Thursday, January 28, 2016

Looking Forward To The New Shaped Babies!

Hey Gang!
Mattel is doing something new!  They are releasing dolls with different body types!
I know right!  How much of this has come from what they have seen us bloggers do
with our dolls?  A lot I think! We have all seen people rebody different heads on
the Rosie O'Donnell body!
This is my Marie that I re-bodied

They are adding a tall, petite and a curvy(which means full figure) dolls to
the line in different complexion (WOO HOO!) With seven skintones!

I don't think they are doing brand new bodies but using body styles from
dolls that they have done in the pass but how know they just might!

Here are the ones at the top of my list! That's right, I'm looking for the big girls!
It is about time for an AA full figured Barbie!
The curvy "emoji fun" Barbie doll AA
I might get this one even with the bent arm.
The curvy "so sporty" Barbie doll

Now this girl looks like a few women I've worked with!
I got to have her!
The curvy "spring into style" Barbie doll

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Temporary Mouse said...

I'm with you! I can hardly wait for the curvy girl. She just looks healthy to me, like Amy Schumer. Once she is mine, she'll get more flattering clothing.

Vanessa said...

I saw this story today. I must say it was a pleasant surprise. I wonder how much of this had to do with the Lammily doll release last year. You know how much Mattel hates competition. There were quite a few that I saw that I plan to add. Curvy spring into style is at the top of my list.

The grandmommy said...

Luv em! Now for a little articulation on them!

april_n_paris said...

Well..... I can see this being popular with adult collectors and the mothers of some little girls. But it will be very interested to see, in a year's time, which dolls prove to be the best sellers. At the end of the day, little girls will have the last say. Princesses or real women?!

Phyllis said...

Aren't these dolls awesome? The only thing that would make me happier is given them some articulation! I really like the ones that come with additional outfits. I did order a couple of the ones that were available for pre-order. I also love that they even have such new looks too. I think Mattel is finally paying attention to us, so I think we need to keep after them to stop using glue in the heads!

Brini said...

I love the curvy doll and hope to add her too. "Antoinette" will be a great addition, just wish they were articulated. See, you have been ahead of the game all this time!

Georgia Girl said...

I was very excited to hear this news. I am looking forward to it. This will add more flavor to our characters.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Temporary Mouse, Vanessa, The grandmommy, April, Phyllis, Brini and Georgia Girl!

T-Mouse, Yeah I hope to add some nice clothes too!

Vanessa, You might be right! I do think that they might use the bodies that they have used in the past! I think that they might use Model Muse for the tall, the new Skipper for the petite, and the Rosie O for the curvy. I think there will be some change in the arms and hands thou.

The grandmommy, I can't wait to see how people customize them too!

April, women and girls often have such a poor self image that I hope they make a difference! I have seen mothers try telling their dark daughter that the dark doll is pretty to only see them beg for the blonde!

Phyllis, I hope they are paying attention to us! If they are we might get articulation.

Brini, what doll is "Antoinette" ? I didn't see her!

Georgia Girl, I hope to see them in the stores soon!

Carrickters said...

They must have released this story everywhere at the same time as it hit all our news programs a couple of days ago too. I'm really looking forward to seeing them in our shops - I just wish they were articulated as well. Oh well, I can only dream.

mangusta said...

I LOVE those big girls!!!

Janainah Frye said...

I like the new dolls, but I am so spoiled now with articulation, I will have to pass. Except maybe the red head. I can re-body her.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Carrickters, mangusta and Janainah!

Carrickters, I think the story was released at the same time and they set up for pre-orders at the same time.

mangusta, me too!

Janainah, I think everyone hoped for articulation.

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

I think we have the same wishlist. :) The lack of articulation is making me a bit sad though, so I'm thinking of holding out and see if they announce articulated versions later. These won't be available where I live for months anyway, so I've got plenty of time.

Theodore Luderman said...

If you watch the video on youtube it's kind of sad the girls said this look like me in this one looks like my mommy in both dolls are different the Mets won their world is for all different in one way or the other

F Ricardo said...

Can you show me how you remove rosie head I'm to scared to snap something lol...can't wait till curve are out in Australia!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Anderson's All-Purpose, Theodore Luderman and F Ricardo!

Anderson's All-Purpose, I hope it happens but Mattel doesn't seem to want to do a lot of articulated dolls.

Theodore Luderman, I will wait to see how well the public receives the line. To see if small girls really like them.

F Ricardo, Like with removing the head from any doll, it is best the heat the neck and the neck hole with a blow dryer. It makes it easier to remove the head.