Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Group Picture Of The Founding Members of W.O.A.A.A.


These are the founding member of W.O.A.A.A.
(pronounced woah ah) After many phone
calls, meetings, discussions, the forming of organizational rules,
and a lot of prayer, the Women of the African Ark Association
was formed. It was formed to “Honoring their past through
culture, service and education”. The Ascension Ceremony is
done wearing white. Pictures of the ceremony are forbidden
but pictures are taken after.

I also wanted to show off these white dresses I purchased from
the dollar store too! They are supposed to be bridal dress
ornaments. But hey…they were a dollar! They inspired
the story.

I have had to cut my dolly budget until after Xmas.
So you will get to see how I manage it. Dolls like new things!
Also, I am working hard to take better pictures and better
pictures of my darker dolls. Man... these girls eat the light!
It is even harder with dolls of different complexions.


Nubia-Vice President

Annukka-Secretary and her sister



D7ana said...

Contrast and dark complected dolls are difficult to photograph. Thanks for sharing your work.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana, I will keep trying.