Friday, November 5, 2010

The Best Body!


So, I've been playing around with a body for Julia. I love
her face but, after changing a few dolls to the Artsy body,
I wanted a change from the Twist-N-Turn (TNT) body
she was on.

Be Advised!
I will be posting nude dolly photos!

By the way, this is a repo Julia head on an
original Julia body. Original Julia head can develop green
ear and green spot. So you can't do earring or some
clothing. There isn't that problem with the repo heads.

The first body I put her on was a Model Muse (MM)
Barbie Basics # 10. The complexion match was
good! I was not sure it the head looked too big though.
But the problem I have with the model muse bodies
is posing. They really can't do a lot of posing. It is not
the best body for Photo stories where you need some
pose options.

The next body I put the head on was the SIS Grace.
The complexion was pretty good. Better than the MM but .

You also had pose possibility with the arms and
legs. More that with the TNT body and way more than
with MM body. I did a couple of photo sessions with her
on it and I liked the possibilities.

Today I put her on the Pop Life (PL) Christie Body. I a
am not sure if this is the same body used for the Jazz
Baby doll. If anyone one know please tell me.
It too was a good match of complexion. I really like the
famine hands of the body. The Artsy and the SIS
doll hands are not as nice and the Pop Life body. The
articulated wrists a and upper chest make it really nice for
posing. But she does seem a bit skinny! Maybe too
skinny for a doll who is supposed to be middle aged. And
my doll is middle aged! The body is taller too.

For me, the best solution would be the arms of the Pop
Life doll with the body of the SIS doll. But I don't know
how to do that.

There you are!


D7ana said...

Posted my vote for the Pop Life Christie body. Good luck with the survey ;-D

Alrunia said...

Yes Pop Life is the same body as Jazz Baby, although might be a different skin tone :)
I don't know if switching arms is possible, but swapping out legs is (except the rubbery click legs, they don't go back on once they are taken off). Not sure if this helps any, but the old type fashionistas' legs are less skinny than Pop Life legs, so it is possible for the Pop Life body to gain some thigh by switching its legs to old Artsy ones (if the skin tone matches). Here is the leg swap tutorial.

Btw I also voted for Pop Life Christie :D

Stephiejo@Inside the Barbie Craft Room said...

I really like her on the Pop life body-it looks the most natural. I have several of the Jazz baby bodies and even though they are skinny they have fabulous posability!

Anonymous said...

I have swapped arms on a barbie before. It is not hard, but takes practice. This assumes that all the arm joints are the same, which may not be the case but...
Basically the shoulder joint has a disk which sandwiches between two sides of the arm. The disk has two molded 'pegs' and the sides of the arm have tight openings that squeeze onto them--much like the old tnt leg joins. Think of the disk (inside the doll extending out) as a burger patty and the two sides of the upper arm are the bun. It even kind of looks like it:P You have to soften up the upper arm, and then pry the buns off of the patty. The main problem is finding something gentle enough to pry the 'buns' off that won't scar up the plastic. It is possible, though. If you have some practice barbies around, it's worth a try.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks, D7ana for your vote.

Thanks, Stephiejo. The body is more fun to work with.

Wow Alrunia and Pudgybudgie! Such great info. I am going to have to try some of your suggestions on some pratice dolls!

Thanks all for voting!

TM said...

I'm also partial to the Pop Life body.

Afroindia619 said...

I'm really late...LOL...since I'm still new but thought I'd give you another opinion. I agree with everyone else, the Pop Life body is the most natural fit. Hey, look at it this way...Diana Ross maintained her very slender figure for years. :) Also, the Jazz Baby doll & Pop Life Christie are a perfect match skin tone wise and bodies are the same.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Afroindia619, the only thing is that you have a hard time getting clothes on both of those dolls because of the hands. They are fanned.