Monday, April 9, 2012

Adventures of Sydney with a Y!

Have you ever had a story come together for a character so easy that you knew
it was fate! This story for Sydeny was like that! The tent that I had for a while
seem to say Sydney!
Sydney is a member of the Green Youth Corp. It is headed by
Dr Running Bear. Once a month area youth go out and monitor
the environmental quality of open areas in Johnston. Sydney
takes it very seriously. She hopes one day her friends will join
her on this! She likes to campout and does her observation
over a weekend. She checks in several times during the course
of her weekend.
Hey Sydney! Are you out there? Over!
 Sydney here! I’ll be here a while. I call back to camp out 2.00pm Over!

 I’ll look for your call at 2:00! If the Chief doesn’t hear from her at the
appointed times, he goes out looking for her. He knows she is a good
camper and she like to do this her way but he does keep and eye on her.
He hopes to pair her with some new volunteers this season.

She give the area a good look over and sets up her tent! 
 She reviews what she wrote last time.

Awww.  The nesting pair is back again this year.
Last year they had four babies but only two made it to the
end of the nesting period.
She hopes for a better year for them.

She checks the water quality and will send samples
in to be analyzed.


She has to keep her eyes open when she is there too! Number 572 gator
is young but he could do some damage to someone not paying attention.

Shoo you! Beat it! No Sydney sandwich today! Keep it moving before I
think about my shoe collection!

Sydney to the Chief. Over!
Yes Sydney! How is everything going? You OK?

I’m fine but BooBoo the camel has escaped from the Zoo
again. Laugh! Over!

 I’ll phone the Zoo and let them know! Laugh! That BooBoo is a Houdini. Over.

Sydney finishes her report as the sun goes down.



Dlsarmywife said...

Wow you are so right, this seems perfect for Sydney! I love the escape artist camel! LOL

Tabitha (lovelovekitty) said...

Sydney is so cute.. I think her personality really matches the way she looks!

Tinisha said...

Cool setup I really just love that girls hair ! Hope to see more:)

Georgia Girl said...

I love your scene! Love the comment that Chief Running Bear made "Keep it moving before I think about my shoe collection!". Lol!! Fun photo story.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Disarmywife, Tabitha, Tinisha and Georgia Girl!

Disarmywife, I had something else in mind for the camel but I saw him as I was setting everything up and sad "why not"!

Tabitha, I think so too! Maybe she will finally solve some mystery like she was intended to.

Tinisha, I really don't do enough outdoor scenes. Maybe now I'll do more.

Georgia Girl, I may have set it up wrong. Sydney was telling the gator he could be shoes if he didn't move along.

Heather said...

I just knew she was going to be a nature girl!!!

I really love her personality and I love this whole setup, I can't wait to see more of her adventures... and Booboo reminds me of the horses my parents board... Every once in a while the cops come to their door, "Excuse me, sir, ma'am, is this your horse?" LOL

limbe dolls said...

I love the story! I love the ecological theme and the humor!

Sergio said...

Sidney's doing a great job! In the Green Youth Corp are really lucky of having her in their staff. BooBoo is the cutest name I ever heard for a camel!!! Luv it!!!

Shasarignis said...

nice story and nice picture

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Heather, limbe dolls, Sergio and Shasarignis!

Heather, I really liked that camel when I purchased him from the thrift store for 0.50. He was waiting to appear in a post. Something about him looked like trouble!

limbe dolls, I like humor in all things! I took the story from a group that I work with but they are all seniors who are concerned with ecology.

Sergio, you got to love Booboo!
I know that there are young people who feel as Sydney does! It is time to hear about the good as well as the bad.

Shasarignis, it is nice to finally us these pieces. I purchased the Bratz tent a while ago. I didn't realize how nice the pieces are.

Muff said...

This is like those nature shows for teenagers that they tried to diguise as regular sitcoms on Saturday mornings when I was a kid.

I love Number 572 gator and BooBoo. When gator come on the set I literally gasped out loud, "Oh!" I thought Sydney was in trouble! But nope, she's a nature girl. She don't care 'bout no gator... or camels, lol.

Love the use of rocks, foil and camp fire.

BarbieFantasy said...

Ms. Leo I just love Sydney "with a Y"! She and Dr. Running Bear are very interesting. I like your story with the gator and the camel; too cute. I also like your ecological message too; you're very creative. I wish I had a tent! Ooooh, especially with animal print on it! Thanks for the great read and visiting my page too!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I congratulate you for the beautiful and ironic story. I like the photos. Your new doll has great hair. I like the figure of the crocodile, looks real. It's scary! Keep in touch.