Monday, November 22, 2010


This is my 100th post.
I can't believe I made it!

When I started my blog, I had looked at a few
other blogs...not many but a few. I wanted to
do one. To put my dolls, my ideas and I
guess myself out there!

What it has been like for me:

First, I don't have mad computer skills or photo
skills. I probably have taken more pictures this
year than I've taken in my whole life and I'm no
spring chicken!

You can't keep and shouldn't keep all your pictures
on your computer. I have some on a flash drive
and some on flickr. I don't know if those are the
best ways to store your
pictures but it beats having them all on you
computer and slowing it down.

Oh Yeah! I need a new computer!! Badly!!!
I will graduate in December and I don't know
how I did it on this old thing! I'm not saying
that too loud. I still have to work on this thing
a while longer. I hope to get a new job with
more money and new, not new to me, but a new
computer! I want to know what it is like
to have memory! And a flat screen monitor!
Then a new camera and a new car!.... On and
on and on!

Now I've been say to myself that if I had a better
camera that I would take better pictures. If after
getting it, my pictures still suck...well I guess we'll
know! I will come to you, my Internet friends for
advice when I am ready to purchase!

It is not easy to do 100 post. That was my goal
when I started. A little more that one post every
3 or 4 days right? Yeah! Some weeks in my life
were too crazy! Some post took
more work than others (ie, WOAAA Halloween
Party). I have great respect for those who do
photo stories regularly! It is alot of work!!
Researching info on dolls, retaking pictures that
didn't turn out well...oh and let us not for get...
finding stuff!

Did I mention that I'm not a great speller
or proof reader? I have my papers proofed but
who will proof your blog? I know you noticed...
so thanks for not pointing it out. :)
I am working on that!

What were my other goals for my blog?

Do a poll. Done
Add Flickr. Done
Do Dioramas Done

Do a photo story. Done
Get a following. Done and thanks!
Take better photos--Still working on it!

Organize my doll stuff--Still working on it!
Learn more about dolls--Still working on it!

What has changed?

I like doll to pose more than I did when I started!
I am interested in different doll too.
I know now that I need a place to display and
photograph dolls.
I would like to go to a convention.
I would like to start a fashion doll club in the
Phila or PA area.

What I've learned:
1. I now know that fly-away doll hair takes away from a photo! I don't do that as much as I did in the beginning.

2. A room that has really good light in the summer may not have good light in the fall and winter.

3. Daylight is the best light.

4. Work is not the best place to post from. Especially if you have to rush to do it and you want to keep your job. (Coworkers always want to know what you are doing!)

5. It is better to start typing in Word and then cut
and paste!

6. It takes as long to take a bad picture as to
take a good one!

7. It is easier to add the pictures first and the text

8. That dark shadow over the picture is me!
Learn to stayout of the doll's light!

9. Cropping hides a world of sins.

10. Plan your shot. Get everything you think
you'll need, plug in the iron, take your time...
don't rush!

What has not changed?

I love the ladies but I really luv the fellas! You can't

have enough male and AA male dolls!
Hopes for next year?

To photo more dolls! I have only taken photos of
maybe a 10th of my dolls. I need to do better.
More photo stories and dioramas.
More stuff made by me! I am creative.

Open an Esty store.
More swaps! Not just heads but legs and arms too!
Still have yet to get any Monetize money! What

about you?
Learn to re-root and flock doll hair.
Customize furniture and dolls! I have done much
painting of things... so that is on the list!
Change the look of my blog.

I want to give a special thanks to the circle of
bloggers who I read and who read my posts.
You nourishes me!
I want to thank all those who look or read but don't
comment. It is OK! ...but I would like to hear from
you! To all of you who have been thinking about
starting a blog.... I say... Just Do IT!

Thanks Again, Luv You!
Ms. Leo


D7ana said...

Congratulations, Ms. Leo! More posts to follow!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks! Coming from you, that is a real complement! In 2009 you did 332 posts! That is almost one post for every day of the year! I'm tired just thinking about that!

smidge girl said...

Congratulations, Ms. Leo! I always enjoy your blog, and and so happy and proud of you for accomplishing so many things on your to do list! Congrats again! :) And thanks for reminding me I need to start plugging in the iron more, lol! What will you be selling in your etsy store? So exciting!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks smidge girl! I don't know yet what I want to do. No one does funiture like you so it best for me to leave that alone! I sew, knit and crochet... a few other things I guess we will have to see!