Saturday, November 27, 2010

Answering My Own Post!

Trying To Get A Feel For Stats!

So we are coming into the end of the year and I am trying
to complete things thus far. I am answering the questions
that I asked of my fellow bloggers back on
Friday, October 22, 2010 in my post:
Trying To Get A Feel For Stats. . If I asked you to take
the time to answer, it is only fair that I do the same.

1. Have you notice that blogspot has added your stats
to the Dashboard?

I did not see the stat option until a week before I did this post.
I don’t remember getting an email about this option… it was a
pleasant surprise!

2. Have you checked your stats lately?

I try to check every time I log in! I post any comment that
I see and I check stats. I don’t always answer comments that
come in as I post them but I do post and check stats.

3. What do you think when you do check them?

It makes me happy that people are looking! I see some times
that people have gone back and looked at old posts. I guess
these are people new to my blog.

4. What post got the highest stats?

Head Swap Head of the Week, GI Jane, October In Paris-
Ascension, Founding Members of W.O.A.A.A., and Better
Late than Never. I don’t post my highest post on my blog
because I don’t want to influence the reader.

5. Are your post influenced by stats?

No. Some dolls I play with more than others. They get
photos taken more often…so they are posted more. I will
try to be fairer to the dolls and post as many as I can. When
I looked at my highest stat post, most of them were influenced
by other bloggers and not by stats!

6. What other board that you go on let you check your stats?

I do look at how many views I have on flickr.

7.Do you wish that Flickr would let you check you stats
for free?

Yes I wish flickr stats were free! Also that I could put more
pictures up with out a upgraded account. I’m not making
money off of this so I need as much free things as possible.

8. What other information from you stats would you like?

Like Niel, I would like to know how long they stay at the sight
and how many times some has come back to my blog and if they
are viewing this post more than once. Some dolls that I purchased
I saw on someone else’s blog first. I might have looked at it a few

9. What is more important stats or comments?

Like most of you, I think they both are important. They do say
that people respond to what they feel is important, but many
people are not use to responding. I do notice that many viewers
come from other countries. That may be the reason that they
don’t respond.
10. Do you want to keep the stats tab or would
you like something else there?

I like the stat tap but I wouldn’t mind seeing what else
we could have too!

Thanks to all of you who responded!

Ms. Leo


MissSpottyJane said...

I get more traffic than I expected. It's embarrassing, actually. People really seem to like my pics of Fulla, I guess I should add more.

Ms. Leo said...

I took a moment to look at all the past post on your blog because I had not seen Fulla. (I will comment on some posts I liked later.) I notice that you don't have labels on your blog but on each post. I'm thinking many of you visitor may come from searches. The net is world someone searching for Fulla may find your blogg, start there and look at the whole thing. This is a good thing! Don't be embarrassed. I have only seen the doll in her orginal outfit. It was nice to see her different too!

Hey... I never thought that that many people would be interested in AA GI Jane! Someone looks at that post almost everyday!

smidge girl said...

Wow, sorry I missed that post back in October, but I'm glad you posted about it again! I've poked around the stat thing a bit, but I never really investigated it fully until just now.

I love you you can see the search words people use to find your blog! I was always surprised by how popular my post about the Renegade Craft Fair was. Now I see a lot of people are coming to my blog after googling "How much did you make at the Renegade Craft Fair?" LOL! Well, whatever brings em to the blog, I suppose! :)

Ms. Leo said...

I agree smidge girl! Some of the best things I have found, I found by accident!