Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WOAAA Halloween Party Part Three- Harry's Costume Shop


Harry's Halloween shop has be busy since the
announcement of the WOAAA Party. He has
had to call around to bring in
more costumes.

He thinks he should work with this group to bring
in more business.

Dominique is thefirst to arrive.
She spots a pretty ball gown.
Harry knows more women want to be princesses more
than any thing else so he keeps a supply of princess gowns.

Renee and Etienne arrive.
Renee and Etienne: Hello!

Dominique: You didn't tell me he was coming?

Renee: I thought it would be good to get a man's
opinion. Besides he wanted to pick out his own
costume. Pick out a few things and let's see them on you!

Etienne: Sis, I'm hurt!
He says to his sister-in-law.
Hey, what's up buddy? He says to the skull.

Renee: Aren't you going to pick out something
for yourself?

Etienne: I see what I want! I'll be HC Hammer!
Renee: You?

Etienne: Can't touch this! Da dumb, Da dumb
Can't touch this!

I need.... Oh lord!

Renee says to her sister: This is the cross I have to
bare everyday!

Dominique: You did have I choice, you said I Do!
Renee: So I am to pay for that mistake the rest of
my life?
Etienne: I heard that!
Da dumb, Can't touch this!

Dominique:Yup! That is what marriage is!

Dominique: OK! I could be Julie Andrews
from The Sound Of Music!
I love that movie!

Etienne: Isn't that producer-director guy going to
be there? The only thing you'll attract in that is a goat!

Dominique: "E", That is not nice! What about you
Renee, what do you think?
Renee: Naah Naaah!
They all laugh!

Dominique :I could be a chief!

Etienne:Now that would be a trick! How is
that you two are the only Creole women who can't
cook Creole! If I want good Creole food I
have to cook it!
The sisters exchange a look.
Renee says engorging him,
Renee: Dee, Where is the hat?
Dominique: Messes up my hair!
Etienne: What about a naughty chief?

KiKi: Hey Dee, that looks good on you!

Dominique: You know my sister Renee and her husband
KiKi: Hi!
Renee and Etienne: We are looking forward
to the party! Thanks for inviting us!
Kiki: I look forward to seeing you all there!

KiKi: You must be Harry!
Harry: And you must be KiKi. It is good to meet you!

Tai: Hi E, Hi Renee!
Renee and Etienne: Hi Tai!
Dominique : That is a great costume! The lines on it are to
die for! Is there another?

Etienne: Dominique, this is Tai, she is
Matt's wife. She is really
a fight attendant!
Dominique: Sorry! That is a fantastic uniform.
Tai: A new young designer did it by the name of Francie!

Renee: You didn't tell me Matt was coming?
Etienne: He's my partner in crime!
Renee: Exactly!

Dominique :This one feels good on!

Renee: that is the old you! How about something more
Etienne: What about a naughty nurse?

Renee: Does everything have to be naughty?
Etienne: Pretty much!
Dominique : What about this?

That's It!

The End!


D7ana said...

Fun story! I especially love Etienne's M.C. Hammer routine!

Ms. Leo said...

Etienne is a mess! You have to live with him to really appreciate his... uh charm!

Angela said...

Oh, Ms. Leo, you're quite creative! I loved Renee's faux pas, in saying that Tai's Francie-designed flight attendant outfit was a Halloween costume. What a doll story! Hey, if they can make "Toy Story" (and all the sequels), why not doll vignettes.

I also dug Etienne breaking out in that MC Hammer number.

william said...

I love halloween! May i ask who is the army guy in the store or what company is he!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Angela for your comment. I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner. I am going over my blog and updating and correcting a few things. I'm glad I found your comment.

Thanks william. I like Halloween too. It also give me a change to use some of those costumes that I have sitting around. Maybe I'll finsh this story this Halloween.

As for Etienne, He is a dragon action figure. My husband is retired military and I purchased him on an air force base in NJ. I have only seen him sold at military bases but you might find him on the net! I always get question about him. I can’t tell if it is because he is so unique for an action figure or because he is based on my husband, so he is my most developed character. I have plenty of material for the character Etienne.

Anyway, I glad you liked this.