Friday, May 6, 2011

Let's Pull The Ripcord!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting as often as I usually do.
I’ve had some problems with my blog when I changed
the format. As I look over old post I can see how the new
formatting changed things around. I don’t know what I will
do about that. Anyone have any suggestions???
Also, I have just started a part-time job and am still figuring
out my schedule. As I pay off some things I hope to have
money for dolls! Yeah! For now I am paying off bills. Boo!
So, to keep from spending money on dolls I have been

working with some of the dolls and action figures I already
have, doing some sewing and getting creative.
A few years ago I purchased this guy. GI Joe Ripcord from
the movie GI Joe Rise of the Cobra (2009) along with Heavy
Duty. I featured Heavy Duty in a previous post. Ripcord in
he movie is portrayed by Marlon Wayans. He is one of the
famous Wayans, a family of comedian/actors. I liked his face.
I thought the figurer looked a little like Will Smith.

The problem I had with the action figure was, like many
of the new GI Joe figures, the clothing is painted on. My
biggest pet peeve with action figures is painted on gloves,
shoes or clothing. I purchased him anyway because he was
an ethnic male and I hoped to be able to do something with
him later. So, it is later! GI Joe unlike peacekeepers, Barbie
and other action figure companies, didn’t do a lot of different
complexion ranges in their dolls. Most (not all) Joes are the
same complexions. Ripcord was on the lighter side, a medium
brown. Fortunately, I had a 21st Century action figure that I
bought for the clothing. I was planning to sell him when I realized
that his body would work out nicely for him. This 21st century
action figure had a very dark complexion for a Caucasian toy.
Yes, you guessed it, I did a head swap!

Here is Ripcord on the new body while the old body holds
the head of the previous owner's head.

He is Matt Holmes,
Etienne's partner in crime and friend. Entienne likes to
picks on him because he is shorter!

Matt: Yo, man what's up!

Matt: Yo, man put me down! E! Put me down!

Etienne: I want you to meet Ivy over here. Poison Ivy!
Matt: Just because your my boss don't mean I won't kick
your but!
Etienne: You'll need a ladder to kick my but!
Matt: "E", don't make me have to tell your wife some thangs!

Matt and Tia
Matt is also Tia’s husband. I had to rebody Tia so that
she is a good size for Matt.
Let’s give Matt a warm welcome to the post!


limbe dolls said...

Dear Ms. Leo,

Glad to see you back in the swing of things. And I'm glad Matt (Ripcord) got a happy ending.

Vanessa said...

I love Matt Holmes. What a cutie! I love seeing all the unique faces. Good looking out on his new bod! I like Etienne too, but he looks awfully mean.

D7ana said...

Congrats on finding a replacement body quickly. Good time for rebodying ;-)

I like the revamp of your page. Very clean. I'm overdue for a revamp :-{

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana, I will play with him more now that he has the new body. As for my page, I like the look but I still can't get the gadgets on the side of the blog from the main page. The only appear when you click on a post title not the main page. Any suggestions?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks limbe dolls. I hope to do more posts.

Thanks Vanessa, Etienne is really a cut-up. You have to deal with that to be his friend but he is a good and loyal friend.

Tracy India said...

Oh wow, the body worked out perfectly! Love the figure and he makes a great couple with Tia.

Anonymous said...

Ms Leo - thank goodness I have found your blog and Vanessas. I would never have purchased Action Figures for our Barbieland if I didn't have you two to show me the best ones. I've always thought Marlon was quite the cutie in human form. It's so nice to have such range in faces (if not, as you mention, skin tone).
-- Kristl

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Tracy. I like them as a couple. She know how to handle Matt.

Thanks too Play Barbies and welcome to my blog. If there were just Ken dolls to play with, you could get bored quickly. Thank goodness for action figures!

WilAP said...

Hi, Ms. Leo. I saw a link to your blog on Doll Divas and promptly checked out your latest posting. (Just like I always do!)

I also posted a question about Etienne, but there was no reply. Where did you find him? I love his face and would really like to find one and add him to my collection.

Please let me know something. Thanks!

-- Wil

Ms. Leo said...

Hi WilAP! Thanks for commenting. I purchase him at an Airforce base. My hubby is retired from the airforce and we go to the base shopping from time to time. That is were I saw him. I haven't seen too many others have this action figure, so he may be a exclusive for BX. Truthfully, I haven't gone with my hubby the last couple of times he went so I don't know if he is still there or if there is something new there I might light. I don't have all the ID on my car to get into the base, so I don't go by myself. Hope that helps.

WilAP said...

It does help, Ms. Leo. And it does sound like I'm probably not destined to find an Etienne for my collection after all. Oh well ...

Thanks for the info! BTW, I really love your blog!!

Ace said...

Haha, Entienne looks like Obama LOL

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for looking and commenting Ace. You think he look like Obama? I think he looks like Will Smith.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Matt looks great on his new body! And he and Tia make a cute couple.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks RoxanneRoxanne! I was waiting for the right man for Tia.