Saturday, November 20, 2010

Diorama Alert!

Inexpensive Diorama Items!

I found these items locally but they may be for sale in
your area too!

Renee: This cherry end table will go well with my toile chairs!
Sales clerk to manager: This gentleman would like to know
if this is available in a smaller size?
I am trying to keep my dolly spending low without making
dolls pay the price of the economy!

These Home Depot aprons are gift card holders. They are
just the right size for 1/6 play. I talked a sales clerk into
just giving me the aprons without the gift cards.
My dolls didn't know that these were free!

This table is from the dollar store. The Dollar Tree
to be more accurate. It is a dollhouse dining room

As you can see, it is too small for a dining room table
for Barbie but it makes a great end table.

These shelve painted or left as they are, makes a
great bookshelf. Add feet to it for height!

You got to love a decorated Christmas tree!
This gold balls and gold pot make it especial!

I believe that there are more diorama items to
be found this time of year than any other time!

So Keep An Eye Out!


Vanessa said...

Thanks Ms. Leo. I especially like the Home Depot aprons. How cute! And I'm happy to report that I can now successfully post to your blog. Not sure what the problem was.

Ms. Leo said...

Hi Vanessa!
I glad you can now post! I have to really do a nice set up with the Home Depot aprons!