Saturday, July 30, 2011

Early Morning Meeting-Teenage Angst and Antics

This post is to honor Mrs Fagon, who gave me my first job at 14. I learned alot from her After making this post, I realized it was a bit long and it should have been a video. I guess I will have to work on that. Here it is anyway.

 Franklin Institute Academy of Science Museum is very busy during the summer. They have a new Dinosaur exhibit which is really bringing visitors in. To supplement their staff, the museum hired high school students from the Leads Program to work as summer interns. The best Lead Program candidates get to work one weekend a month during the school year. For most of the students, this is their first job. Midge is the assistant curator for the museum. She has also been tasked with the summer intern. The Lead Program suggests and Midge finds it helpful to start each day with the interns with the morning meeting. Let’s listen in as she starts her first morning meeting. 

Good Morning inters! Midge laughs to herself because she sounds so formal but this is her job now.

Interns: Good Morning.Midge: I would like us to introduce ourselves and tell a little about yourself like what grade you are in, what is your favorite subject in school is. You may also mention what you are thinking about being when you graduate from school. I’ll start first!

My name is Mrs. Margaret Hill but you can call me Mrs. Hall. I am the assistant curator here at the museum and I have been working here for two years. I worked at the Mount Clay Museum for eight years before coming here. I graduated from Mount Clay University with degrees art and history. I

I worked as a docent or guide while in college. I love art and it was my favorite subject in school. I wanted to be a painter but they only make money when they are dead. Everyone laughs. 

Working at the museum allows me to work in an area I love without having to starve!
They all laugh  again. Would you like to go next?

My name is Brianna Morgan and I am a freshman. I too like
art and it is my favorite subject.
I though it would be great fun to work in a museum. I’m not
sure what I want to do when I’m out of school. I am still
thinking about that.
Midge: Thanks Brianna. You might find working here gives
you a deeper appreciation for art. Ok, would you like to
go next?
Ok. My name is Joey Rizzo and I am a freshman. I like
sports, cars and anything Indiana Jones. I thought it would
be cool to work in a museum.
I would like to be a reporter when I’m done school.
Oh, my favorite subject is gym.
Midge: Thanks Joey. There aren’t any adventures here like
in the Indian Jones movies but you might find it interesting
to see the history from the movie. We see a lot of people
here. You will learn to talk to people here. That may help
you when you are a reporter. Why don't you go next?
My name is Naji Uqdah and I am a sophomore. I like
computers and photography. I am especially interested in
lighting. I play around with lighting in photos.
I also use it to decorate my room. I know that lighting is
important in museums and was interested in the whys and
hows of museum lighting. I am not sure of what I want to
do when I graduate but with will have to do with
computers and lighting.
Midge: Well Naji , you have come to the right place to learn.
I will make sure you spend some time with our lighting
specialist Brice Lee while you are here. It is your turn
Hi! My name is Jameelah Laurent and I am a sophomore
looks at Naji and smiles. (When she smiles at him, Naji feel
his heart jump.) My favorite subjects are English and
writing. I plan to work at a hotel as a tour guide (she smiles
at Midge) or as a concierge when I graduate.
Joey: What is a concierge?
Jameelah: It is a person that makes arrangements for
you at a hotel.
Joey: You mean a desk clerk?
Jameelah: A desk clerk checks you in or out and can help
with thing at the hotel. A concierge makes arrangements
for you outside of the hotel. They book theater ticket and
tours, and restaurants too.
Midge notes a confidence to this young lady.
Joey: You know a lot about hotels?
Jameelah: My family owns a hotel.
Joey: sounding a little incredulous “Then why are you
working here?”
Naji elbows Joey. Ouch!
Jameelah: I want to have well rounded experiences. I will
work for my family during break or next year.
Midge notes she grace under pressure….good to know.
Midge: Ok, and now for you.
Megan: My name is Megan and I am a junior. My favorite
subject is world history and when I graduate I want
to have a job where I travel the world.
I thought it would be nice to learn about places
working at the museum.
Midge: Well, Megan you will learn about places here. We
have exhibits from all over the world.

Interns! You will get a chance to work in most of the
positions throughout the museum while you are here.
I will now give you your assignments for this week.
OK interns, few quick notes for all you, we start on time
at the museum. If you are going to be late call the main
desk and ask for me. You have an hour for lunch. You
can bring your lunch or eat in the commissary.
We are not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts here at the
museum. Joey, you may not have known that, so it is
alright for today.

Megan your shoes need to be black…totally. No
other colors along with the black.

Brianna you skirt is OK, but ladies no short skirts and no
short shorts on any intern. Please remember to wear your
Kaki bottoms and white shirt with sleeves from now on.
It is important here at the Franklin Institute Academy
of Science Museum to follow the dress code. We have a
very busy day today. We have a group of children coming
from the Seeds of Learning day camp this morning.

Joey says to himself: Wow, I never had a dress code
before, I don’t know how I feel about that.

Brianna: How many kids are coming?

Midge: Twenty to twenty-five. Joey, you’ll be in the gift shop.

Joey : Wow 20-25 kids! Joey says to himself…And I’ve
got the gift shop today. Kids never know what they
want in the gift shop. Bummer!

Megan says to herself, I didn’t think these shoes were that
bad. I can’t imagine that I would need different shoes for
work than I did for school. Who does that?

Midge: Brianna, you will be at the helpdesk.

Brianna: I wonder if I will see Aya?
Jameelah: She is working at Seeds of Learning this
summer. She applied at Leads when I did. They
have three interns.

Midge: Naji, you’ll be in audio/visual.
Joey: Can I go to audio/visual too?
Midge: No, you have your assignment.

Megan: You’ll be in the commissary. That will be your job.
Jameelah, you’ll be with me.

Naji is happy that he and Joey aren’t together.

Naji can tell he is trouble and complainer.

Midge: Alright, Let’s start the day!

Stay tuned for The Museum Trip

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, July 25, 2011

High School Musical Zeke


If you read my post on Mattel Black Male Dolls, you
would know that one doll missing for my collection of
Black male dolls and on my wish list was High School
Musical 3 Prom Date Zeke. As a fugal doll purchaser, the
Zeke doll never really went down in price in retail stores.
That may be because he only showed up as part of a set.

Sales version of the doll set

Still the set never went down in price. I don't think that
many were produced either. It was one of the first times
that I saw a young blond female Caucasian doll (Sharpay)
paired with a young black male doll (Zeke) in a toy series.
(I may be wrong, so let me know). It was the first and only
set that contained Zeke. I found him on EBay recently
for a great price. The clothing was in bad condition but
the doll was not.

A little about HSM AA male dolls
One of the great things about the High School Musical series
is that the series produced two AA characters and three AA dolls.

Chad #1Side Note--This shirt was too short even for a smaller doll.
I use it for the girl dolls.

This is the first version of Chad Mattel uses the
Jamal/Steven head mold for this doll. The gave him rooted
two tone curly hair and the complexion was lighter many
of the Jamal/Steven dolls.

Chad #2The second version of the chad doll received it own face.
I am not sure it looked much like the actor either but very
few celebrity dolls do. The hair didn't have as much of the
two toned look but hair color does differ from doll to doll.

Now that chad had a new look Mattel was free to use the
Steven/Jamal head again for another doll in the the series.


For the Zeke character who appeared in all three movies they
gave the Jamal Steven doll a darker complexion than Chad
in keeping with the character of Zeke in the movies
and he was darker than the Zeke from the promotion shots.

This version of the doll looks lighter and more neutral than
the actual sales doll. the one thing that can be said is these
three dolls, Chad 1, Chad 2 and Zeke were the first time that
Mattel did a doll this size (Kevin size) in an African American
doll. Poor AA teen Skipper. Both AA Teen Skipper
(Prom teen and Pizza Party AA dolls) and AA teen Nikki
never had a male counterpart. There were some promo
pictures of an AA doll (on the box of school desks) but he
never made it to production. They are the only AA Todd
size dolls. The HSM dolls also gave us more Kevin size