Saturday, February 25, 2012

Johnston Airport!

Johnston Airport is a very busy airport for the size of the
town. It services the military and the town. Military flights leave
out a one part and commercial flights leave out the other.

The waiting area is busy too!

Nubia has flown in to talk to KiKi and to see Dominique.
Nubia: Hi! I would like to change my departure time on
my return ticket.

Ingrid: I'll be happy to help you!

Ingrid: When would you like to return?

In the waiting area watching others is the main pass time.
Reecie to herself: Hmm. She look familiar.
Iggy has come here to do recon on the Johnston base.
I will email Eric and let him know what I have seen.

Alfred: I hope this doesn't take too long. I don't want to
miss my flight.

Iggy: You sound like you are from the Caribbean. Do you live here?

Reecie notes his accent.
Reecie: I'm from Trinidad. I will be going to school here.
Iggy: How are the schools here?
Reecie: They're really good!

Reecie: There are good jobs here too!

Ingrid: OK! I have changed everything and your fine now.
Have a great stay!
Nubia: Thank you! This is a very good airport!

Iggy to himself: Eric might have to change his mind.

Alfred: Oh good! It looks like they are finish and I'm next!

John: I hope my flight is on time. I think my interview went well!


Frannie said...

Johnston Airport is sure busy. Great Story. Love your Reecie doll!

Hey, It's Muff said...

It's like you have your own little world! You have an airport! That's so cool.

limbe dolls said...

Nubia is one of my all time favorite dolls. Her face is so beautiful and so regal. Alfred is an interesting-looking fellow. Who is he? Enjoyed the story.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain. I love this airport diorama. I find it very difficult. I will copy your idea for my future airport. I love the big photo of the plane. Your male characters I like. I did not know. Have an extensive and wonderful collection. Clothing is always wonderful and the supplements. The dialogues are real in a situation of airport ... Keep in touch.

Ms. Leo said...

Frannie, there is just something about Reecie! I love her long legs and flexibility.

Hey, It's Muff, there is a lot of traveling in Johnston! When I looked at the post, I realized I could have added more signs to the airport. They will be added for the next post of the airport but that is a while away.

limbe dolls, yeah I love her face too and you are right, she does look regal! I would like to put her on a fashion royalty body but I don't want her to be as tall as Reecie! I don't really know much about FR body sizes.

Alfred is the Czar Nicholas doll! It was time for him to get some blog and play time. His large brown eye make him seem so sympathetic.

Marta, I get my best ideas from watching others, so take whatever inspires you. I will feel honored that you thought my ideas where worth using. Yes, male clothing is challenging. I am going to have to put my sew machine to work!

Tracy India said...

Great story and diorama! I think you have the most unique collection of men, I've seen so far. Love seeing your photo stories. :)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Tracy India! It is the year of the men!

BarbieFantasy said...

I love all your different guys! Great story too; where in the world did you find "waiting room" seats?

Too cool!!!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks BarbieFantasy, but they are really office chair that I have placed together like waiting room chairs. Mattel did do a set of waiting room chairs but they you couldn't get as many uses out of them.