Friday, June 24, 2011

Teenage Angst and Antics!--Kevin’s late yet again!

Kevin’s Late Yet Again!
It is the last day of school. Kevin is late again! His twin
brother is already in homeroom and the teacher is
marking Kevin late again. It is his last year in
middle school.

Note the casual stroll!
He doesn’t think that punctuality should be an issue. He
says “my grades are OK…so I’m a little late”. The teachers
have too much last minute stuff to do to hold detention.
He is not worried in the least. Can you say Slacker!

“Hey Kevin, they are not going to take that crap in high
school. What happens, really happens, in the future
starts there!” That is what his twin Corey says. A few
minutes older and he thinks he knows everything! I'll just
go to first period. Next year he and his brother will be
freshmen in high school. He will be in for a shock next year!

"Hey, high school will be a piece- a- cake!" Then maybe I'll
be an actor on a reality TV show or something.

Doll nudity coming!
Ok... the doll itself!
Kevin was introduced in 1990/1991 as a boyfriend of the
1987 Fun Teen Skipper. Since I purchase him from a
thrift store, I can be sure what version he is.

Still cool even with his junk showing.
Oh wait, he doesn't have junk!

He stands 10” tall (Ken is 12” tall) with turquoise eyes. He
has the backward facing hands of some of the modern
ken dolls. Clothing for this doll had been hard to find
because of his height but with the introduction of the
High School Musical (HSM) dolls, it is a little easier.
The male dolls in the HSM line are the same size as
Kevin. I plan to show these male dolls in some future
posts. So stay toned!

The most striking difference about him that any other
Mattel male doll is his head and neck joint.


Mattel doesn't normally use this type of connection.
I don't think I have seen in on another of the male
dolls. It does make head swapping a little different!

Larger head hole.

It is an outty and not and inny.


Frannie said...

Great find Ms. Leo!

Vanessa said...

I had never heard of Kevin and today I saw two post about him. That's funny. Foyalty.Girl has a boxed one for sale, along with some boxed Skippers, Janets, etc.
I really like this size doll. I have the two male HSM dolls, and they actually have families. He makes the perfect "I could care less" teenager.

Ms. Leo said...
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Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Frannie!

Vanessa, a lot of the older doll aren't seen to much any more for sale in thrift stores or flea markets like Kevin, P.J. and Jazzie. These doll were a little more common in the 90's and early 2000's. I do see todd alot still on eBay and in blogs.I don;t know about the clothing for a doll in the box. It was the 80's'. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Leo - I found he can fit in Liv Boy clothes -though the legs/arms are too long the width fits reasonably well. I have him and him with brown hair. Found them both during same buy at thrift store.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks playbarbies! We can always use the info.