Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ikea Huset Furniture Set!

Hey Gang!

I know many of you have seen the set on other blogs but for those of
you who have not see it before, I am showing it here!  I found it in the
Ikea store in Plymouth Meeting. I am not sure if all the store in my
area have it.  I hope they do.

So here is what you get!  Here is the box.

 The box gives you a picture of what is inside.
You get a covered sofa!
Mine could use a press.
 It has a band to keep it in place.
Sadly it is pink under the cover too.  It would have been nice if it were
another color.
 A green table.
 A white shelf unit.
Black and white rug.
 Yellow chair.
What is an extra added bonus to the furniture is the cutouts on the box.
Hey Mattel, what do you think about that.  Not that Mattel hasn't done
that too but they could do it more often.  They even sell a real version
of this clock looking item in the store.
 Lamp and mirror.
 Windows and picture frames
 A few more pictures of cutouts. 
These cutouts would really work on their own but getting them with
the furniture is nice.
 Awwh, it is a parrot.  You get a pet too.
The mirror
If you like it, I purchase one to sell on the dollpage too!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I.D. Please! Unknown AA Male!

Hey Gang!

I found this guy on eBay for cheap.  I didn't know who he was but I liked his face,
so I purchased him.  I thought he might be interesting from his auction
 picture. Please let me know if you know who he is.  The seller suggested
he was from Avon.

Here is the post picture! I thought he was the Olmec doll Menelik at first glance. On
closer inspection of the photo I could see he was not. He looked like he had a
pivotal neck!  You normally don't see that on a cheap doll.  Now a was more

Olmec's Menelik

He came in the mail today!  "You never know what to expect" is what I was thinking
as I open the box. I was pleasantly surprised!

He was as handsome has he appeared in the auction shot.
He kinda reminds me of a chocolate New Kids On The Block doll!  The body is
kinda of the same too but not the same.

His tux looks pretty nice too.  I think you need a better look and he is willing to
help with that. His bow tie and cumberbun  are very nice even if they are attached to the shirt.
 Close up!
He has a great smile!  One of the qualities I look for in a man.
 As the picture indicated....
 he does have a pivotal neck!
 His body isn't articulated but many of the male dolls here aren't yet either.
 When you take off his jacket, you notice his shirt doesn't have sleeves...
and it doesn't have a back either.  It is a halter shirt! LOL!  I have seen
worse in doll clothing.

His pants have a stripe down the side.

 His body construction isn't bad. His arms raise and...

 go out to the side.
His shoes seem narrow like the older 60's Ken doll

 He has heavy nylon socks.
 His feet aren't as narrow as Menelik but they look similar. 

 Warning Nude Doll!

Nude front and back.  He doesn't have any body markings.  I was hoping to
know who made him from that.  His body seems better that the Olmec dolls   
I am hoping it is sturdier.

More close ups!

I have him dress a little more casual.  I haven't given him a name or bio yet.
I think he is happy to be in his new outfit and I  think he looks
 good in this too!

Thanks For Looking!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Five Lovely Ladies In New Dresses!

Hey Gang!

I purchase some dresses on the web and wanted to show them to you.. 
Yes, I probable could have made them but they were cheap and I needed 
a doll fix so I got them!  Now with her coloring, KiK could have showed 
all of them but that is not her way.  She thought that everyone, especially 
Ms. D should wear one. So on with the show!

First, Ms. KiKi
KiKi: This is a cute little number that I will definitely carry in Laurent's 
Heritage. You can wear it in the summer at the beach or out to dinner.  
In the spring, fall and winter it can be layered with a
sweater, jacket or pants! ....

 and gold shoes makes a statement!
Shelly: OK, Green in green....get it! Well, any way I'm wearing the green dress.
It works well with my coloring.
 Shelly I agree with KiKi.  It works well layered.
Hey gang, since this is the first time you really hear Lola speak, you really hear
to Brazilian accent. Insert you imagination here!

Lola: The playful colors and bold print of the dress reflect my fashion sense.
 My husband will love me in this dress!
Liz: Well hello there!  I'm Liz!
Ms. Leo:  I haven't posted Liz since the real Liz died!  I think that was one
of my better dios and photos.  I have re-bodied her! She will take up her role
as the area drama queen!
Liz: I'm not a drama queen!  I just know what I want and expect to get it.
Anyway this dresses colors bring out the purple in my eyes!
The deep color against my pale skin really work well!
 and oh yes, I can now pose!
Ms. D: Of course I am the finale!  Wait... was that three photos she got

Ms. Leo: Well, is her coming out!

Ms. D: Hmmph!  I'm wearing the pink and brown.  This is one of my favorite
color combos!
 This dress is great for a wedding or social function!

OK! Group Photo!

Ms. D: Shelly honey, if you just drop your chin a little, you will photograph much 

Shelly: Oh yes, you are soo right!

Liz:: If you know soo much then why don't you know that your hair is sticking up!

Ms. D straightens her hair and says...
Ms. D: I know I'm the main character in this blog and I can make sure you face
isn't on it!
Liz: Really!
Ms. D:  No one wants to see your big head anyway!
Shelly: Yeah! Tell her D!
Liz:: Get your hand out of my face..or ...
Ms. D: Or what? You'll have black and blue to go with those purple eyes!
KiKi: Oh my!
Lola is forever the peacemaker!
Lola: Can't we all just get along!
I think we will cut away now!  I think this is getting pretty ugly!  

OK, Thanks For Looking!