Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Very Busy Week!

Hey Gang!

Sorry I haven’t posted since Monday. It has been a good but busy week for me.
It is gardening season so; I have done some of that. I met a couple who
collect dolls in person. I hope to post and interview soon. It was so nice
to meet collectors in person. I know most of you over the net but hope to
meet some of you one day in person. I sold a few things on the dollpage.
(The economy must be getting better because things are selling better now)
So, I had some boxing and packing to do. I still have to post more things
on the dollpage, some feedback to leave and some change of status to do.
I hope to get to all of that this weekend. I have a few new things which
I will share with you today.


While out and about, I stopped into some discount stores just to see what
they have. I saw this and I passed.

I had something like it. I came across this clone AA Barbie doll there.

I don’t think Mattel did this doll in an AA version but I could be wrong.
If you have different info, let me know. I have seen her several times
in an AA clone version but the face wasn’t as nice as this one. I may not
be the the best picture taker but her is the close up.

She doesn’t have that ashy complexion that some knock off dolls have.
I like her, I could work with the dress and I like the lamp. So I got it.
With the doll, I knew what I was getting into. I knew I would not keep
the body. I did put it in the recycle trash bin. I would hate to think that
I am adding to a pile of trashed Barbie dolls in some other country.
I took the dress of the doll. Ms. D models the dress. She must get
more photo time this year!

It is not too bad. It has those little clear plastic shoulder straps. One broke
when I put it on Ms. D. 

The shoe weren't good at all so I add these.

Ms. D: At least it isn’t as crazy as those” I can be” outfits! 

There aresome problems with the fit (even on the original body) but nothing
someone with a sewing machine can’t handle. Hint, hint!

I will replace the plastic with some nice ribbon and add some ribbon
over the stitching at the bottom too.

I knew the dresser was paper but I think I can use that.

What I was surprised to find out is that the lamp had no base? It was
tucked behind the dresser!  Yeah, that was happens with a knock off.
Some things are not right! Are you to leave everything in the box?

I was able to find a base that I could use from piece of medical
equipment I had.
It looks good on the base but I guess I can’t use both things at the
same time.

I put her on a new body. She will work at the news station with Steven.
Her name is Britta Bankcroft. For a knock off doll she photos really well.


I came across this Barbie sized foosball set. It reminded me of Friends.
I am a fan of Friends and the fun they had. 

I love the details the player move and it comes with 2 balls. I have
several places that I would like to put it! I really should have gotten
two of these. I will have to go back! I thinking it should go in the
Student Activity Center or in a bar. Maybe it should go in the girls’
college apartment.

 Take this!
You take that!














Finally, I won this on eBay. I bid 0.99 on it not expecting to get it.
They told me I won!

It has some cool things that is does. the tape wheels
move and colors behind the board changes.

Check it out!

Out of the box.

Some discoloring :(

The chair swings out!

Britta in the seat!

This changes colors.

Britta at the keyboard.

This spins and the pattern changes.

It has to be from the late 70's early 80's.  Look at her!

It can go into the TV, radio station or maybe in
the lighting and electronics at the museum. I do think it will need
painting but maybe not.

Thanks For Looking!


Ada said...

We get a lot of those clones in my country but never saw a AA one. She's so cute! I've never seen an AA version of the original Barbie. There were only 3 Caucasian Barbies in that series. And that computer is so cool! Love the 70s and 80s playsets. Congrats on your win!

Verona said...

Congrats! Espicially on that computer set!

Vanessa said...

I really like both of the clone sets. It's nice that the clone dolls are getting better in some cases. Love the foosball and the ebay find is way cool!

Sergio said...

Where I live there is an invasion of barbie clones! They have a kind of barbie/bratz/my scene heads onto weird bodies with thin legs!! But sometimes you can find some interesting items in their package. Good winning at the auction!! Lucky you :)

Sergio said...

Oh I forgot, the football set here in Italy is called calcio balilla, it's a very famous game here and although this is the era of video games and computers, it continues to be the most played by people of all ages.

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your new finds! Love seeing the guys on the foosball table. Good luck with the rest of your for sale items; I have to upload some stuff myself ... thanks for the reminder ;-D

Georgia Girl said...

Very nice finds Ms Leo. I especially love the computer stand.

Muff said...

That is some good stuff! My favorite thought is the computer. If you have the Barbie Star Trek dolls that could be used as a computer on the Enterprise! Make it so Scotty. Two to beam aboard!

Carrickters said...

Congratulations on your finds. The football table is amazingly detailed for something so small. This sort of game is very popular in Australia too.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like to see the photos with your new purchases. The copy of the Barbie doll look good in your photos. I like boys playing with the football. Keep in touch.

Male Doll World said...

Great find. I like the football set. I have to go find one for my guys. I love the computer set.

Brini said...

Congrat on your great stuff. Especially the computer stand it would be pefect at the station. The foosball set is cool too.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Ada, Verona, Vanessa, Sergio, D7ana, Georgia Girl, Muff, Carrickters, Marta, Male Doll World and Brin! It took me a while to get this post up. I am getting the hang of this new blog setup but I still like the old version better.

Ada, I hear that there are great clones other places. I would sure like to see them. The accessories she came with are cool. Yeah, I like that computer room Playset too.

Verona and Georgia Girl, I do think the computer set will be a nice touch at the TV station.

Vanessa, you are quite right! Clones are getting better. Wouldn't it be nice if one day they really rival the brand dolls?
Yeah, I love the foosball table! I need to get two! Sometimes it is worth bidding the minimum on something like the computer playset.

Sergio, Wow! I can imagine that clone! You will have to post some pictures of them. So, they call it calcio balilla! Good to know.

Sergio and Carrickters, Some things like the foosball table do well no matter where they are.

Muff, I don't have the Star Trek doll but I love Star Trek. That is what I thought of when I say it too! I can imagine Uhura saying " I'm hailing them on all frequencies! No answer, Capt. Kirk."

D7ana and Marta, the guys here love this new game. They play pool too. I think I need a bar with a game room but you know how my men get when there is alcohol.

Male Doll World and Brini, I really lucked up on the computer set and the foosball table! You don't see things like them often.