Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Head Swap-Loralie & New Dress!

Hey Gang, this is Loralie and she is my newest head swap.
She is a Winner's Circle Barbie 1997 Limited Edition
on a Rachelle body. I found this doll in the thrift store.

She had the vest from the photo but nothing else.
I would have loved to have had the complete outfit.
I have made her this cute brown dress
which is a variation of the tube dress from my tutorial.
If you are not doing the tube, you should be! ;)

It is the same brown headband dress that I have on America.
The difference is that the dress is longer, I have sewn the
shoulders of the dress and hemmed it. I have added
accessories in keeping with a women of her age and

Her story will come later. This post is to just
let you know what I have been up to! I will post
some pieces that I have made for Ms. D soon!
Thanks for looking!


Heather said...

Gah, don't you just love Thrift Store finds???? I just found a lovely My Scene girl who was wearing a Barbie outfit... and while she was in lovely condition, her hair was AWFUL... but I fixed it... and am KICKING myself that I didn't take a "before" picture.

I can't wait to hear more about this girl :)

Ms. Leo said...

Heather, I really do! I am think about going out now to one! I have a hard time with taking the before shots. I never seem to take them when I get home maybe I need to take the camera with me to the store.!

Vanessa said...

She's a cutie. Love her new dress! And you thought the sewing would hinder you posting. You are actually posting more.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa but it is a fluke! I had a longer post on Loralie but I need to take more pictures! Not enough time to do that yet. The other post was just luck!

Georgia Girl said...

I love your tube dress. I don't know how I missed the initial post. I am going to give it a try.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Georgia Girl! Let me know how it works out.

limbe dolls said...

The jewelry really enhances the simple, elegant line of the dress. The colors also complement the doll's hair and skin tone well. Very beautiful!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks limbe dolls! Until ten days ago, this doll was in the sale/giveaway pile! She had blue spots on her face and was on a body with a bent arm. After reboding Siobhan I wonder what other doll I had could use the Rachelle skintone. It is too light for some and too dark for others. But it was a match on this one. That's when I tried to see if I could get the blue spots off and really looked at her face and hair.
Then I thought there aren't too many brunette Barbies that are not Teresas...hmmm. I decided to keep her. I think I'm getting better at dressing redheads and brunettes.

Tracy India said...

She's really pretty and I'm loving her outfit and jewelry! Great styling.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Tracy India! Some dolls tell you clearly who they are. That makes them easier to dress!