Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Victorian House!

Victorian House!
When I was a little kid, growing up in South Philly, there
were some things that you didn’t want to be or be called.
The first was a person that picked your nose, the second
was a person who wet your pants and the third was….
“Trash Pickeeer! “ That how we would say it!
Well, I have stayed away from the first two but…you
guessed it! I was picking in the trash the other day. Now,
not just in general but because I saw something that I
could believe was in the trash! I had to back up in my
car and then get out. There were other things on top of it.
I looked like the people living in the dwelling were moving
out (this was the end of the month) and trashing everything
that they weren’t taking with them. I quickly got out of my
car and tried to make room for it in my car. It is gardening
season. So, there is a lot of stuff in my car. But I got it in
with only a little damage which I think I can fix. I didn’t
bring in the house. My honey was home and it is a big item.
I will take it out and look at it when he is not home. But
I did go to the net to look it up.

It is a dollhouse—Barbie Victorian dollhouse. I went on
eBay to look it up…get a feel for the price (if I have
to sell it) and see what other stuff might have came
with it.

To my surprise there are three different Victorian style
houses done for Barbie! One is pink and green (1998),
one is purple and white (2000) and the other is green
and white (I can’t find a year for it). I was in such a
hurry to get in the car I really didn’t take a good look
at it. It was a good thing that I did picked up because
I didn’t get 6 houses a way when another car stopped
and picked up all the kids toys that were still out there!

1998 Victorian House-curved railing

2000 Victorian House-Flat railing
The one I have is white and green! The pink and green
doesn’t have a fireplace. It has a hutch where the fireplace
is. In my search of the web, I can only see pictures of the
outside of the purple and white house. So, I don’t know
what it looks like on the inside or what it came with. I
think they all have an elevator.

The house I found is like this one!
The cheapest I saw the Victorian houses was for $39.99
but that was the starting bid! So I think I got a find! I will
post pictures in a few days. That will give me time to clean
it up. If you have any info, please post it!!!!!

I think it would be really nice with a paint job!


Dani said...

Cool! What a great find. Let us know if you sell. I want in on that!

Vanessa said...

AWESOME!!! I like the one you found the best. Have you seen SS-Designs redo of the HSM House? Here is a link. Just in case you need any inspiration.

I have the first one, that I found at the Goodwill a couple of years ago for $6. I have been tempted to sell it, along with my A Frame house. But after seeing SS-designs transformation, I want to redo it and make it someone's residence.

Frannie said...

Wow!! What a find! Now have fun furnishing it!

Shelly said...

I too would trash pick for that! Nice find.

D7ana said...

Cool find! I can't wait to see you revamp it.

I did not know that Barbie had any Victorian Dollhouses.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Dani! If I sell it I'll list it on my blog first.

Thanks Vanessa! I have always wanted the A-frame house since I was a child. Wouldn't it be nice if some had a museum with all the doll houses displayed! Wow! I like that repaint and I have seen the grand hotel repainted too. I saw this on eBay. I am inspired!

Thanks Frannie! I have been thinking about the furniture and who the house would belong to...or maybe it shouldn't belong to anyone and just be a redo. I'm still thinking.

Thanks Shelly! It is a find!

Thanks D7ana! I was surprised at the number of structures Mattel did! It could be a museum! There are that many structures.