Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Head Swap of the Week!

Here is my Head Swap dolls of the week!

Barbie Basics #10 body and Asha head. I was
inspired by Niel's Doll Room. He suggested
on a Model Muse body. Sadly, there are more
Asha heads out there than there are Shani.

Asha on MM body

I will play with #10 face more on this body.

Cheeta Girl outfit just for now.

I borrowed the pose!


smidge girl said...

Ooh, wow, great match! She'll be much more playable on that body. Yay!

D7ana said...

Nicer head-to-body proportions, Ms. Leo! Thanks for sharing.

Yay for Niel, for inspiring us, too.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks, Ladies!