Monday, November 8, 2010

My Latest Thrift Store Find!

I'm still trying to stay within the budget! So I am
staying away for TRU until the new Basic guys come
out. There are only a few places I can go for my toy
fix! When a place is your favorite, it is for a good reason!
I had stopped by my favorite thrift store. I was just going to
run in and run out. I'm not going to make myself
find something. I didn't see anything there.
I was leaving out and pasted by the intake area of the shop.
The shop workers were going through new donations.
I spotted this in the items they were unpacking. I called over
to them is it for sale. They said it hasn't been priced but if
you want it, I'll get a price for you. I told them I wanted
it. A few minutes later the staff person came back and
said it would be $3.00. I almost ripped my pocket off
trying to get the money out!
Here what I found!

The Barbie Train!
The Barbie Travel Train Vehicle Playset w Sounds, Electronic
Moving Window Scenery & More (2001) to be precise.

It is not in bad shape. A few pieces are missing.
No cart, microwave and only one of the beds
but it will work for what I want it for. From time to
time pieces do show up on eBay.

It does need some cleaning but you can't beat the price!

I had seen one in another thrift store and the wanted $20.00.
Some times my doll have to travel! They needed something
like this.


TM said...

Excellent find! You can't go wrong with $3.00!

Ms. Leo said...

Hi TM! I just love a bargain!