Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Problems With the Update!


Hey Gang,
Here is the feedback I sent to Google about the blogger update!  I think
we all need to send them our feedback on a product that we use this much.

So here is what I said:

I didn't attach this to a post because I didn't want to mess anything up! This is
very BAD! I really like the old way much better!!!!

1. Like Vanessa, I think that there's no way to subscribe to a site and get
emails because of the blogger change. I just have to  go back
and check for the reply. Subscribing can only happen with the
embedded subscribe now.  I too am missing out on quite
a few responses from people.

2. I almost don't like posting with the new setup. The pictures jump all
 around when posting. I have to move pictures to the left which is a

3. I don't get a scroll bar when posting in compose. It comes
up in Html. What is up with that!!!! I have to move the cursor
which make the pictures jump or dissappear. :(

4. Real big problems when you try to change the order of pictures. If
you try to drag them you get big problems with text. So I go to html
to do it but it is much harder not with all the codes now. I feel like
I need to be a programer.

5. No spell check !!!! The ABC is to cross out things not spell check!

6. Things move soo slowly! Oh, don't try to preview. You might as well
 go make yourself some tea and come back!  Soo slow1

7. Things in stats don't update quickly either.

Fix all that stuff and...

If you are going to update, make things more writer and picture friendly!

That is what I told them!
Please post any problems or solutions you have found!


Vanessa said...

I sent them a message weeks ago about the subscribe feature. The tech guy told me only the embedded works. He said that he was reporting it as a bug to the tech guys, but I have no idea if they will change it. Lots of others complained about that too. I just did the simple switch back to the embedded subscribe. My followers aren't going to come check back to see if I replied to their message. They need to be able to subscribe. My preview works just fine with this version. It didn't work with the last version. Good lawd! Hopefully they will make the necessary changes. In the meantime, I will miss seeing you pop up in my email.

Sergio said...

I don't have so many problems with the new updates, but I'm agree with you when you say that we all need to send our feedback on a product that we use.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: blogguer is causing me too many problems. Sometimes I will not let me leave comments on other blogs. People also the case when they want to write in mine. It is a problem. Keep in touch.

Ms. Leo said...

Thansk Vanessa, Sergio and Marta for your comments.

Vanessa I tried to work on a computer at the library and I couldn't see anything but my post listing. All the other options won't upload. I couldn't see the stats or comments or blog lists there. That was weird. Before I could go to the library and work on it. I haven't tried the computer lab yet. I can only draft there I can't post for some reason.

Things show up in HTML but not in compose. In the old setup I could tell when I need to return so that the text worked out. I have to guess now. I am not a great speller or proof reader but any one who reads my blog has cought that by now. But not having spellcheck is a real bummer! I can start out in Word and cut and paste but it is harder now for me to put text between pictures now.
I sure hope they are workig on some things.

Thanks Sergio. I have most of my gadgets alined to the right with my post to the left. So, having things show up in the middle is a problem for me. I think my set up is different from yours. I did notice that your blog was the only one that didn't ask me to type in a code to check that I wasn't a computer to post. That was great. Was that your choice or is it because all blogs from you county are like that?

Marta, sorry you are having problems too. My pictures move when I upload them and some sometime they don't appear. It takes a lot more time to do one post.