Sunday, April 29, 2012

April's Thrift Store Hunt!

My thrift store trip yielded some really good finds! I’m always on the hunt for articulated bodies now. Thrift store are cheaper than purchasing
a new body! I will accept articulated arms only but if I can find legs and arms,
that is a plus. I came across two dolls with articulated arms.

First is a SIS Grace! If your saw my last post, I had a lot of Cara heads.
That is because more of my dolls are Cara's complexion that any of the rest
of the SIS dolls. I could use one or two more Cara bodies but I will take
the Grace.

I think her top is PJs and the botton is some type of pants but it has velcro in the back.
Maybe something attaches to the bottom of the pants.  It seems a bit strange. 

 You may note that most of these dolls do need hair attention!

I also, found this doll.

Vacation wear?

I have noticed this face sculpt more and more in the
thrift stores. She must have been popular. I purchased her too. I have another
doll with this face but I can always use her body.

The outfit is kinda cute!

This doll was there too.  I am not a fan of My Scene dolls and their large heads.
I could use the outfit and the legs might be part of a future leg transplant.

When I first started collecting dolls, one doll that I saw on the net but never
saw in person was Donny Osmond. I have thought about purchasing him
back then to add to my collection of men but never did. The price always
seemed more that I wanted to spend.

Well, look who I found in the thrift store for $ 3.00.

He went in my basket too. His head seems a little small for his body but the
ones on the net did too!

This was one of the few dolls Mattel made like this. (Some others were
AA Malibu Ken and Rocker Ken) I don't like the whole bent arm thing.
I might put him on a different or smaller (HSM) body but right now
I’m glad to add him.

I found this Teresa. I was on the fence about her but it seems I was in a
spending mood. She went into the basket.
Sadly, she hs the big feet!

Now to move out of the doll section and into the nic-nac section to see
what I can find for dolls there. I saw this table. I thought it would work.
In the basket it goes.

I like the top of it and for a $1.00, I couldn’t pass it up.

Ms. D if you would please show us this item for scale.

Ms. D : It is a great item for any home!

Ms. D:  It could also be a workspace.

This was my best find.

It looks like a doll dresser or a buffet! It is a music box and my dolls will
love this. It is a great dio piece.
Ms. D: Aspiring models, the key to modeling with something like furniture
is to showcase the item and keep it looking classy!  I bet Tyra never told
you that!

OK that’s my haul!

Thanks For Looking.


Muff said...

Man, I am always jealous of the stuff people find in the thrift stores! I never find any dolls at mine. Sure, lots of stuffed animals and toys but no 1/6 dolls.

This is an awesome haul. That wood dresser is gorgeous. I like that My Scene head. This might be the time to try head shrinking if you don't like it big.

Sergio said...

I think that I'll save money to go to the States for a dolly hunt

Miss_Lola_77 said...

Nice haul! Yeah, the donny head has shrunk--apparently a lot of ken heads from that time period shrunk. I sold one on ebay that had shrunk and someone said that yeah, they knew heads were on the right bodies if they had shrunk:/

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your finds! I recognize that red-white-yellow floral dress; I think it is a Barbie Best Buy from 1974 or so. Congrats on that and on Donny.

Nice to see Dominique, too.

Georgia Girl said...

Very nice haul! I love the dresser!

limbe dolls said...

You found a lot of treasures at the thrift store. I had Donny Osmond from back in the day. Kept his purple jumpsuit and socks but gave the doll away.

Vanessa said...

Wonderful finds! I like both the dio pieces. The Teresa doll is my favorite doll. Gorgeous! If she were in Morristown, she would probably be from Brazil. Let me know if her head ever goes on your dollpages. I like Donny, too.

Heather said...

Gah, my thrift store never has anything good for 1/6th scale!!!!

Alrunia said...

The chest/dresser is great but I absolutely adore the table! It's so quirky and odd but so cute :D No idea who Donny Osmond is, but the doll is quite handsome. Congrats on the great haul!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: How lucky you bought a cheap doll and very precious. I am also trying to put my favorite Barbies articulated bodies. The trouble is I have to buy new dolls and yo know they ar expensive. I look forward to a new furniture diorama. Keep in touch

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Muff, Sergio, Miss_Lola_77, D7ana , Georgia Girl, limbe dolls, Vanessa, Heather, Alrunia and Marta!

Muff this is not a head I would try shrinking because it is not a head I would want to keep. I do have some test head for that process. Have you shrunk a My Scene head before? I’ll trade you a My Scene head for a Justin B. body!

You need to try a new thrift store. Google thrift stores in your area.

Sergio, I can’t say the same to you as I did Muff. I don’t know what thrift stores are like that but flea markets might work for you. Many parents try to get rid of kid toys when they kid get older. Check with your friends who have kids first. They are more likely to just give them to you.

Miss_Lola_77, I just learned something new! I thought that the necks were different and that is why the head looked smaller. Thanks for the info!

D7ana, Thanks for the info! Is there a book on clothing? I can never tell when the clothing is from besides Fashion Fever. I love Fashion Fever clothing! I think I said that before. Ms. D is winking at you!

Georgia Girl, that dresser is the cutest! It is very Mad Men 50’s!

limbe dolls, I have a few celebrity dolls, so he is nice to ad to my collection! I think I needed a new young man to add to my collection.

Vanessa, if I sell Teresa, I will let you know first! The dio pieces have real charm.

Heather, find some new thrifts stores near you! It is worth looking them up! One of the best things I ever read on a doll blog was on that you have to look at things in a different way when you are looking for stuff for your dolls. Almost anything can be a doll items if looked at in the right way. Take another look at items in the thrift store. I'm sure you find some vases and some candle holders that can be tables.

Alrunia, I like the table too, but I was thinking about taking it a part and painting it. The top could be a wall hanging or a blanket and I would get more use out to the table in white. I am still working that out.

Donny Osmond is like this child singer who is now grown up. He was like Michael Jackson but white and not as popular world wide. I do think he is cute.

Marta, it can be expensive to find new bodies for your dolls. I hope you do find some cheaper one too. I will stay in touch!