Well as new dolls go, she did
have a bad body. The legs bended and it was not one of those
hollow leg dolls. I found another doll who because of her body
wasn't getting much play time!

Jakks- Jose and The Pussycats Valerie!

She was about the same complexion as Marisa. She had
clothing and shoe limitations because of her body. I do
prefer Mattel bodies and it makes dressing dolls easier!
The belly button body will work for now!

Here she is on her new body. Gone are those sloth feet.

I'll have to find her a new outfit. Bea already has dibs on the

She is happy with her new body too!

Bye for now!


Vanessa said...

Great color match on your Marisa doll! I really like your Jakks doll. This is my first time seeing her. The makeup is beautiful.

Georgia Girl said...

I also like your Jakks doll. She is pretty. Reminds me of the Josie and the Pussycat doll.

Frannie said...

Thanks for posting what body Marissa could use to be rebodied. Just ordered her today, can't wait for her to arrive!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa , Georgia Girl and Frannie!

Vanessa, I purchased her when she first came out. I think her make is beautiful also. She kinda reminds me of Phyliss Hyman.

Georgia Girl, she is the Jose and Pussycats Valerie.

Frannie, I hope you have as much fun with her as I am. I have been thinking about restyling her hair. I might have to send her to the Chyna salon!

Hey, It's Muff said...

Marisa's make up really goes with the star doll outfit. Trichelle is the first doll I started collecting so I have a soft spot for the side eye.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love Marisa. The new body that gives very good. I also prefer articulated bodies. Keep in touch

Heather said...

Body swapping... the shockingly fun pastime! XD

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for commenting Hey, It's Muff, Marta and Heather.

Hey It's Muff, the only side glancing doll in my collection that I play with is Rees. I have repainted the eyes of my Chandra. I have a model muse Nikki and I think that is why she is still in the box but everyone does have their different likes.

I do think you are right out the Star doll dress! The purples of the dress matches her make-up.

Marta, Marisa works well on the new body. Now I have to give her a peronality!

Heather, you are right! At least for me, it is the shockingly fun pastime!