Saturday, November 27, 2010

Answering My Own Post!

Trying To Get A Feel For Stats!

So we are coming into the end of the year and I am trying
to complete things thus far. I am answering the questions
that I asked of my fellow bloggers back on
Friday, October 22, 2010 in my post:
Trying To Get A Feel For Stats. . If I asked you to take
the time to answer, it is only fair that I do the same.

1. Have you notice that blogspot has added your stats
to the Dashboard?

I did not see the stat option until a week before I did this post.
I don’t remember getting an email about this option… it was a
pleasant surprise!

2. Have you checked your stats lately?

I try to check every time I log in! I post any comment that
I see and I check stats. I don’t always answer comments that
come in as I post them but I do post and check stats.

3. What do you think when you do check them?

It makes me happy that people are looking! I see some times
that people have gone back and looked at old posts. I guess
these are people new to my blog.

4. What post got the highest stats?

Head Swap Head of the Week, GI Jane, October In Paris-
Ascension, Founding Members of W.O.A.A.A., and Better
Late than Never. I don’t post my highest post on my blog
because I don’t want to influence the reader.

5. Are your post influenced by stats?

No. Some dolls I play with more than others. They get
photos taken more often…so they are posted more. I will
try to be fairer to the dolls and post as many as I can. When
I looked at my highest stat post, most of them were influenced
by other bloggers and not by stats!

6. What other board that you go on let you check your stats?

I do look at how many views I have on flickr.

7.Do you wish that Flickr would let you check you stats
for free?

Yes I wish flickr stats were free! Also that I could put more
pictures up with out a upgraded account. I’m not making
money off of this so I need as much free things as possible.

8. What other information from you stats would you like?

Like Niel, I would like to know how long they stay at the sight
and how many times some has come back to my blog and if they
are viewing this post more than once. Some dolls that I purchased
I saw on someone else’s blog first. I might have looked at it a few

9. What is more important stats or comments?

Like most of you, I think they both are important. They do say
that people respond to what they feel is important, but many
people are not use to responding. I do notice that many viewers
come from other countries. That may be the reason that they
don’t respond.
10. Do you want to keep the stats tab or would
you like something else there?

I like the stat tap but I wouldn’t mind seeing what else
we could have too!

Thanks to all of you who responded!

Ms. Leo

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dr. Yue-Sai Wa Wa

Asian Beauty!

Dr. Yue Sai Wa Wa

The other day Niel's Doll Room featured this doll. He
found her in a thrift store! Lucky guy!
She is one of my favorite Asian dolls. That she doesn't
have the usually Barbie face, is one reason why. The
second is has long hair. I haven't done a re-root on
a doll so have long hair gives me more styling
options on a doll even if I only cut it later. Third is
that she has a pleasant face. Serene! I am not sure I like all
the super skinny, sideways looking, pout mouth fashion
dolls that I have seen lately. They don't look happy.....
just pissed! They remind me of all the skinny
models in magazines. They look like they need some
fried chicken, with yams and baked macaroni with cheese
to put a real smile on their faces! I'm smiling just
thinking about it! :)

My doll is different from the one D7ana has on her blog
too. She is dressed in gold. D7ana has hers still in the
box! Wow! I have to have two dolls to keep
a doll in the box. It is too tempting to have a doll that
I can't touch!
Except for the shoes, these are the items she came with...
I think. It hard to remember once you remove a doll
from the box.
This guy is her patient. Or... I think he is a guy.
There is a herbal medicine chest too!
Under her doctors' jacket is this really lovely outfit!
It is really pretty in person. Asian brocade material-two piece
green print top and matching pants with little red bows at
the ankle.
I will be take a Holiday break...
so see you sometime next week!


This is my 100th post.
I can't believe I made it!

When I started my blog, I had looked at a few
other blogs...not many but a few. I wanted to
do one. To put my dolls, my ideas and I
guess myself out there!

What it has been like for me:

First, I don't have mad computer skills or photo
skills. I probably have taken more pictures this
year than I've taken in my whole life and I'm no
spring chicken!

You can't keep and shouldn't keep all your pictures
on your computer. I have some on a flash drive
and some on flickr. I don't know if those are the
best ways to store your
pictures but it beats having them all on you
computer and slowing it down.

Oh Yeah! I need a new computer!! Badly!!!
I will graduate in December and I don't know
how I did it on this old thing! I'm not saying
that too loud. I still have to work on this thing
a while longer. I hope to get a new job with
more money and new, not new to me, but a new
computer! I want to know what it is like
to have memory! And a flat screen monitor!
Then a new camera and a new car!.... On and
on and on!

Now I've been say to myself that if I had a better
camera that I would take better pictures. If after
getting it, my pictures still suck...well I guess we'll
know! I will come to you, my Internet friends for
advice when I am ready to purchase!

It is not easy to do 100 post. That was my goal
when I started. A little more that one post every
3 or 4 days right? Yeah! Some weeks in my life
were too crazy! Some post took
more work than others (ie, WOAAA Halloween
Party). I have great respect for those who do
photo stories regularly! It is alot of work!!
Researching info on dolls, retaking pictures that
didn't turn out well...oh and let us not for get...
finding stuff!

Did I mention that I'm not a great speller
or proof reader? I have my papers proofed but
who will proof your blog? I know you noticed...
so thanks for not pointing it out. :)
I am working on that!

What were my other goals for my blog?

Do a poll. Done
Add Flickr. Done
Do Dioramas Done

Do a photo story. Done
Get a following. Done and thanks!
Take better photos--Still working on it!

Organize my doll stuff--Still working on it!
Learn more about dolls--Still working on it!

What has changed?

I like doll to pose more than I did when I started!
I am interested in different doll too.
I know now that I need a place to display and
photograph dolls.
I would like to go to a convention.
I would like to start a fashion doll club in the
Phila or PA area.

What I've learned:
1. I now know that fly-away doll hair takes away from a photo! I don't do that as much as I did in the beginning.

2. A room that has really good light in the summer may not have good light in the fall and winter.

3. Daylight is the best light.

4. Work is not the best place to post from. Especially if you have to rush to do it and you want to keep your job. (Coworkers always want to know what you are doing!)

5. It is better to start typing in Word and then cut
and paste!

6. It takes as long to take a bad picture as to
take a good one!

7. It is easier to add the pictures first and the text

8. That dark shadow over the picture is me!
Learn to stayout of the doll's light!

9. Cropping hides a world of sins.

10. Plan your shot. Get everything you think
you'll need, plug in the iron, take your time...
don't rush!

What has not changed?

I love the ladies but I really luv the fellas! You can't

have enough male and AA male dolls!
Hopes for next year?

To photo more dolls! I have only taken photos of
maybe a 10th of my dolls. I need to do better.
More photo stories and dioramas.
More stuff made by me! I am creative.

Open an Esty store.
More swaps! Not just heads but legs and arms too!
Still have yet to get any Monetize money! What

about you?
Learn to re-root and flock doll hair.
Customize furniture and dolls! I have done much
painting of things... so that is on the list!
Change the look of my blog.

I want to give a special thanks to the circle of
bloggers who I read and who read my posts.
You nourishes me!
I want to thank all those who look or read but don't
comment. It is OK! ...but I would like to hear from
you! To all of you who have been thinking about
starting a blog.... I say... Just Do IT!

Thanks Again, Luv You!
Ms. Leo

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Diorama Alert!

Inexpensive Diorama Items!

I found these items locally but they may be for sale in
your area too!

Renee: This cherry end table will go well with my toile chairs!
Sales clerk to manager: This gentleman would like to know
if this is available in a smaller size?
I am trying to keep my dolly spending low without making
dolls pay the price of the economy!

These Home Depot aprons are gift card holders. They are
just the right size for 1/6 play. I talked a sales clerk into
just giving me the aprons without the gift cards.
My dolls didn't know that these were free!

This table is from the dollar store. The Dollar Tree
to be more accurate. It is a dollhouse dining room

As you can see, it is too small for a dining room table
for Barbie but it makes a great end table.

These shelve painted or left as they are, makes a
great bookshelf. Add feet to it for height!

You got to love a decorated Christmas tree!
This gold balls and gold pot make it especial!

I believe that there are more diorama items to
be found this time of year than any other time!

So Keep An Eye Out!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Janay Doing Her best Beyonce'!

Just a quit piture of Janay!

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Latest Thrift Store Find!

I'm still trying to stay within the budget! So I am
staying away for TRU until the new Basic guys come
out. There are only a few places I can go for my toy
fix! When a place is your favorite, it is for a good reason!
I had stopped by my favorite thrift store. I was just going to
run in and run out. I'm not going to make myself
find something. I didn't see anything there.
I was leaving out and pasted by the intake area of the shop.
The shop workers were going through new donations.
I spotted this in the items they were unpacking. I called over
to them is it for sale. They said it hasn't been priced but if
you want it, I'll get a price for you. I told them I wanted
it. A few minutes later the staff person came back and
said it would be $3.00. I almost ripped my pocket off
trying to get the money out!
Here what I found!

The Barbie Train!
The Barbie Travel Train Vehicle Playset w Sounds, Electronic
Moving Window Scenery & More (2001) to be precise.

It is not in bad shape. A few pieces are missing.
No cart, microwave and only one of the beds
but it will work for what I want it for. From time to
time pieces do show up on eBay.

It does need some cleaning but you can't beat the price!

I had seen one in another thrift store and the wanted $20.00.
Some times my doll have to travel! They needed something
like this.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Best Body!


So, I've been playing around with a body for Julia. I love
her face but, after changing a few dolls to the Artsy body,
I wanted a change from the Twist-N-Turn (TNT) body
she was on.

Be Advised!
I will be posting nude dolly photos!

By the way, this is a repo Julia head on an
original Julia body. Original Julia head can develop green
ear and green spot. So you can't do earring or some
clothing. There isn't that problem with the repo heads.

The first body I put her on was a Model Muse (MM)
Barbie Basics # 10. The complexion match was
good! I was not sure it the head looked too big though.
But the problem I have with the model muse bodies
is posing. They really can't do a lot of posing. It is not
the best body for Photo stories where you need some
pose options.

The next body I put the head on was the SIS Grace.
The complexion was pretty good. Better than the MM but .

You also had pose possibility with the arms and
legs. More that with the TNT body and way more than
with MM body. I did a couple of photo sessions with her
on it and I liked the possibilities.

Today I put her on the Pop Life (PL) Christie Body. I a
am not sure if this is the same body used for the Jazz
Baby doll. If anyone one know please tell me.
It too was a good match of complexion. I really like the
famine hands of the body. The Artsy and the SIS
doll hands are not as nice and the Pop Life body. The
articulated wrists a and upper chest make it really nice for
posing. But she does seem a bit skinny! Maybe too
skinny for a doll who is supposed to be middle aged. And
my doll is middle aged! The body is taller too.

For me, the best solution would be the arms of the Pop
Life doll with the body of the SIS doll. But I don't know
how to do that.

There you are!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Year!

Ms. Leo's First Year

It has been one year that I've been blogging!
I learn many things, and made some mistakes too!
I will share it all with you at a
later post! I am enjoying the moment now!
Woo hooo!.... Skip..... Jump........ Dance!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WOAAA Halloween Party Part Three- Harry's Costume Shop


Harry's Halloween shop has be busy since the
announcement of the WOAAA Party. He has
had to call around to bring in
more costumes.

He thinks he should work with this group to bring
in more business.

Dominique is thefirst to arrive.
She spots a pretty ball gown.
Harry knows more women want to be princesses more
than any thing else so he keeps a supply of princess gowns.

Renee and Etienne arrive.
Renee and Etienne: Hello!

Dominique: You didn't tell me he was coming?

Renee: I thought it would be good to get a man's
opinion. Besides he wanted to pick out his own
costume. Pick out a few things and let's see them on you!

Etienne: Sis, I'm hurt!
He says to his sister-in-law.
Hey, what's up buddy? He says to the skull.

Renee: Aren't you going to pick out something
for yourself?

Etienne: I see what I want! I'll be HC Hammer!
Renee: You?

Etienne: Can't touch this! Da dumb, Da dumb
Can't touch this!

I need.... Oh lord!

Renee says to her sister: This is the cross I have to
bare everyday!

Dominique: You did have I choice, you said I Do!
Renee: So I am to pay for that mistake the rest of
my life?
Etienne: I heard that!
Da dumb, Can't touch this!

Dominique:Yup! That is what marriage is!

Dominique: OK! I could be Julie Andrews
from The Sound Of Music!
I love that movie!

Etienne: Isn't that producer-director guy going to
be there? The only thing you'll attract in that is a goat!

Dominique: "E", That is not nice! What about you
Renee, what do you think?
Renee: Naah Naaah!
They all laugh!

Dominique :I could be a chief!

Etienne:Now that would be a trick! How is
that you two are the only Creole women who can't
cook Creole! If I want good Creole food I
have to cook it!
The sisters exchange a look.
Renee says engorging him,
Renee: Dee, Where is the hat?
Dominique: Messes up my hair!
Etienne: What about a naughty chief?

KiKi: Hey Dee, that looks good on you!

Dominique: You know my sister Renee and her husband
KiKi: Hi!
Renee and Etienne: We are looking forward
to the party! Thanks for inviting us!
Kiki: I look forward to seeing you all there!

KiKi: You must be Harry!
Harry: And you must be KiKi. It is good to meet you!

Tai: Hi E, Hi Renee!
Renee and Etienne: Hi Tai!
Dominique : That is a great costume! The lines on it are to
die for! Is there another?

Etienne: Dominique, this is Tai, she is
Matt's wife. She is really
a fight attendant!
Dominique: Sorry! That is a fantastic uniform.
Tai: A new young designer did it by the name of Francie!

Renee: You didn't tell me Matt was coming?
Etienne: He's my partner in crime!
Renee: Exactly!

Dominique :This one feels good on!

Renee: that is the old you! How about something more
Etienne: What about a naughty nurse?

Renee: Does everything have to be naughty?
Etienne: Pretty much!
Dominique : What about this?

That's It!

The End!