Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Quick Post!

I was posting on Hey, It's Muff's blog with her and Brini
about all the Barbie pink being a bit too much. I had to take
the seam ripper to this dress! I don't know who thought that
all it needed was pink lame'! To me it looks much better as
a top without it!

Bea--- Rockin' the graphic tee!


Vanessa said...

I don't really remember what this dress looks like since I don't have it, but it looks really good the way you have it now.

Ms. Leo said...

Hey Vanessa, It's the dress on the mani in the Dollies Series post Office Tour. ( I liked the boots that came with the dress more than the dress. Thanks! I do think Bea is wearing it well!

Frannie said...

It does look much better as a top then a dress. Thanks for posting it.

Dollz4Moi said...

I have done this with many a Barbie item. I've turned dresses into shirts and skirts. The pink overload is ridiculous these days. I do like the boots the doll came with but I haven't bought her yet.

Hey, It's Muff said...

I agree with Frannie, that is so much better as a top. Quite a few of the fashions look better when you remove the bottom.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Frannie, Dollz4Moi, and Hey, It's Muff!

Frannie, I does look like someone was trying to save money by making it a dress.

Dollz4Mio, I know pink is Barbie's signature but please! I purchase to doll as a replacement body. I picked it because of the boots but I need to use all the item to make it worth it.

Hey,It's Muff, I going to have to look over more items to apply this and try to make them work too!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I have the same dress. I'll try to do the same as you. I'm tired of pink. Your face is lovely barbie, 1997. I love the hair color. Fits very well the new body. The dress is very elegant. I like the necklace did you did you? We remain in contact blog blog

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Marta! Let me know how your transforming the dress works out. As for Loralie, Thank you too! The dress was very simple to make! I have had the necklace for a long time. It is a silkstone item. I'll stay in touch!