Sunday, February 26, 2012

Imitating Ads!

I thought I would have some fun by having my dolls imitate
advertisements that I liked. I am not the best at taking photos
or doing dios, I thought is would be nice to see what others
might do. This is a tag... your it post! So feel free to have
your dolls imitate your favorite ads too. Please
notify me and add a link to your post! :)

So here is my ad! I cut it out (Dr.'s waiting room mag,
sorry doc!) and scanned it. Please excused the quality
of the shot. I love her red hair! she looks kinda Diana
Ross. The sunglasses the jewelry and the accessories
round out her glamour. The daylight of the outdoor shot
makes the whole thing work for me!

Here is my dolly version of that shot!

I know you guys can do a better job than I did, so let's see it!


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Great job. You and Reece nailed this ad!


Vanessa said...

Phenomenal job! She looks wonderful.

Chynadoll said...

She looks fantastic! Great job. Looks like fun! I will post my fav add and let you know :)

Georgia Girl said...

Amazing! You did a great job in recreating. I did something similar on my blog, but it was for a dio. Please check it out I miss seeing you there. I think what may have happened is that when I changed my blog's name, I lost you. Lol!

P. S. I will look for an ad that I like and try to recreate.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks dbg of BDE ,Vanessa, Chynadoll and Georgia Girl.

dbg of BDE and Vanessa, I tried but I have see others do really well. I could have made the pants myself and made the more like the picture. I'm still a little lazy! :) Thanks for your good words! I hope you two try it!

Chynadoll, I am looking forward to seeing your post!

Georgia Girl, I thought You stopped posting for a while. You haven't shown up under my follows with anything new. I am going to check!

limbe dolls said...

What a fun inspiration for doll photos! I think I like the doll version better than the original!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I congratulate you on the idea that creative. I was the barbie as the model of the ad. I really like the pants, do did you? Until you put the golden bracelet. Awesome. You are very creative. Keep in touch.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks limbe dolls and Marta!

limbe dolls, thank you for thinking my version was better! I love both my versions of the Rees doll.

Marta, I embelished the pants but I didn't make them. I love those bracelets. I never miss the chance to use them on a doll. Thank you for thinking that I'm creative. I will stay in touch!

Hey, It's Muff said...

I know I caught this too late and you are already on hiatus, but this ad redo is the bomb! People still say that? No? They should, because it fits here. You worked it out. I don't read fashion mags, but I'll have to try this some day.

Brini said...

That's cool. Let me try and work on one.

BarbieFantasy said...

Awesome idea! You did a great job and I can't wait to do one too. Thanks!

Ms. Leo said...

BarbieFantasy welcome to my blog and thank you! Please post a link to your site when you do it.