Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GI Jane

GI Jane

I have been meaning to finish this post and put it up for a long time. Thanks Roxanne's Doll for giving me the push I needed.

My other female action figure( I have two) is GI Jane. I bought her on eBay a few years back. She is the action figure from the 1999 release Vietnam Nurse Set including:12" GI Jane, Boony Cap, Dog Tags, T-Shirt, Shirt, Pants, Boots, Stethoscope, Gauze Strips, IV Unit, Splints and Medical Pouch. She came new in the box. Here she is in her original uniform minus tee and boots. It isn't the standard issue camouflage that most soldiers wear today. I don't know if the had camis in Vietnam area.

She is shorter than most of the other adult dolls in my collection.

Aya for scale!

I like her because she is so different. She has a short Afro but I thought she needed some bangs to soften her up. She has wide hips so she can't fit Barbie clothes. She can fit Ken pants. I have one pair of female doll pants that she can fit.

Dolls laughing!

She also can't fit Barbie shoe or most doll shoes because she has wide flat feet(Ken size, sorry no picture.). Oh my goodness, is she in need of a pedicure! This girl has got some bad looking dogs! I have had to be creative regarding her off duty outfits. She need to be one of the girls too from time to time. She is single so she needs date outfits. Not every woman is meant to wear a mini dress (I could tell you some stories but this is not the place) and neither are most female action figures. They need a little more help with their wardrobe than BB Barbie.

Here she is in a black prairie skirt ( a good length and style for her) sweater and (Ken's) cowboy boots. I might add a belt later. This is one of her favorite outfits. My aunts always say "unless you have a very cute face, short hair always needs earring to make it look better". I have added these hoop earrings to soften her up. I have also added eyelashes and bangs with eyebrow pencil. I will live with it and see if I like it. If I do ,then I will make it permanent.

Her name is Phyliss Kelly or Lt. Kelly, BSN and she is going out
with someone she just met who is also in the military.


RoxanneRoxanne said...

I really enjoyed this! I bought my Jane loose so I didn't get all of her cool gear. I think that her bangs, eyelashes, and earrings do soften her up, not to mention her pretty outfit.

D7ana said...

The bangs and earrings help her a lot as well as the soft yet not too sissy outfit.

Thanks for sharing.

Alrunia said...

She has a very cute face, even more so with the lashes. Makes me want to get a GI Jane myself ;)