Thursday, December 2, 2010

Viewer's Vote Is!

The Vote Is In!

So the poll has ended and the viewers voted for
the Pop Life Christie body --72%! So I decided to do a photo
shot of Julia on the new body! Here are the shots.
Julia Sporty and Edgy!

Here she is on one of my favorite dress that I liked to see
her in. But she doesn't look the same. There were some
differences when I put Julia on the belly button body. Most
clothes she can still fit except for one skirt and some of the slim
pants. But the good out wieghted the bad but there were big
changes in what she could wear and how
I felt about her in it on the Pop Life body! Most of the
clothes and almost all of the pants are a little short for the
Pop Life body. Her hands are too large to fit in the openings
of shirt and jacket sleeves too. Pop Life dolls are taller than
regular Barbies and are taller than some of the male dolls
I have. On the Pop Life body she was now too tall for her love
interest. Not Good. So for a while she was on the Pop Life body.
I couldn't say for sure if she would stay there. I didn't know
what I would do with the Pop Life Christie head. Some how
that face looked swollen on other bodies.

To bad that the Fashionista doll only comes in one AA
complexion which is lighter than many other AA dolls.
Then while surfing the net I got and idea! I saw other dolls
that had the Fashionista hands on belly bottom bodies.
There was the 2nd wave Fashion fever dolls. I think that
they had the short torso. I didn't want that. I saw the SIS
Stylin' Hair dolls . They were perfect for what I
wanted but I had to act fast.
This time of year, all the black dolls fly out of the stores
in black neighborhoods and in some white neighborhoods too.
The ratio of black dolls in a Mattel shipment is low to begin with.
Store can't just order the Black dolls that they are out of; they
have to order a mixed box. That may mean on many doll orders
that only 2 of 14 dolls in the box are black. To make matters
worse many toy store do not do much ordering for the first 6-8
weeks after Xmas. So I had to break my promise and spend
money that I was holding out on. I am quite pleased with the

Here is Julia and KiKi on their new bodies!
These ladies would not wear these outfits or at least not
like this. I have to make some changes!
I like the hands on them now.
Getting the head off was a pill with the new head knob!!
Ah this is more like it! Julia's head has found a home!
So while I respect and acknowledge your vote, I do, I do, I do!
Here is the final Julia.

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TM said...

The end result is fantastic either way! I just love dolls with articulation.