Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Meetings, Orientations, Interviews and Encounters---Getting--Unit Transfers!

Hey Gang!

Etienne , Matt and Trina are working on who will transfer
to the Johnston Base! 

Etienne:  Before we work on anything else I need to talk to 
you two about your behavior! What has gotten into the both 
of your?

Etienne:  I expect better for 

you and from you!

What ever it is...end it now!  I am only going to say this once!  End it!
They both look down. They shake hands and will try to do better.

Trina: I have emailed you the files of all the soldiers who want to transfer. 
There are a lot of request files.  

Etienne:  Now...I will be picking staff for Leroy Cantrell.  Well... 
some of his staff.  

He will bring the other active unit members here.  Trina, you pick and give me 
the list of names you will choose for your reserve unit.  

Matt, when your unit selection is complete you will start training.  We can 
then schedule Trina's unit's training.

Trina: The police station is keeping me really busy.  I won't be able to help you with the
paper work, social planning an other stuff around here.
Etienne: Yeah, I am kinda worried about that!
Trina: You know I'd never leave you hanging!  Really... the social functions should be
handled by Renee' as your wife.   
Etienne:  Hmmm

Trina:  I talked to her about it a while ago and she is on board with it!

Etienne:   Really!

Trina:  Yes!  She said that you never mentioned anything to her about it.

Etienne:  I planned to get to it.
Trina: You know do need a real Administrative 
Assistant at this point!

Etienne: What do have in mind!

Trina: Not what, who!  I did some scouting around and some arm twisting and I think
I've go the perfect person for the job!
Etienne: Really!

Trina: Yes!  She was recommended highly by General Lee, she is versed in all
computer programs, our system, and a few languages!  She will keep your schedule
and coordinate it with Renee'.  

Etienne: Really!

Trina: Yes!

Matt: Sounds a little to good to be true to me!
Trina gives him a look! Then she catches herself.

Her name is Kelley, Phyliss Kelley.  And she is arriving tomorrow!

Matt: How is she arriving? Is she driving because the trains aren't running yet!

Trina: She is jumping in!  She's Airborne!

 Time to put this on!
 Here we go!
 Etienne:  That must be her!

Matt:  Who would jump out of a perfectly good plane!

Etienne: Sounds like my kinda soldier!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, May 22, 2015

My Charlie Tango!

Hey Gang!
I know I keep saying that I don't need another vehicle but at the
price I couldn't pass it up.

So here is my Charlie Tango!

I found this helicopter as I was waiting at the bus stop.  It was only $2.00!

Cockpit needs some color.
 It only holds one.
 Yes, It is a police helicopter. 
 It is weaponized which seems strange for the police force.


It is hard to see though it.

I believe it is missing one of the rear rotor.

And one rear rotor is missing a blade.  I think I can fix both of those.

 It has space inside for someone to ride but it is missing a door.

It is a great day for flying!
I'm so glad the department got this helicopter. 

Trina: Tower this is Charlie Tango approaching for landing.

Leroy: Charlie Tango this is Tower. You are clear to land on Helo Pad
Alpha #2.

Trina: Roger Tower Helo Pad Alpha #2
Leroy: Charlie Tango you are to approach on 3902.5

Trina:  Roger Tower, approaching on 3902.5
Matt: I can't believe she has a helicopter!
Etienne: I helped push for her to get it!
Matt: Do you think she will let me fly it!
Etienne:  Probably  not! You can't fly!
Winter: Why would you want to fly a plane if you can't fly?

Trina:  Did you see the helicopter? It is a really great helicopter! We should be 
able to do a lot with it!
Matt:  After commendeering our jeep, I know you are going to let us fly in the copter!

Trina: I military so I can drive the jeep!  You are not police so you can fly the helicopter!
Besides, you can't fly!
Matt:  What about Etienne? He can fly
Trina: Why are you trying to tell me what to do?
Etienne: Ok, both of you need to stop!
Etienne: You too Trina! Stand down!

Trina: Grrrrrr!
Etienne: Trina, I expect better from you!
Trina:  I'm sorry Etienne, I will really try!  I appreciate the help you gave me
on getting it!
Etienne: I'm going to need to see both of you in my office this weekend!

OK, Thanks For Looking!