Monday, April 16, 2012

Going To The Wedding.

The Johnsons & The Holmes' Are Going To The Wedding!

Etienne and Matt know Rod from military trainings they went to. 

They are coming to the wedding of Rod and Danielle and are bringing
their wives with them. Now that Matt is married, he thinks that everyone
should be married.  They couldn't make the bachelor party but they won't
miss the wedding!

The wives look forward to the ceremony like most women do.
Tia: This will be our first time out as a couple!

Tia: I can't wait to see her dress!

Renee: Your wedding dress was soo lovely! Your mantilla was
the crowning touch!

Tia: Thank you!  It has been in my family for generations. 
I hoping my sister will wear it too!
I can never thank you for all your help with my wedding!
I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t have you to help
me with everything.

Renee’: We military wives have to stick together! 

Matt feels pride as he introduces his bride!  Matt: This is my wife Tia. 

Renee’: Look at them! Young love. How sweet. Etienne, do you
remember when we were like that!

Etienne: We can be like that tonight!

The Couples Together!

Renee': Military men can be a handful when they are out!   That is why
the job of MPs is soo hard!  Tonight, we'll have to be the MPs!

Like I said, the women like the ceremony and the husbands look
forward to the reception!

Matt: Here is to the Pappy Couple!

Matt: E, man, you're drunk! ...  Gona party like it's your birthday!
Hey E, do the Hammer!

Tia: Oh my!
Renee': They are even worse at  Military fuctions!

Renee': You are both cut off and we're going home!


Ebony Nicole said...

LMAO, the drinks need to be locked up!

Verona said...

Party Time! They all look great!

veda said...

This is too funny! But a wedding is not a wedding without the hell raisers! lol

Muff said...

This made me laugh so much. First Mike had too much and ended up on the beach and now these two are letting loose. Your men are something else.

Tracy India said...

LOL...I love it!!! I agree with Ebony, the drinks need to be locked up.

Georgia Girl said...

Lol!!! Your guys are a wild bunch. Lol! They know how to party. I love their attire. See you at the wedding.

Vanessa said...

Hilarious! I had my comments all set and then I saw the picture with the ties on their heads and my other comments went out the window. But I need to gather myself anyway because I am in love with Etienne and knowing that he is headed to Morristown has me a little flustered. The couples look great, but I especially like the way the men are dressed. I need to invest in some more suits over here.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...


Poor Tia and Renee.


Carrickters said...

Renee sounds like she has lots of experience and will keep everything under control.

D7ana said...

Plus: the guys are happy.
Minus: oh, poor Renee and Tia ;-D

Heather said...

LOL, the ties around the heads had me cracking up XD I love it... now I want to see a military function!!!!! XD

Male Doll World said...

Funny story. The ties on the head a great touch.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I also sent to Morristown to one of my Barbies.Your boys are very well dressed. I love the clothes they wear. What original drinks ... Very good. See you at the wedding! Keep in Couch

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Ebony, Verona, Veda, Muff, Tracy, Georgia Girl, Vanessa, dbg of BDE, Carrickters, D7ana, Heather, Male Doll World and Marta!
I'm glad so many of you enjoyed my humor!

Ebony, I love it when I get people laughing.

Verona,Veda and Muff, my men are a handful over here and they love to have fun.

Ebony, Tracy and Georgia Girl, I have been afraid to open the bar over here. These guy don't need a place to get drinks!

dbg, D7ana and Carrickter, Renee' has been married a while now. She know what to do and isn't afraid to take control when she has to!

Heather, Male Doll World and Marta,
my men know how to let loose and enjoy themselves! Maybe too much! They are not use to wearing ties so, they need to go!

Thanks All!

Sergio said...

It must be fun go toa wedding with these two :D

Ms. Leo said...

Sergio, they are tons of fun!